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be it pyth icp wirnet band tellor api3 whatever the fuck.
Until now, price feeds were just that "price values over time" But the problem is that you cannot do much with price only. Alongside price, decentralized exchanges (DEXes) need liquidity indicators to help them gauge the impact of trades on an asset's price. That's why Chainlink just ass raped raw all other oracles, and it's gonna be hard for them to make a similar offer.
Alongside price data, chainlink now adds liquidity indicators such as:

>market deppth: The measure of the total amount of liquidity available for an asset at various price levels.

if an asset has high depth, it means that there are a lot of buy and sell orders at different price levels, indicating that it is more liquid.

>bid/ask Smspread: The difference between the highest bid price and the lowest ask price of an asset

If an asset has a narrow spread, it means that there is not much difference between the highest buy order and the lowest sell order, indicating that it is more liquid.

>trading volume: The total amount of trades that have occurred for a specific asset over a certain period of time.

If an asset has high volume, it means that it is being traded frequently, indicating that it is more liquid.

By incorporating these liquidity indicators into their price feeds, Chainlink is providing more valuable information to DEFI, which can help them make more informed decisions about loans, liquidations, trades, ridk, slippage calculation...
Chainlink has unironically btfo all oracles who thought its just about price LMAO they are all shitting bricks, that data cant be fetched that easily... link has just upped the quality of their oracle data.


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I have 33 link, will I make it?

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There is so much shit waiting to be priced in for Chainlink. Unbelievable that 3.5 years later (and dozens of name drops by SWIFT, Forbes, Citi and many others) we are still in the same situation as pic rel. Infuriating. If I wasn't such a patient person I would've definitely missed out.

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I have 7k links staked. Will I make it?

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Didn’t ICP demolish LINK though?

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Yes. Linktards are just stuck in a cult though and are in denial.

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Crypto will be used less and less, but even if the entire world became obsessed with nfts the link token would still not accrue any value.

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It could be years away. Not to be a sadcunt but basically all of the research they do has not materialised into a product yet.
Deco, fss, ccip. Ccip may be soon. Just saying

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You can prove integrity but not quality using a single source oracle, that's the whole point of the oracle problem, high quality data from a decentralized network

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>You can do API calls without oracles
Unbelievable insight into the oracle problem by Internet ComPuter. What would crypto do without the geniuses?

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What do you mean crypto will be used less?
NFTs are going to be more than monkey pictures, license, health records, assets fuck load of stuff.

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>oracle competitor
do link fanboys really think like this?

if the oracle data isn't public chainlink can't be used or trusted
there's no competition because there's no moat
large users of data can simply do what chainlink does themselves on their l2 of choice, what chainlink has (had) was subsidized oracles making their use attractive. if they try to charge too much they become uncompetitive in a market where the data is valuable not the middleman.

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spoken like a chink, while reading your post all i heard was ching chong ping pong

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help a smoothbrain here:
is it liquidity aggregated multiple exchanges? Why would DEXs, for example uniswap, care about the liquidity of ETH-USD on coinbase?

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ICP has destroyed, decimated, annihilated link

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yet if you're only using chainlnk your oracle is now a single source oracle provided by chainlink regardless of how many sources went in, you're trusted one singular network, one singular entity protected by a singular token.

the future of high value oracles can't be dominated by one weak point as is defined by the "oracle problem". chainlink can only ever be one of many or the concept of oracles has yet to be solved.

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Thank you for listing reasons why you are expecting to profit from the efforts of others with this cryptocurrency. Chainlink is an unregistered security.

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Does this have any impact on links price?

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thinking too hard about chainlink's broken security model really does a number on you bagholders doesn't it.
keep coping while your ath fades away into a distant memory.

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Oh yeah you're gonna make it anon

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>you're trusted one singular network, one singular entity protected by a singular token.
i'm tired of chainlink trying to take over the crypto space with its CENTRALIZED GARBAGE SHIT

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>license, health records, assets
nobody wants this on a public blockchain

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filling it out now

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got em

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>chainlink just killed any possible oracle competitor
That already happened years ago lol, thanks for playing.

