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Ok i have 1000$ where do I start.

Pic unrelated

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gizzle cum at your local gloryhole

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If i tell you they banned me

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You start by educating yourself and not taking advice from the idiots on /biz/.

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Educate myself where? I don't want to get into some "get rich quick" scam.

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Buy bitcoin.

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read mastering bitcoin and mastering ethereum to understand how they work. Then read whitepapers for the projects you are interested in. Then come to /biz/ to see what people are shilling. If the shilling coincides with the projects you think are good, you buy them. Or you can just dump it all on bitcoin which is 100% guaranteed to go up over in a long enough time frame.

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Buy BSHIB. First Shibarium coin.

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Which one big bro?
There are many books by that name, could you tell us the author plz

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Do you have a brokerage account?

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>100% guaranteed
I feel so bad for the anons that believe this
this is why it's a long con government scam and they will pull the plug once they've convinced enough people that IT WILL NEVER GO AWAY

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Government isn't smart enough to pull off such a good scam.

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Bitcoin only

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once every 70 years they are

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I just opened one on my bank app but idk how it works.
Might just buy bitcoin.
Im thinking roughly 5-10 years in the future pouring about 1000 into invesments each month.

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Sheriff Meowdy is on the job

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Which app?

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The govt spends hundreds of billions a month. You think they've done some elaborate scam to generate what 100 billion over a decade? kek

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buy my link bags pls

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Nigger the best way to multiply that money is to generate passive income, that's why I stake on avax

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If you're literally that poor just all in RLC and wait for the next 100x

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All in on AVAX anon. DYOR/NFA

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So y'all just hodling your Bitcoin like a normie, when you can swap like 30% of your buys to wBTC, hit up Uniswap, provide liquidity for Sylo-wBTC, withdraw the LP token, and stake it on Sylo pool for sick 40% APY. That there what you call passive income >>54654415.

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Any other crypto is either inferior or vaporware.

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This. And if I had to add anything, I wouldn't leave ETH out.

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yes that's the scam
how was I so foolish not to see how trivial it is
good luck 'genius' anons

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Buy yourself a nice smartbrush, get a Nilo NFT and start brushing your teeth and get rewards for it, like, literally

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there's no way that I actually do something like that kek

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What's next? Smart condoms for Fuck-2-earn?

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Fucking kek, if that's true that'll be hilarious in a few months

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Say no more, your mental health is clearly doomed

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Idk why that sounds silly to me

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You want us to buy the tippy top so u can pull an exit liquidity on us and get ur gains? Fuck off degen. I personally made some gains holding AIDOGE as an ARB hodler, then I moved that cash to a sleek seeker NFT cuz incentivized node staking is right around the corner. Also looks like other fractions/body parts are starting to come together too.

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I would add ETH to that list and you are good to go

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for me, it’s Doomer . ai, the blackpill of finance

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$1500 more and you can become a validator in Avalanche, receiving AVAX while you hold, you have more benefits but, that's on your own faggot, make research instead of trusting this bunch of retards

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You put that money into metamask or your wallet of preference, you go to dextools, check the weekly gainers tab and start massively buying all the gems there. With some simple scalping, a little bit of attention and patience you will be the proud owner of 100k in less than you think

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is this a legit play ?

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Market buy Innova. Wait one year. You’ll be one of the wealthiest people in the worlds

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Putting all your investment in one asset is a bold step of a scumrag. Why not build a diversified portfolio anonfag
Altcoinistdao research platform shares big performing coins

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DCA into UTK and Stake, what else where you expecting

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how do you sort for weekly

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I spend $3k/mo on BTC and it's pretty comfy

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Avoid sylo at all costs. I held that bag for two years and sold it at a loss just to get rid of it. Absolutely fucking laughably shit app.

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Go back.

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This is interesting. I'll look into AVAX and XMR too.

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KOYO, and I'm not even joking, this shit is pumping so hard that I wouldn't be amazed if we reach $1 eoy, Ryoshi's still burning sh1b on us lol

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all you need. pepe/basedjak already took off

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Buy weed and double your money a few times

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Start by slurping some CYMI, ETH, RIO, you be out of your grannies basement in two years.

