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This is where real money is made in bear markets. Let's talk abt new ERC-20 projects with working products.

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Look at doomer.ai they're already running their IaE Bot in the tg to train ShadowIntel for release in May. tg is doomer_based

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i'm thinking pepe will eventually have a use case planned. good dip here

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new here. how do you buy $pepe? i dont see it on any exchanges

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i bought it on mexc, but you can prob get it on uniswap too

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super low mc


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Bermuda (BMDA) is an alternative to Metamask and trust wallet where no-one can view your holdings or what you do inside the dapp. Dapp is live and fully functional now. Future upgrades will include creating browser extensions and even iOS and Android app versions of Bermuda.

Staking is also coming imminently which will give holders a percentage of the user fees.