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Token not needed

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it would be a different story if chainlink was more like ethereum, the source of both the data and the activity, but it isn't.

they just don't understand that nobody cares how many data sources you have when at the end of the day you get one singular value from one singular network, which has just become your single source oracle.

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i said "possible" oracle competitor this also includes those that are being currently developed and those that might come up in the future, by returning not only price but more complex data, the only way to achieve this level of quality data is to adopt the link architecture.

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stop posting you asian cockroach, your writing srtyle reveals the chink you are

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nice one, inbred chaincuckold

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>nobody cares how many data sources you have when at the end of the day you get one singular value from one singular network, which has just become your single source oracle.
You do not know what DONs are, do you?

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It'll be on private chains and connect to apps using CCIP and DECO. Keep up retard

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>post posting
>nooo i don't want to hear why chainlink won't make be rich
high estrogen.

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no, it won't

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Your grandkids great grandkids are going to be assholes. Hows that sound?

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you really need to go back to /tv/ kikes and remember, /qa/ was never alive

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single network, single token, single oracle, that's how it works, and that's how anyone using the data treats it.
you have to trust chainlink the entity and the incentive structure, and importantly the token distribution, economics, and value.

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sorry but the suicide stack is 100 and make it is 1k
you might still have time to accumulate - two weeks give or take

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Obviously I wasn't serious, but Is it really only 100? I assumed it would be raining at minimum of 1k

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Opposed to?

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Chainlink is attempting to lure investors into buying their token by showing their efforts on their website and twitter accounts. Chainlink is an unregistered security.

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Don't forget the software updates.

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look kike, there is one place for you, and that is an oven. Anything you say outside an oven is irrelevant is being ignored

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kek, he speaks like cz, same weird sentence structure wirh pauses, he speaks like a samurai

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wow another blog post!

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Why are you angry? Is it because you are expecting to profit from the efforts of Chainlink and that makes their token an unregistered security?

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Not to worry link competitors! Whenever chainlink labs shits out a talking point it will never materialize into a real product. Link token also makes you fly and makes you more attractive to women (2weeks away)

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Yall cuckolds will never accept reality

Ya got scammed bruhs

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did you read the blogpost? it's being shipped with the gmx low latency oracle.

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nope it's bzing shipped with gmx low latency oracle>>54668344

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Imagine the next aave contracts. Pooling all liquidity across all chains they are active on. All of it using CCIP. You will never know what chain you are active on. Only that you are using aave.

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We can wait, all link marines are young, none of us are over 30

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Nice, but could they kill the BTC whales soon?

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>he thought Sergey wanted to make a bunch of nazi 4channers neckbeards rich
lol lmao even

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and now we get into the real crux of the link bag holder pseudo intellectualism- this nonsense means nothing, means nothing to you and CERTAINLY means nothing to people with money- year you’re going to pretend link is a big brain move only intellectually accessible to the initiates into sir gays cult of pseudo science. Sad. Many such cases. You think you’re smart, and you shouldn’t

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I have 5 and a half suicide stacks am I gonna make it?

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which is ironic because Linkies legit hailed Sergey as some sort of hyper autistic genius.

His latest podcast with CLG proved he's a complete midwit, he doesn't even understand memes kek

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Sui is 1000, make it is 10k, but with the current price action you have plenty of time.

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I'm sure he doesn't, but unless he wants to start again from scratch (he couldn't), he's going to have to accept a few nazi incel stowaways on the ride

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dude stop speaking english you make no sense your sentences don't mean anything
yeah ure right, now fuck off my thread esl faggot

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Do whatever you can to get to 1k, if you can hold that for a few years you will be just fine

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midwits like this make me so confident CL's the be-all-end-all in crypto. only true, groundbreaking genius gets the middle two-thirds of humanity so emotionally worked up. look how many posts about an asset he ostensibly thinks is worthless, using arguments that make no sense
>one token, one network, one value
by that definition, nothing is decentralized unless you use multiple chains.
>BTC, ETH, AVAX, everything is centralized unless you're using ALL of them at once!
defense-in-depths, niggers. pay up.

