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>April 22nd, 2023
>There are still GME generals

How can this be real? I never could have imagined levels of cope like this

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people still post about ripple
people still post about luna
people still post about chainlink
people still post about cardano
people still post about avalanche

late adopters are incapable of seeing that the money was made before they showed up, and their buy in price was the early adopter's moonshot exit.

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At this rate entire /biz/ catalog will consist of general bagholder threads. It keeps getting worse with every cycle.

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we could compound them all into a bagholders general /BHG/ and not let them post outside their containment thread

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I love this knowing shit about how shit goes attitude you rocking in night city welcome to da street kid you won’t make it out here I hope it keeps you from killing yourself as dolgert$ are forever worthless green paper rectangles during the moass

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This IS the gme thread?? Read the title retard xD

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every single fucking day, we run this board

with that being said

take it to the general pussy

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Bagholder spotted