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heh, nothing persnoal

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>summer 2018-may 2019
>stuck between .20c to .60c purgatory
>finally explodes past .60c to 5 dollars

>summer 2022-april 2023
>stuck between $5-$9 purgatory

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Bitcoin whales weren't happy with LINK pumping.

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>hello (hello)
>is anybody in here (here)

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$90 with a retrace to $25-$30 would be solid. I think the low after that push to $5 was about 1.70ish if I remember correctly

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It's been postponed until 2025
Holy cope. Surely now that link performed like dogshit during this entire bear market rally it's going to randomly pump. Surely.

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It was, I remember because I had just turned down 50k in student loans at that time and my biggest regret was not using that money to take my stack from 10k to 40k. People are going to look back on not buying sub $10 link the same way they look at missing sub $1 link now, in a couple years. And yes there will be ponzis and scams that outpace link again, but nothing else is going to give you a guaranteed 20x minimum from here.

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The push to $5 came and went quickly though so if you or anyone will be trying to capture some profits you will need to be watching price action vigilantly. It was listed on Coinbase around that time plus the Google announcement. It retraced to nearly $3.80 in the same day it hit $5. It happened fast

Agreed its nearly guaranteed gains so I sit comfy.

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Bitcoin literally crashed again

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>missing sub $1 link
Nobody tell him.

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Bitcoin whales were happy with their lockdowns and electricity bills. although they seem powerless to stop bank bail outs as satoshi intended dumping a random top two hundred crypto makes them feel powerful!

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>BTC goes up
>LINK goes up entirely on its own accord, no outside influence of any kind
>BTC goes down

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yeah I remember it just barely hit exactly $5.00 and immediately dumped kek

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we went home ...