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Eric Schmidt was on stage talking with Sergey Nazarov for a entire hour. If he did that with any other crypto project it would of been a immediate pump and everyone would go crazy but since he did it with Chainlink no one cares. It's almost like people don't even see LINK as a crypto but rather some weird unneeded utility token.

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>would of
Sorry my heart sank after that and I couldn't face the rest

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doesn't matter
useless token

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chaincuckolds are esl retards

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its just memory holed by everyone along with every other development. pair it with someone obviously suppressing it via BTC.
if LINK ever gets a good pump going all of this shit will be priced in by a large wave of fomo as normies who memory holed it due to no price action when it happened(they largely read news, but see no pump so memory hole it) will suddenly fomo and get in remembering it and thinking "oh so it was real and does matter"

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I think that the crypto market as a whole has stopped caring for big name partnerships because 99% of the time it never amounts to anything. Obviously LINK is different but still.

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avax pumped a month ago over 20% in sats due to "aws partnership"

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So link has a working product? Name one use case pls.

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>full-time fudcucks always around to remind everyone how incredibly upset they would be if people bought link
alright alright ill buy you dont have to nag me

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The claim was:
>I think that the crypto market as a whole has stopped caring for big name partnerships because 99% of the time it never amounts to anything. Obviously LINK is different but still.
>Obviously LINK is different
I would like to know how link is different. Does it have a working product? I haven't see one yet. How can you argue that link is different when in fact, it's not.

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Without link there is no Defi today.

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>enables the entire defi industry
the fact that you're pretending that it has no use is disingenuous in and of itself
thanks as always, for being a constant reminder to buy link

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lmao fudcuck chainlink is different because chainlinkgod shills for them. no other crypto has a literal god shilling for them

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wihout LINK:
There is no Defi
there is no AAVE
there is no AVAX
there is no MATIC
there is no Synthetix
there is no GMX
there is no Compond
there is no pancake swap
There is no dozens of other projects
there is nothing but dent, OMG, Canyacoin, Vechain and the other absolute meme bullshit or VC scams.

AVAX and Matic only stay relevant thanks to Defi.

Now exluding the vanity metrics Chainlink like to use for TVL etc, the marketcaps of all these combined is much higher than LINK by far. it makes absolutely no sense. not saying it should be 1:1, but not 9:1. Eth has a value way higher than the sum of all dapps running on it. it is not a sustainable situation and will only take one rally for it to go where it is meant to be.

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>without LINK there is no Chainlinkgod
fuck your list fudcuck this is the only point that matters

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So how does that ''defi'' help average man's life? Is ''defi'' something that makes the world a better place? I remember link promised something else, but maybe I'm wrong.

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BTC promised to stop bank bail outs but all miners got was a massive electricity bill

ETH promised unbridled sex with children but Epstein's island was shut down

All crypto trillionaires were locked the fuck down with the regular penniless
slave cattle

why does chainlink have to deliver on its promises when no crypto has done this?

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newsflash, nobody cares about defi (casino) in 2023. it's only going down.

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im looking for alternative crypto to invest any suggestions? no BTC/ETH as im just a normal guy looking to make it and dont have 6 figs to inest to make it from a 10x which is realistically all i can hope for with those

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It keeps the little-hat crew from stealing your money.

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Everest ID is to my knowledge Chainlink’s only identity provider. I still haven’t done my full research but it seems promising

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>a constant reminder to buy link
it seems like the only people "paying up™" so far are linkies, lmao

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>So link has a working product? Name one use case pls.
>n-no not that use case
Many such cases.

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Yeah and when i asked for an alternative investment that isnt already rank 1 or 2, they just fuck off.

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No one has said one single real use case link is used for. Maybe because it doesn't have a working product to start with, kek

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Reminder that Bulgarians are NOT a real race and are a basically romanian/turkish rape babies. They literally have to larp as Macedonian because they have no culture. Bulgarians are the niggers of europe and are below gypsies.

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>No one has said one single real use case link is used for.
Now you're just putting your fingers in your ears going "lalalala". Chain.link has a "use cases" tab. Go take a look if you're so interested.

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The O N L Y solution

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have fun staying poor dumbtard

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LINK biz faggotry has contaminated the project. normans think link is a nazi promoted project, ant they're correct. you fucked yourselves anons

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>Eric Schmidt
>memory holed

Are you guys out of your fucking minds? Memory holed? Pump? Have you already forgotten what happened in the interview?


The interview could have been the greatest thing ever but it ended up being a fucking disaster
At certain parts it felt as if Sergey wasn't even listening to Eric, as if he was distracted by something else and couldn't pay attention
Watch the interview again: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u2kOmSh4h84

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I am invested in this and have been for sometime. Unfortunately my hope for it is failing as other big players move to capture the ID niche and i am yet to see Everest gain any adoption. But hey if im wrong let me know. All hope has not quite yet gone.

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Bulgarians are scum. I hate bulgarians so much. Sooner or later the bulgarians will be out to fud chainlink, and chainlink tonight is hosted by whomstdve? Thats right
Apu the frog
And apu the frog has a coin
T dot me apu underscore coin

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>Unfortunately my hope for it is failing as other big players move to capture the ID niche
You are wrong. No other project solves unique, sybil resistant, humanness. You are likely referring to the recent influx of DID projects. These projects are nothing more than glorified credential sharing platforms and are DOA if they do no integrate Everest.

>Identity = something you are = Everest
Can not be faked.

>Identification = something you have = DID
Can be easily faked.

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I noticed and I am buying chain link every pay day. I am a straight white Christian American. I am a father of three children. I volunteer at the local animal shelter and donate to my local church. I am a good and dependable neighbor. I hold chain link. All glory to God.

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>phase 4 out of 4
So, when this phase is complete and LINK drops to a dollar, that will be the end of future prospects for Chainlink.

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Everest is a pajeet scam. Their paid shills appear every few weeks to spam the board with their 2021 rugged scam

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Sergey was great in that interview. Eric Schmidt seemed genuinely impressed with his ability to explain himself and his knowledge on Chainlink. Are you autistic?

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>...uuhm yeah, makes sense
he didn't explain shit, schmidt did all the heavy lifting you literal autist

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Thank you for listing reasons why you are expecting to profit from the efforts of others with this cryptocurrency. Chainlink is an unregistered security.

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There's some nice juicy project that got some sweet pussy experience like Xrm Dodge and web3payments gateway, as I’m only staking it right now on Xexchange for around 25% APY, this profit alone is good enough to take me throughout the year without working

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Go and bury you head in some trash you retard dick, as one the web3payments platform bring Defi into payments as you can payments without third parties hidden charge .

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Lol you sound horrible anon you really need some good pussy experience

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LINK is like fight club. We don't talk about it and it eventually collapses the old world financial system, restoring freedom to men everywhere.

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Sounds great anon as I'm looking forward to get some nice pussy gains with the new UTK 2.0 tokenomics, as it worth holding for the next 5 years because there is staking, token burn, merchant yield, and other freaky experience

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everest is a jeet scam, the only legit ID token is cheq. They just unveiled a platform for verifiable credentials and zero knowledge proof credentials. shit is happening, their marketing is kicking into gear. Get in bros.

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Schmidt is so charismatic bros, like more charismatic than any politician or actor. I just want to hear him talk.

Is it possible to learn this power?

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It's probably genetic at THAT level

You can obviously improve small things, practice eloquence, try overcoming mistakes or at least make up for them, but Eric is obviously inherently gifted