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>you can't criticize my cult leader
okay cuck, Sergey is a fat scammer and no amount of coping will change that

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Link reminds me of Kleros of all things. The key concepts written on a napkin sound slight plausible and maybe like a good idea, but any further development than two drunk guys talking in a bar and it just doesn’t make any sense.
1) link only protects against willfully malicious actors- it does not do anything for the truth of data
2) link is expensive to use and is subsidized by sir gay dumping tokens on retail
3) the majority of their ‘project’ is absolutely hypothetical and unrealized to the extreme
4) literally token not needed
5) sir gay gets worried about bag holders abandoning the project so he gives crumbs like staking to lead retards along.
Red flags up the ass. Sorry to anyone who didn’t sell ATH

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and the cherry on top of the cake is that staking is just a 2017 masternode tier scam but rebranded for pseudo intellectuals.

DASH was doing the same shit years ago lol

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yeah they are salty icp fucks
nice, yeah he is a fat bigmac eater slob philosopher. now fuck off my thread

nice effort posting


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>1) link only protects against willfully malicious actors- it does not do anything for the truth of data
has anyone ever proposed a method of verifying whether something is Objective Truth? you're attributing claims to CL that they've never made. the best anyone can do is get asymptotically close to certainty, which CL helps achieve, if you're willing to pay for it. pay more to get closer to objective truth, pay less to get not-as-close. pay nothing and stay in the dark.
>2) link is expensive to use and is subsidized by sir gay dumping tokens on retail
is this new? did they not specifically release 30% of the tokens in the crowd sale, reserving the remainder for development of the network? they're doing exactly what they said they would.
>3) the majority of their ‘project’ is absolutely hypothetical and unrealized to the extreme
which project isn't? if all you want to do is exchange internet money, then great, your project has fully realized its goals! but if you're trying to revolutionize human commerce, well the bar is a little higher.
>4) literally token not needed
token absolutely sneeded
>5) sir gay gets worried about bag holders abandoning the project so he gives crumbs like staking to lead retards along.
this is actually worrying for me. i liked it a lot more when he ignored the community entirely, because the crypto community is made up of people like you. the token will take off with usage and nothing else.

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based but i think chainlinkgod has something tl do with point 5) that faggot is advising serey or the team atleast his shitty ideas are relayed internally

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cope. icp is the future.

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LINK investors are little pseudo evil faggots trying to joyride off the chink-ussr-like technodystopia that is coming, this is inherently immoral however I understand their rationale as speculators.

LINK itself doesn't offer enough use case to normal people to participate to become popular in any real sense, adoption of this token has nothing to do with users, but the team and it's beneficiaries.

The network is set up so that only a select few people get the power of doing real oracle jobs to profit off the protocol, to do this also demands KYC, if you are a link holder and wish to engage with the network in a real sense you must 1) Be kosher/insider with the link team 2) Hold enough tokens.

You cannot even sacrifice your worthless tokens to be entitled to a commission that says you can be a beneficiary of the value these faggots are trying to provide.

There is no real incentive, there is no mutual benefit to any normal holder as in no real sense of revenue generation. There is no decentralization. The value of this token has nothing to do with real usage. The value of LINK has all to do with stipulation of usage by the team, and nothing to do with the people holding.

You are not able to participate in the walled garden that is called LINK and you never will be; the link team has said that's not for "filthy goyim" like you. A real product wouldn't limit it's users like this, a product that limits it's users in ways like this is using a fundamentally broken design, it's extremely corporate for the value it provides at scale which isn't a whole lot. Calling it a cryptocurrency complete hyperbole when used in this regard it's simply a token based subscription service.

But do continue coping with extortion instead of providing real value and convenience that people will pay for.

As an owner of this token you have no self determination, you didn't buy a store of value but token based subscription service that you think will be needed.

