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I miss when /biz was the goto for make it coins and tokens, now it's just shit shilling and LINK trannies spamming the board, I guess plebbits are winning.

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I still visit this board out of habit but it's pure garbage at this point.

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You're about 5 years too late fren. Only pajeet scammers here now

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where is the goto for make it coins now? I'm so out of the loop. this board was early as fuck to the uniswap shitcoin game early 2020, used to be legit alpha here daily. it's definitely shit now.

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CTSI has mooned and I didn't see any of you fucktards talk about it, just shilling LINK and XRP.

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link trannies ruined this board
they are worse than reddit

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I guess this is my curse for not making it back then. bizbros from those days have every opportunity to make it spoon fed to them....and some of us still managed to fumble the bag

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its been taken over by 90% reddit. The real OG's from 2014 are long gone. Well most of them.

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5 years is a long time, I guess memecoins and metaverse tokens were shilled, I missed out on both and FOMO into MANA and SAND, I'm over 80% down on that shit. What's are upcoming trends?

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you are shilling a shitcoin that's already $200M mc and has doubled in the last week. kys. this is not alpha

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to give you an idea about what biz was like in the glory days... anon's spoon fed us statera at a $10k mc while the contract was still warm. first thread had over 300 replies and a week later statera was $30M mc. this was when ETH was $100. god damn I miss those days.

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It's probably closer to 95%. Every reply here is a one liner meme. That's how redditors type on their site too.

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Fuck dude you're hitting me in the feels right noe.
I was here when link was 18 cents and I didn't buy

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Damn, I'm having chills thinking of it. I never joined any of those rides.

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Gone to where exactly?

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I'm not distracted, good narratives are making the trends.

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It could've been worse. You could've bought the ico and day 1 on etherdelta but then sold early like me. I had like 174k and sold at 40c.

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>I miss the old [insert something here]

Kys boomer

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Based, some things shilled here will still pump in the future and wagmi.

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Good lord.
Godspeed, Anon

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Not buying anything until November.

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Big caps. Go for the underdogs anon.

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>T. Newfag pretending to be oldfag

If that's what you miss, you probably got here during the last crypto bullmarket

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Get your abags and leave anon. No one gives a fuck if you miss biz or not.

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hey jeet.

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Nothing changed faggot. Well maybe it did.
Link spam is way less now. People have it backwards.
There was also a lot of outright shit shilled but the bagholder groups were limited to biz. Jibrel, req, HFB, fun, dent, amb, whatever the fuck else.
There were just less bullshit coming out back then became setting up an ico on eth took some work. So the lottery was more likely to pay off per project, and scammers setting up the ico had to play the long con.

Now days even a fucking child could launch a token, and “rug pull” culture was born. They can do the quick scam within hours or days for barely any overhead or technical ability now. The number of tokens launching has 10000x, and playing that lottery is now futile and the chances of one being shilled on biz are minimal due to sheer numbers.
Thats just how crypto has chnaged. Less so biz.
That said, there are quality coins launching still but they aren’t mentioned on biz like they never were before either with exception of LINK.
Additionally the flood or plebbitors from gme who never left contributed to the downfall along with the polfags who migrated en masse and havent left.

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DiDs, ZKPs, AI, these are where the blue-chips of the next bullrun will come from. You are welcome.

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>there are quality coins launching still but they aren’t mentioned on biz like they never were before
It boils down to watching out for promising narratives and bagging only utility tokens. I'm still surprised people are still shilling memecoins. The trend is over.

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linkies are fucking retards trying to dump their bags.

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Going after Digital Identity protocols won't be a bad idea.

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Based list. wagmi
what the fuck is this?

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You check the wrong threads boomer. Chunks gonna launch soon and you shouldn't miss it for anything

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Why did it die?

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Telegram is a better place than this idiot box

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See >>54679227
Love it or hate it, it's far more reliable. Twitter is better now that musk owns it. You can backtest Twitter accounts unlike the shills here. I bought $kas $rxd $fet $inj etc because of Twitter. Keep in mind I don't know how crypto works and dyor is pointless for me.
Pre-2018 biz was legit a great place to make money. Now it's mostly bad entertainment.

