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Did somebody say, bitcoin 10k?

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Fake bear. 7k.

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It's in the code

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3k EOW

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you took inflation into account right? I mean it would be around 15-16k with inflation factored in, oh wait... HAHAHAHAHAHA fucking BROWN bobo nigger

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Just imagine bobo with nipple clamps

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This, everybody expects 10k so 10k will get front ran and we go far below into the 4 figure range. 4 figure range is important it needs to happen to mentally buckbreak the bulls into hopelessness, only when they are completely despondent and in despair can markets go up again. It’s a natural law at this point

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Ooooh, Bobo! You big chad, you! Stop teasing us! Just give us that big Bobo cock of yours and be done with it!!!

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I'll hack the code and replace the 10k with 100k

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It has no value so why not

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>Did somebody say, bitcoin 10k?
I say $-724.58 (minus seven hundred twenty-four united states dollars and fifty-eight united states cents).

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I came

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Fuck off bobo. We're not stopping until we reach 100k. My $PARTY bags have only been increasing since a couple of weeks ago and everywhere i look people are making more and more money.
So go back hibernating bobo, this is our time

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It *all* peaked when $GPT hit $0.1. It's all downhill from here.

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kill yourselves and burn your telegram chats with you. burn.

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>hype driven ai shitcoin pumps x10 then dumps after a week
wew lads i dont think we couldve ever seen this one coming

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For how long have you been waiting for btc to even sniff the 10k mark you fucking trannies
just keep shorting and injecting yourselves with heroine to manage the stress go die quietly