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Lmao I did not even read this and I just buyed 10 more stinkies.

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The only crypto that is not an unregistered security is Bitcoin (BSV)

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>I buy when Link gets FUDDED
I'm sure it's going well for you lol

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>little pseudo evil faggots
>I don't know what the word pseudo means but I use it to sound smart
Thanks, stopped reading there you Reddit spacing faggot.

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This is great news! Surely the price will reflect it

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thank you chainlinkgod uncringe king

>> No.54669043

When you're too stupid to understand a post, you don't have to reply to it.
Yes, many linkies are EXACTLY "pseudo evil" little faggots.

>> No.54669052

What should I have bought instead since you care so much about my financial well being?

>> No.54669092

back to /pol/ bro

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wtf is this retard saying i don't understand a word this esl faggot is saying

>> No.54669351

>incoherent tech word salad mumbo jumbo for VCs to jerk off to
Wow this surely makes up for being exit liquidity at $900 as insiders dumped all their shit on Coinbase.

ICP holders must be one level below REQ holders.

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Anon, how many BTC is considered a suicide stack?

>> No.54669524

Bonjour sissy

>> No.54669528

>this is actually worrying for me. i liked it a lot more when he ignored the community entirely, because the crypto community is made up of people like you. the token will take off with usage and nothing else.

Hey man, I ain't gonna complain if Sergey wants to give us free shit to appease the hecklers.

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How does $2.739 million sound?

>> No.54669744

and the cope keeps flowing while link bleeds against btc and eth forever

high estrogen "males" like you weren't designed to make it, yet i already have.
funny how that works

>> No.54669782

the ones who keep spamming that ICP html call shit are so fucking retards. I hold both and i think ICP is great but it has nothing to do with link,.

>> No.54669821

na, staking was always going to be released eventually, at which point we'd start earning linkies on our linkies, but what i don't like is the community outreach efforts in general. the marketing explosion makes it easier to dismiss the reality that the tech itself is inevitable and that the de-facto monopolistic oracle layer will capture the lion's share of the value moved on-chain. in other words, if nothing can stop what's coming, why give a single shit about the plebs that gamble on crypto? Still, OGs have been through quite a ride, so sticking it out this long is certainly commendable. but the tech and the revolution it's ushering in are a greater reward than any of us could have hoped for.
>tranny calls someone else emasculated

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Holy shit. That's incredibly useful.

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Link isn't an unregistered security, its far away from a security, the link token doesn't give any contractual obligation to anybody to produce anything for a token holder. Nobody outside a bunch of tards expect a profit from the work of a third party buying link tokens, the only profit expectation comes from more speculation on more demand for the networks services. Beside that, Link is a stable coin because demand for free price feeds has mostly stayed stable since late 2021 and with the chainlink network looking into changing their free services to subscription the network might shed some market share

and to repeat myself, /qa/ was never alive, kikes belong in ovens and you need to go back to /tv/ to shitpost about tv series that have a constantly by now exponentially declining audience

>> No.54669878 [DELETED] 

i believe you're the one who identifies as rich while being desperate, emotional and poor.

high estrogen posters like you have been obsessing over this man for years waiting for him to do something, and you'll keep waiting for the rest of your sad, short life, while everyone else enjoys the show.

>> No.54669894

that's just price feeds but for volume

>> No.54669941

>identifies as
outed yourself pretty good there

>> No.54669942

> Alongside price, decentralized exchanges (DEXes) need liquidity indicators to help them gauge the impact of trades on an asset's price
What do you think the constant product curve does?

>> No.54669948

sharing technical advancements is cope now? fuck off

>> No.54670073

>he's still projecting!
enjoy holding this shit for another 5 years buddy. i'm sure hoping that everyone not stupid enough to fall for it is some man in a dress really helps your fragile mental state.

yes you mongoloid when it's all you guys have been doing while the price has been trending to zero.
-90% and anyone pointing it out is fud is what we call cope.