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biz was first on uniswap though and most of the early shitcoins that were pumped there were started here by anons. this board has always been shit, but there were legit times when life changing threads made millionaires. early 2020 was peak biz imo

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because balancer launched and statera was no longer a novel shitcoin

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This. The reality is that only the newfags are left in biz because most of the old ones, those of us who really took the time to learn the market tactics, those of us who learned like the back of our hands the fluctuations of the swaps in dextools, those of us who follow the macro and micro like hawks 24 hours a day, we already made it, we already became filthy rich. We just go back from time to time, purely out of nostalgia, to have a trip back to the way things used to be when we were ignorant of how money was really made.
Many simply choose not to go back because one taste of the new biz makes you realize that it is overpopulated with normies and is no longer the place where you can get alpha like it used to be.
All things come to an end and sadly 2019 was the end of serious /biz

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sounds more like you're projecting onto the board.
if you're not hungry anymore, yea, that's kind of on you.
when unemployment rises, the board will be busy again, with a different set of men.
yea, there are too many redditors right now.
but you want a handful of them on the board, so you have someone to laugh at and denigrate, when they lose money.

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Based. Chads are not slacking on this narratives

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Big caps are dumping, stick to low caps with trending narratives.

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Maybe. To be honest, it's hard to be hungry when you have enough money to do anything you can think of, no matter how expensive or stupid it may be.
The reality is that the desire forced me to get out of bed to compete in the race, once you get to the end and there is nothing to push you, everything seems small. Perhaps humanity never fixes scarcity because we all know, very deeply, that scarcity is what drives the world.
Many people will never experience it, but having such a huge amount of money takes your feet off the ground. I honestly don't know when I had it better, when I didn't even have enough to eat or now, when I can eat as much as I want to the point that I can't even taste things.

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i meant worse

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sounds like its time to start a family anon. I haven't made fk you money yet, but by all other measures, I've made it. family is key to long term contentment

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gimme some project names

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Got hacked on tx. Hackers are all gay

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Don't listen to the jews, ENS, HBAR and ORE are good options.

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what you're describing is often referred to as a 'mid-life crisis' hahaha.
but seriously.
lot of people in tech go through it in their early 30's.
yea, life is quite purposeless, after you've made it.
so instead, just have a giving heart, live affordably, and fuck off and be freeee.
whatever that is.

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>Don't listen to the jews
no, listen to the jews, by HBAR.
Israel is our greatest ally!

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<3m mcap, based narrative, partnerships with allianceblock and many other adoptions.

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I never used twitter because it was a cesspool of libshit anti-white retards. Can you link some twitter users that are worth a follow?

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Chunks will be one of the greatest underdogs in crypto history, the presale is happening very soon

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When the bull is really back in 2024/2025 we are going to look back at the catalogue today and see some general for early projects that made millionaires, and then in the bear market of 2027 everyone's gonna be like wtf /biz/ is shit now don't you remember in 2023 when real alpha was dropped?

Yes it's harder to find the daily pump and dump that actually has legs but like others have said that's because of the quantity of shitcoins out there today.

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Became infested with Plebbit niggers and troons. Day of the rope incoming soon so I guess a symptom of this is we can have 4Chan back

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I feel you bro. Let me do what little I can for those of you around here that I might would get along with IRL. Watch Richard Heart's twitter daily and buy PlsX and pulsechain as soon as pulsechain goes live. Also, start investing into Jack Levin's XEN ecosystem. You don't even have to buy, go to xen.network and start minting XENfts (the longer mint times and the more VMUs the better). With these 2 projects alone you 100% guaranteed to make it Anons. Sorry this board is trash now. I didn't even start visiting until 2021 and biz made me a low 5 figures so I'm sure it was amazing years ago.

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it's all on telegram now
last week's coins were sxp lina woo ctsi flm
rn everyone's sitting on their hands cause btc is about to dive

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>I miss when /biz was the goto for make it coins and tokens,

That was never the case. It's been a poojeet scam street from the start.

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link marines morons ruined the board

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>post alfalpha almost every day
>nobody cares and everyone is too busy with offtopic threads or begging anons to buy their old bags from 3 years ago

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If it ain't web3 defi projects, ain't gonna slurp

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LINK dumped, BNB, UTK, QANX are looking green, but i think we all need privacy at this time

>> No.54681404

"dude buy my 2023 shitcoin" is not "alpha"

>> No.54681414

kindly join our tg chuddygems, we share good alfalphas too

>> No.54681514

I have been reading about this, looks promising but more useful with linking of web2 to web3 imo.

>> No.54681545

I'm sorry I broked it, like I break everything.

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Ngmi faggot, self custody focused crypto is based.

>> No.54681650

Any channels worth following?

>> No.54681766

The active NFTs can control offchain APIs. Dope shit.

>> No.54681775

AI and DiDs are also based

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Even if it is going to be airdropped? People like you were the ones missed ARB airdrop, dumbfag

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Yea yea, I am all in on privacy /biz/ got nothing on me.

