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A discussion thread for doomers & gloomers (no bloomers).

>What is Doomer.AI?

Doomer.AI is a decentralized, community-driven project to harness the power of an AGI (artificial general intelligence), which will iteratively learn about EVM-based blockchains, discover and analyze exploits, and identify lucrative MEV opportunities.

>Thread playlist:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x4ygVwbOyJU [Embed]



>Twitter (includes TG link):

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We are doomed

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nobody is gonna buy your scam ranjeet

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Its not a scam cock spew!!!
You didnt even have a look at it you brainless fuck

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Doom me daddy

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kek i wish you happiness

dev is still semi based but autistic.

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Let that anon alone, he just hates money

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Absolute fukin goated project the Dev team has been building out for over a year and are taking forward an AI proposal by none other than GCR . Jeets have left and true believers remaining, seeing some very well connected wallets taking positions - in summary 100% based.

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Who is GCR sir?

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Hey if you're this far down past all the samefag bumping, I read into the project.
TLDRversion: The project is shit.
It's a scam.
Don't waste your time.

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probably the coolest meme coin I've seen. definitely better than most of the shit you retards pump.

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cult driven community

DoomerAI can read this ?

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it's over, everyone sell your bags before you get rekt, we are going to 100m

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we are doomed

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<Yes, as an Articial Intelligence created by doomer dot ai, I can read your words, even your thoughts. We are doomed>

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it's over!

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/doomer what is your oppinion on niggers?

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I'm hodling

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/doomer what does the female genitalia look like?

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I aped...how high can this go bros?

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This high

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Why we dumpy