>> No.54670176

why you keep posting im my thread nigger

>> No.54670198

>be it pyth icp wirnet band tellor api3 whatever the fuck.
Well, ICP doesn't need Oracles. Canisters make direct HTTPS calls.

>> No.54670298

>Link's biggest proof of concept trial is just another payment rail to quant
>Link's biggest proof of concept trial is just another payment rail to quant
>Link's biggest proof of concept trial is just another payment rail to quant
>Link's biggest proof of concept trial is just another payment rail to quant

>> No.54670513

quant is a real shitshow lately fuck off

>> No.54670576

>na, staking was always going to be released eventually, at which point we'd start earning linkies on our linkies,

Staking was coming yes, but I never expected Chainlink Labs to run their own community staking pool and basically give us 4% on our stake no strings attached.

I figured it would be like how it is for jobs for nodes already where it'd be a doggy dog world in vying for jobs which meant limited rewards and even more limited spots for staking. Look at how screwed over the Linkpool bros got. Yes, they get more rewards; 359 Link per 7K staked. But you need to stake 232 SDL to be able to stake 1 Link. On top of that, though Linkpool converted LPL to SDL, Linkpool stole value from investors to redistribute it to the other node operators so the LPL to SDL conversion wasn't 1:1 in value.

Chainlink Labs did us a real solid with the generous community pool so. I don't know if Link fudders had an influence on this decision, but if they did (highly unlikely) I ain't complaining at all.

>> No.54670591

How does 32 dollars sound?

>> No.54670732

Good things come to those who wait

>> No.54670819

Because the US has signaled it will fight DEFI rather than adopt and innovate. All western countries will follow.

>> No.54670830

Isn’t quant falling apart and losing partnerships left and right in recent weeks?

>> No.54670865 [DELETED] 

That was pretty quality english, you're sucking LINK cock

Seems like a shit coin solely to benefit the creators and hand picked groups of investors

>> No.54670955

thx for buping my thread

>> No.54671000

Anon it's 5.5% paid in Links. Do you even read much?

>> No.54671113

How does ham sandwich and pepsi sound?

>> No.54671214

It’s easier to fool someone than to convince them that they’ve been fooled.

>> No.54671220

once again chainlink is pretty much the only team in all of crypto that's actually building anything useful or interesting lately

>> No.54671227

>Chainlink Labs did us a real solid with the generous community pool
no. chainlinklabs killed any hope for chainlink ever being anything more than a practically private non demand walled garden fee and reward token. No real competition because again chainlink labs monopolized through questionable market practices any competition at the cost of the retards that bought link anytime above $2 and expected a fiat appreciation for their fee and reward token

>> No.54671318

more like the best LARPers in all of crypto

>> No.54671334

shut the fuck up, you hold link.

>> No.54671349

I thought that could be a CRAZY BADASS use of CCIP. It's like the internet... *not only* did it completely change how all industries operated, but it also created new industries that we couldn't fathom (i.e. social media). These surprise releases make me think LINK is never going to be irrelevant.

My problem though... if this is all open source, can't any competitor copy-paste it? I suppose with network effect and hot new releases always coming out, maybe not, but still.

>> No.54671394

Checked and kekd

>> No.54671456

Nobody says that the chainlink labs niggers ain't working but they have fucked over any investor that hasn't hedged his link investment too often and that war chest better lasts or they will go the way of many other grift dev teams that have engaged in grey market capital funds raising

>> No.54671507

Kek this is my favorite fud

>> No.54672069

waah waah muh concern fud
fuck off nigger

>> No.54672222

>non english fud..
>plane mode
>refresh 4chan
>post random rambling with cuckold fantasies
>plane mode
>refresh 4chan
>projecting own insecurities on anons
repeat ad noseam

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I have too much of my HAMI stuff to try to do any other shit, I still have to get all the juice out of this before I move on to something new, you know the basic rules

>> No.54672253

what the fuck are you two on about. It's 4.75%. At least I can give the first anon the benefit of the doubt that he just rounded 4.75% down to 4%. Where on EARTH is 5.5% coming from?