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Get your bag stuffed with UTK you faggot. Why must biz redpill you?

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All that metaverse shit is dead, privacy and Defi are the top trends.

>> No.54682333

ORE. you are welcome.

>> No.54682352

These DeFi boosters are based, chuds are slurping these.

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Privacy and Self custody protocols are important, the rate of fraud and data theft will reduce drastically

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Hey, but I still got some cool cryptos on here, like XMR, ORE, and AZERO were first seen on here.

>> No.54682671

Hehe, had to see someone talk about crypto that connects web2 identities with web3 to know such a thing exists. All on this board.

>> No.54682700

Still think they're still snooping around tho, saw one talking about ORE and AZERO the other day.

>> No.54682741

The gaming crypto? Think I've seen this somewhere, well I'll look it up after I finish getting my decentralized crypto ID and rights ready.

>> No.54682780

Cryptos that protect your fucking ID and rights then privacy tokens too.

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Crypto payment are the trending narratives anon. Jump on it

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Yup, ORE.

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Based. It's good to know that self custody is already giving hackers sleepless nights, thanks to DiD in web3

>> No.54682833

AI, DiD ARB and ZKS are the trendy narratives.

>> No.54682866

Interesting, I'm a privacy guy too. Also looking good are cryptos that bridge web2 IDs with web3.

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Same thing in the /smg/ general. I dont visit this board as much anymore.
Its either obvious shills on the board or in /smg/ what feel like paid shills tricking people to go all in on bullish trades.

Cant say Id give tickers out like in the past. From here on out (more like a year ago or more kek) if I find a worthwhile ticker I dont intend to mention it. 3 freaking tickers and what happens? One was a ~2x, another was a ~10x, and the third was a ~12x. Not a blimming chance Im helping anymore or risking certain seeing it and manipulating the market against me.

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cryptos built for decentralized assets and rights also have Anons boarding on.

>> No.54682901

The age of pump and pumping crypto is over.

>> No.54682923

I got some ARB the same week I got ORE.

>> No.54682943

DAE remember Watchbro? made a 100x off Omi because of that guy - cheqd is looking good, still at SAFT prices but pretty fucking coiled.

>> No.54682956

Privacy tokens are a way to go, also, cryptos with decentralized IDs and rights are great too.

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CHEQ ser. They are launching a platform for Verifiable Credentials and have links with almost every corporate Identity vendor in europe. Mentioned above, their roadmap is being met and they are going to explode as all the partnership announcements come out.

>> No.54682977

ORE seems pretty impressive, but I'll also add to these Zcash and NEO.

>> No.54683004

AIso, privacies, and crypto with self-custodian identities and rights are the game.

>> No.54683027

Might be late on ORE and XMR.

>> No.54683080

NEO is a DiD project?

>> No.54683141

For interoperability cross chain, I'll bank on ORE

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The BTC whales (CIA) won.
They destroyed this place and successfully destroyed the community.

When the attack vector is public and too easy to target it's time to move to smaller groups which are harder to track.
They may have won a small victory but they won't understand what's coming to them next because they won't be able to easily track it like 4chan.

Let this corrupted controlled space die so others can replace it.

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Self custody is the way forward and identity management protocols are the helping tools.

>> No.54683350

Never too late to slurp on DiD narratives, adding AI to it will make millions

>> No.54683477

Dumbfags go for that instead while degens go for payment getaways. Are you a dumbfag?

>> No.54683593

The gem has made self-custody a whole lot easier for regular folks, with simple wallet creation and management experiences.

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>We lost the compulsive gambling bros and the usual guh threads
>Nobody here to talk about my wins on Pool Party
>Almost all of crypto is a big gamble game yet people refuse to talk about real gambling
What happened to all the fun

>> No.54683618

Listen! The market's got opportunities waiting for ya every damn day, but you gotta be quick to snatch 'em up. Check it, the privacy niche is hot right now with some sick 100x lowcap projects that are the real deal. RAIL, MINA, and SCRT are just some of 'em, but trust me, they're based AF.

>> No.54683636

You mean you don't like being shilled Gold and Silver 3 times a visit?

>> No.54683662 [DELETED] 

It could be the best when making the list of interoperability.

>> No.54683736

This reminds me of Nexera and OREID.

>> No.54683817

That's the best when making the list of interoperability.

>> No.54684000

I am rooting for CVP The steps powerpoolcvp has made in such a short time frame is impressive. The current price does not reflect this.
I am taking advantage of being able to add at these levels. Just my thoughts.

