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My mental illness grows stronger everyday because I have no friends or life so I just fester in my thoughts all day. How do I profit from this?

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u could always talk to ur frens on 4chan

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Hitler wrote mein kampf in prison

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Literally go get a job and make friends, restaurants are good jobs for making friends. I spent 10 years as a line cook, wasn't a bad life it was fun while it lasted.

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This, but go to /fit/

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going outside, even if you're alone, helps improve your mood. "touching grass" isn't a meme.

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>How do I profit from this?
You don't lose money and time on friends I guess. Ever thought of buying a dog?

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Join apu_coin on tg and be friends with them retard

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The first step is admitting it, I suppose. It's not the last step, but the world is just what it is. It's at least good if you have an awareness of the problem.

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I am being held prisoner in my own home

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>This, but go to /fit/
No thanks i am mentally I do not intendt to become some faggotboy too

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Abandon atheism and learn to code. Delete all your social media and abandon 4chan. Monotheism and coding have natural affinities but it can be any religion. Do not go to church or any organized place of worship.

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>go to fit because I want to learn about what weights are and how to get buff like my world of warcraft character
>board is nothing but twinky femboys and tops posting "post body" at each other and sending homoerotic pics

I just want to make the Alliance proud, bros

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Seek therapy
Simple as

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Live stream your spiral

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Just bee yourself

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if you have nothing at least concentrate on how to get money, it's easier to concentrate on jobs or studies like that, when I had to move and I was alone for a long time managing my money or even gambling a little on hamachi finance was a little easier, but still try to make friends OP, don't be a loser

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> mental illness.
the ego is mental illness. if you don't let the thought process start then you will never be unhappy. live in the now, don't think (easier said than done).

> no friends
friends are a meme.

> fester in my thoughts
the mind and brain / ego is an automated process. thinking is a program. you need to learn to let it go. (easier said than done)