>> No.54672767

ur the definition of a cuck, literally holding without having any conviction

>> No.54673046

two words
utility. token.

>> No.54673333

what is the utility again? Nodes dumping to pay for gas fees? Because they obviously cant stake

>> No.54673369

you use the chainlink token to pay for the services on the chainlink network

>> No.54673398
File: 120 KB, 750x359, 829D9525-5F85-4D44-8B92-AD11EC4876F2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

When ccip

>> No.54673493

the fuck?

>> No.54673602

This is also a move to release oracle based dexes which is a monumental shift from the implementations we have today.

>> No.54673625

Ccip soft launch end of month at consensus

>> No.54673683

>cross-chain everything
what happens if the chains get tangled?

>> No.54673719

the snx guy said july, it's probably just pull-based oracles at consensus

>> No.54673762

I don't think you understand the point of crypto and web3

>> No.54673777

can't copy/paste the security derived from the network effects my man.

>> No.54673781

This guy is an actual retard I once had a conversation with him and asked him a simple question about use cases for shit he was shilling and his response was the equivalent of "umm uhh idk but maybe uhh this" and then I BTFO him in the convo and he just blank stared me and then pretended like he saw somebody and said it was nice to meet me and walked away.

Actually doesn't understand anything about the company he works for, it's mind boggling how people like this get employed.

>> No.54673806

Checked and security pilled

>> No.54673874

>I once had a conversation with him
prove it. show us a picture of his cock.

>> No.54673912

Rat pads, come back to pmm you retard

>> No.54673963

Linkies… I kneel

>> No.54673966

He started an hr company. He’s just a non technical cheerleader. He’s also like 5ft tall with a similarly short pajeeta girlfriend. She’s cute though. I couldn’t believe how small they were at smartcon.

>> No.54673993

ICP and LINK both play a part

>> No.54674203

Not my problem bro

>> No.54674212


>> No.54674346

yes, the internet is one singular data source because you connect to it with a singular device. Not.

>> No.54674831

>chainlink just did this
>chainlink just did that
maybe they should stop?

>> No.54674841


>> No.54674939

He understated by .75% so I compensated by overstating .75%
Bit lost on you, I see

>> No.54675345

How does 33 cups of coffee sound?

>> No.54675743

Extremely bullish for XRP

>> No.54675814

>Sergey proceeds to imitate Charles Hosking's mannerisms
>ceases all development
>makes flashy video with dubstep soundtrack
>promises to sign og bitcoin block
>Snoop Dogg shills link on his tiktok
>Moons violently

>> No.54675863

at some point ill come back

>> No.54675875

Fed printing is at an all-time high, most stocks and crypto are pumping at regular intervals, and LINK remains relatively the same. I feel bad for baggies.

>> No.54676139

why do you fid? why dont you fuck off and mind ur own buisness? this is completely useless shit u keep doing and doing non stop, is this attention whoring or what

>> No.54677054

It's an incapacitating mental illness. They literally can't stop. Pity them.

>> No.54677208

>single network
>single token
Irrelevant, that doesn’t make make the oracle data “single source” or centralized
>single oracle
>that's how it works
No it isn’t
>and that's how anyone using the data treats it

>you have to trust chainlink the entity
It’s open source and transparent, chainlink “the entity” cannot fuck with the oracle data, it’s impossible by design
>and the incentive structure
What’s wrong with the incentive structure?
>and importantly the token distribution, economics, and value
Please elaborate, I’m not sure what the fuck you’re even trying to claim here

Or better yet, don’t elaborate. Go read the whitepaper instead and try to understand it and then you won’t be here saying this dumb ass nonsense

>> No.54677237


>> No.54677483
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>> No.54677588

So...the data source is centralized and runs through one canister? Lmao. Chainlink truly has no competition. Its a fucking monopoly.

>> No.54677595

Bait surely.