>> No.54684108

Lost faith on crypto after the Luna crash.

>> No.54684291

Reason why I push positively towards the trendy narratives, AI and DiD are really making waves

>> No.54684323

I agree with you and that's why I am recommending TORN to everyone. This project can also be staked in the ppTORN vault to earn autocompounded APY as high as 61%.

>> No.54684346

Private blockchain launch in Q2. We are already halfway through Q2, so it makes sense to talk about that.
Do you remember Medium articles about blockchain use cases by QAN? Health care, the automotive industry, etc. Those are all potential use cases for QAN.
Crew3 community contest. Use a chance to talk about it. Hype community about it.
If you can do promotional KPI about it even better. As more people join we will get better results.

>> No.54684402 [DELETED] 

Make no delay about Self custody, utilized privacy and you are good to go

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Imagine listing privacy inclined low cap projects without mentioning sylo

I don't see how you make it

>> No.54684615

Make no delay about Self custody, utilize privacy protocols and you are good to go

>> No.54684785

I can't give up on crypto cos it seems like my only way out

>> No.54684834

How many people actually use the private messaging feature?
Wallet is great so I'd probably stick to that

>> No.54684904

Indeed, it is. A window to real financial freedom, now to sum it all up, getting crypto with IDs and rights that are decentralized is vital.

>> No.54684946

ZCASH and ORE respectively are good.

>> No.54684976

ctsi was shilled here 2 years ago retard

>> No.54685024

I do jeet..
you don't know how much your data is being milked by the popular messaging apps you use

>> No.54685214

I want to believe nobody is still holding that shit,

>> No.54685219

The bull trend is just starting and that's why we now see memes being shilled, but the good narratives like LSDs and RWA with a project like SPOOL which is working on both need to be given more attention

>> No.54685223

Biz really fell off

>> No.54685240

Decentralized alternatives are the only way out even tho it'll take time for them to gain adoption

>> No.54685267

I'm mostly disgusted by the number of shills here. Telegram pajeets are down bad and must be willing to work for like $1 a week. Why are there infinite Indonesians shilling mega cap coins like avax and polygon? Couldn't fucking tell you, but it's some really smelly shit. If they're exclusively bots I need gookmoot to step up

Beyond that, yeah, the people that have married their dead bags are growing in number daily


>> No.54685324

Do rich people ever come to /biz/ to throw money at beggars?

>> No.54685878

If its V2 comes with all the features promised in it, then it will be a game changer for DeFi

>> No.54686163

biz exists to make people money
once you get your money you fuck off, why would you come back here

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it went 3x in the last two weeks my boy

>> No.54686197

This was only 2 years ago and it was all because of the bullrun. This is how the board has always been outside of it. You all really just miss the bull run gold rush for shitcoins but that was only because everyone was quarantined and given free money

>> No.54686778

yeah chainlink bagholderfags ruined this whole board pretty much

>> No.54687187

I came here when 95% of the threads had blue links on them. I was certain you guys were scammers. Bought like 10 link in the $1 range sometime later, then read more about it, bought more, now over 1000, 280 staked, and unironically not selling.
If Link is going to succeed, it will succeed massively. All the cope and the fud about recent announcements shows how bullish the token is.

>> No.54687201

Fuck off tourist

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File: 383 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_2023-04-22-10-00-14-862_com.coinmarketcap.android.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Crypto mixer tornado cash?


>> No.54688807

Old biz was just slow anons becoming the bag holders thinking they were """"making it""""" and would pass the bag soon

Unfortunately for them, they were wrong

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/biz/ helped me to turn $50 into $75,000 in 2021. Could have been more if I had the balls.

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>> No.54688875

how do you know that?
do you inspect people's IP?

>> No.54689746

the private market has no disposable income to yeet into shit coins anymore it is over

>> No.54689806

i didnt have to browse this thread to know that no one was here pre 2016. when you have an OP that longs for the "old days" when the board was saturated in shitcoin spam, it isnt really the old days is it? fuckin laughable

>> No.54690383

/biz/ is equivalent to browsing through a trash heap. Plebbitors/phone posting zoomers ruined the board, more or less.

>> No.54690415

Anyone remember etherdelta?

>> No.54690485
File: 988 KB, 1440x2874, Screenshot_20230422_114702_Chrome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.54690513

took over 100 post for someone to type this, this place truly is a rotting corpse

>> No.54690515

it looks that you need DOOMER dot AI

>> No.54690559

Uniswap is for liquidity provision using mainly with ETH and wBTC, withdraw the LP tokens and stake in Sylo pool with an APY of over 40%.