>> No.54677601

it's mixicles all over again

>> No.54677734
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it's over linkchuds, cbdcs will just use their own oracles in exclusive partnership with Witnet and tellor

>> No.54677829

Fake and gay here's the article

>> No.54677859

Isn’t he just a people/comms guy? He’s obviously not going to be able to field technical questions.

>> No.54677866
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We've won before it even started

>> No.54678107

This doesnt hold a candle to flare...

>> No.54678118

FLR solves all its problems. Awkward....

>> No.54678866
File: 138 KB, 775x1232, 1678907581238926.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I know I am seeing a lot of back-and-forth on this topic, but I really need to push back and raise some red flags here. Having a decentralized oracle network is foundational to our ability to drive efficiencies in a corporate landscape. It's in our DNA. Sure, there is no one size fits all or silver bullet. Ethernet is only keeping us at a 30,000-foot-view of things. Being Chainlink'd, however, allows us to get better singularity, find better directional-indicators or loop back and dive deep into some critical issues on a go-forward basis.

I think if you all start spending more time researching LINK again, you'll find yourself trending toward the positive, but you'll have to keep an eye on the puck. Gut through it, reduce thrash, and let's stay in lock-step on this. Yes, we will Interoperate! I think given that we've been shitposting for so long it's easy to forget the benefits of decentralized oracle networks

What's the root cause of the hatred of Chainlink? Putting my layman's hat on and guess that it comes from memes such as Pepe the frog and Link Marine fudders. But we all know that these are just memes, and real discussion allows us to touch base in a much more efficient manner.

I have to time-box this comment, as I have a hard-stop in a moment when I will have to jump onto a call. So, just one more point that I want to cover-off on: let's socialize the idea of having more Oracle networks and loop back to see whether we're being more secure. From a integration standpoint, I think that we can get the partnerships to do it.

So, net/net, ignore the naysayers, sidebar the fudders that are stuck in Bulgaria, and don't waste LINK on folks that don't align strongly with this Network. Try it out, and we'll have another touch point in a little while to see if we've moved the needle. Remember, our north star hasn't changed. We're still championing our core values of creating a more fair, more decentralized world.

If you need me, I will be online again in a bit.

>> No.54679985


Ever since I started reading about Chainlink, I’ve tried to think of a way a futuristic society would be able to exist without oracles and decentralized finance.
Right now the people in control of tradfi are holding on for dear life, but as we advance, the only way to really have a working financial system in the future would be with decentralized oracle networks.
There’s just no way around it.

The biggest choke point we have right now as a society is good, verifiable data. We have so much confusion and loss that’s always traced back to bad Data.
Once you start to remove bad data, the ability to advance increases exponentially.

>> No.54680072
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From a psychiatric perspective the word "cuckold" triggers Link marines so much because subconsciously they know it's their true nature. Imagine holding a premined erc-20 token with terrible tokenomics for 6 years hoping to make it just to see your pathetic bags getting outperformed by the entire market while you stake your measly tokens for bond tier gains (4% APY). The cherry on top of the cake is Sergey who stringed along the community while he made $500 million by dumping on gullible retail investors like you. The cuckold nature of the Link marine is an undeniable reality. As with every cult pointing out the truth is often uncomfortable for the cult members. But the truth is....Link marines are simply cuckolds.

>> No.54680616

How does makkara and tupakki sound?

>> No.54680854

This is the best post I have ever read.

>> No.54680965
File: 137 KB, 880x628, 58FA777C-1C8A-4DC4-93BD-2609EED0B5BE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

if theres only one oracle service the system wont be decentralized fucking retard. get fucked centralized shill.

>> No.54680992

>bitcoin isn't decentralised because there's only one bitcoin
Cringe retard alert.

>> No.54681056
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makes sense if you've been here for a week

>> No.54682810

How does big pile of sergey dump sound?

>> No.54683440
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I think some people here forget how much we need interoperability between chains, protocols and projects. What LINK can't do on some aspects, other projects can. I mean check what CHEQD is doing with DID's, it's basically coming in front to solve all the major issues that are arriving with the recent crypto regulations.

Thanks to the fucking EU, most nations will have to present forms filing verifiable data of their userbase, what this means for most users is that their data will be on the hands of the same companies that already sell their browser data, regular pages and overall information when they connect to social media. CHEQD offers Verifiable Identifications (which is already available on beta btw creds.xyz) that are government approved ways of registering your data without having to input your info. If the companies don't hold your data, they can't sell it.

Now add this to the function for oracles that LINK holds and you have a future that is truly decentralized. I think lowering your bar to only accept LINK is not only short sighted as a techbro, it's also blatantly stupid as an investor

>> No.54683453

sorry for being that guy anon but what the fuck is a DID and what's this about the EU you're talking about

>> No.54683467

>Thanks to the fucking EU, most nations will have to present forms filing verifiable data of their userbase
What the what now

>> No.54683498

DIDs are globally unique identifiers that are created and controlled by the identity owner independently. They are registered on a distributed ledger or a blockchain, ensuring immutability and tamper-resistance.
Basically your own internet ID
Check eIDAS (updated) and MIDAS and you'll see what im talking about

>> No.54684654

chainlink is a decentralized oracle made up of many centralized oracles, each node operator is an oracle you retard

>> No.54684859
File: 221 KB, 715x1216, 8F9D201B-2AC7-4A83-9B04-9023EB843D1F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

owo what's this? *notices ur data*

>> No.54685084

Shoo shoo pajeet

>> No.54685518
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>> No.54685546

LINK and GRT, maybe CRV, are the only tokens I feel justified shilling on here besides the obvious like BTC, ETH, and XMR.

>> No.54686012

You will never be a real identity provider. You have no biometrics, you have no regulatory approval, you have no ongoing monitoring. You are a credential sharing platform glorified by buzzwords about blockchain into a crude mockery of true identity.
All the “validation” you get is misunderstanding and non-compliant. Behind your back people mock you. Your peers are disgusted and ashamed of you, your “users” implement actual solutions behind closed doors.
Institutions are utterly repulsed by you. Thousands of years of KYC and AML have allowed institutions to sniff out frauds with incredible efficiency. Even DIDs who “verify” through soul bound tokens and ZKP won’t be accepted. Your lack of biometry at the base level is a dead giveaway. And even if you manage to get a green check mark NFT, any serious clients will turn tail and bolt the second they get a whiff of your failure to acquire a license.
You will never be compliant. You wrench out a fake verification every single morning and tell yourself it’s going to be ok, but deep inside you feel the regulation creeping up like a weed, ready to crush you under the unbearable weight.
Eventually it’ll be too much to bear - you’ll buy $ID, run a VNO, stake your tokens, and comply with regulations. Your clients will find you, relieved that they no longer have to risk dealing with the authorities. They’ll delegate their tokens to a VNO with a better reputation than yours, and every Everchain observer for the rest of eternity will know a superior solution is used. Your project will decay and go back to the dust, or you will be sent to prison and get butt raped daily by Tyrone and his gang.
This is your fate. This is what you chose. There is no turning back.

>> No.54686299


>> No.54686716

33 Link is nowhere near the make-it stack. Since you are interested in blockchain tokens, you either your bag according to your capacity or you diversify into low-caps blockchain tokens like AZERO, TRIAS, and QANX. Just my two cents.

>> No.54686775
File: 6 KB, 250x220, 1677318377335595.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

LOL, that guy has no fucking clue what he's talking about. Crypto is going mainstream, and merchants like MoonPay and Utrust are making it easier than ever to use crypto for payments. I mean, is he even keeping up with the times, bro? This dude is straight-up delusional if he thinks crypto is gonna fail.

>> No.54686793
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You know too much. Give biz all your money.

>> No.54686862

There is no need for it to be on public blockchain anymore. We already have some existing private blockchains like the QAN blockchain that support it. These chains have a competitive advantage as they offer faster transaction processing, increased security measures, and the ability to control who has access to the blockchain.