>> No.54690571

Some are pretty smart investors and wtf is on that guy's face.

>> No.54690582

Lol it's so ironic how they only give a fuck about the big boys while the little guys are making multiples solid ones I mean.
Privacy and AI, bruv those topics have major potential for big bucks. And imagine if they team up with gaming or metaverse? That shit would be on another level, no cap.

>> No.54690589

If they're not there, you'll see Xrp schizos or those of XMR, we know already it's damn okay.

>> No.54690602

The OG that got me into the retro game was Uniswap and 1Inch airdrop. I stacked up some serious dough and hopped on the more retroactive, alts, NFT and ICO train with Panther Protocol, Ride, Sfund, and other lit launchpads.
Those were the days, we'll be okay soon.

>> No.54690608

This place is filled with dumb CT influencers farming engagement but smart ass investors.

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Why hate on the utilities when they're known? Personally, I'm all about that ROOT and staking for XRP gains in its multi-token economy. Plus, there's some dope stuff lined up for it this week, as per the flufworld discord.

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biz was never good

>> No.54690644

Zero idea

>> No.54690668

I ain't flinchin' on Metaverse, gaming tokens, even though my focus is on AI. But if I come across some sick project, I'll know what's up. And hey, I'm down with VR gaming too, I need to get the intensity of Resident on VR so yeah.

>> No.54690670

Was this some sorta 2014 all big gems or what.

>> No.54690676

Still looking at the tokens that can survive up till then, but my buys are locked up in Ledger wallet, open to few recommendations if they be any.

>> No.54690690

ETH gem, was about buying GM boomm gas fees be on $43, like what do Vitalik take me for, why was there even a merge ffs.

>> No.54690695

Hehehe you caught him good, damn pleb.

>> No.54690710

You should cop some HTCVive VR glasses or even better, hit up holoride's online shop and grab a retrofit device. They giving a €50 discount if you use their code and they got mad games, Pixel Ripped, Dynablaster, and lots more, no cap.

>> No.54690790

OP is talking garbage, I saw smart buys here in all these nonsense they see I pick good ones. They all want to be spoonfed

>> No.54690808

Wouldn't you do same if you were in their shoes, hypocrisy.

>> No.54690849

Love it there, realest.

>> No.54690859

Some buys on twitter on twitter are based, some are mere, where tf is Keller Crypto who shilled EVER, paid CT influencers.

>> No.54690875

Same place I made good buys from, TehMoonWalker is all hyped on INJ, UMOON, and RIDE, and as predicted the pamps were spiking.

>> No.54690913


>> No.54690967

I'm down so bad right now, last week I went looking to see if I had any old ETH left and forgotten in the ED contract. I don't...but there is still 16,000 ETH locked in that smart contract that others have forgotten.

>> No.54691790

Now listen dumb fag, ETH is the only fucking coin with the largest smart contract. Bag as much as you can because this is the dip. RAIL is the only L2 that provides onchain privacy on Ethereum, you can bag those too.

>> No.54691803

ZKP is the latest narrative to follow, bag any token with a project based on it.

>> No.54691815
File: 268 KB, 850x1421, 1679919677318126.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

based privacy list

>> No.54692379
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Fuck off and kill yourself and never reply to me again, braindead zoomer.

>> No.54694591

Ore Network?

>> No.54694609

Good pick, chads are slurping the sui stack.

>> No.54694625

Asides DiDs and ZKPs, which other trend should I watch out for?

>> No.54694642


>> No.54694674
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>> No.54695251

Any channel names ?

>> No.54696251

>This is the "old /biz" for you

>> No.54696361

This is precisely why nu biz sucks.

It's simply a bunch of rich people whining and constant shilling of tokens that have already pumped and dumped to the biz graveyard.

>> No.54696508

Where is the lie here? Demand and supply at work

Token value is based on speculation, except projects have a better model to support token value either way, and this can only come to a large extent through the tokenization of RWA, but the approach is often different. I like the model utilized on non-fungible equity in polygons. Through this, we can have unification and enough liquidity to guarantee an inclusive reward.

For the main time, I need those fag to pp any.

>> No.54696756

I miss actual conversations on new tokens besides shitty shilling and forced memes. Now it’s pathetic, obvious brainless posts done by telegram and Twitter raids.

This place got me early in LINK, STA, AMPL, YFI, KP3R, BAO, fucking SHIB and similar shit and they all had decent threads in the beginning, with actual conversations. They were all shitcoins but at least there were good shitcoin threads.