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You have to go back.

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Put it in a growing ecosystem like MultiversX bizfag, and invest in alts like Ride and Zpay which has been building during the bear market.

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You got not to offer you lazy fags, go get your ass spank with crypto payment platform the offers fast, secure, seamless transactions and cashback of up to 1.5% don't be some assholes.

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I think the he just need to buy the dip BTC and ETH while looking out for some shitcoin to round out with .

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Wtf is this summerfag, you can't make it using that shit go and be useful faggot, as businesses can now integrate and seamlessly accept crypto payments without worrying about excessive fees using one of the web3payments services
a processing fee of 1% is relatively small compared to more traditional payment platforms

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That nice but spending that much on some dead investment is such a rekt ass dick anon go investment in gold and thank me latter.

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That nice hopefully it get better soon anon, as I can earn while making payments using web3payments services,
as it simple for merchants to accept payments in many different digital currencies, and convert crypto to fiat quickly and safely.

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I'm slurping sylo to own a yatch in few months, not to be out of my grannies basement bobo

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Hold BTC and ETH
Play around with shitcoins and low caps, if in profits, rotate back into eth and btc
rinse and repeat

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Put $50 in 2 different shitcoins everyday untill one pumps all the way to $25 to $1m like the pepe guy

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Says ranjeesh who only owns $50 worth of the token and will have $500 even if it goes 10x from here kek

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Or get burnt and lose everything

He's indie, 500 bucks is a lot of money over there

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Fuck to earn will bang though
I'm definitely turning a millionaire

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buy eth
100x long eth on binance

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If it's ever gonna pump that much, I bet doesn't just stop at a 10x, anything under 50 feels wrong

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Top 10 ways to go broke

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Bitcoin and ethereum, don't fall for anything else

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Jokes on you cos he probably holds a big bag, bigger than your entire portfolio
Fucking cunt

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Self custody and privacy narratives seem to be the game changer

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Lots of hackers are crazy

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Its still a perfect time to DCA ETH,BTC and BNB. Lowcaps with good prospect in some popular areas like DiD, privacy and Defi aren't bad choices too.

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No need to panic fearful pajeet, the Quantum attack is coming and it looks more scary than shithole scammers but Quantum resistant is already getting asses covered.

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invest in projects that invest in rwa. mnicorp is a good one. they have a solid business model. then forget about it and get back to your day job. you'd be a super rich soon, I guarantee.

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Buy PLEB unironically

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ponzi scam

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if he does it smart and manages his collateral its the surest way to make it

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You can only make generational wealth in crypto. Start to DCA now. FET, ORE, GRT, DYDX and APT.

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2 options:
keep compounding W's and cutting L's short. i started with tradepro on youtube and worked my way out from there, started paper trading to get a feel for it and then slowly started ramping up my actual trade sizes. i also asked GPT4 for some trading basics out of curiosity and it actually did define a lot of indicators and their uses correctly, possible learning tool to be discovered here

>dump it into shitcoins or NFTs of your choice, wait and pray
pick them based on whether they seem like they'll generate hype and if they have a narrative that can be explained and sold to someone with the brain of a 10 year old, not exclusively whether a bunch of techies are impressed by their whitepapers

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Stake it all on tonight's match Sevilla - Manchester United, Sevilla to qualify @ 2.30.
Invest $1k, get $2.3k.

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I don't know Chad. I'd rather stick to my ETH/SYLO LM pool yield on Uniswap to stay in the greens.

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buy 1000 dollars worth of VET.
easy 100k

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Poorfags ain't losing focus on quantum resistant too, being a huge fan of the PoR consensus is getting dicks hard.

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It is important to point out, that the user pays ONLY for ERC20 transfer and doesn’t pay for staking operation into Tornado.cash contract, harvest, and re-stake operation.

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Kek, I'm having a jerk on PoS. ETH are filling my bags

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Fuck PoS, ngmi. Newfags can mine with their mobile phone or Raspberry Pi, with the help of the PoR consensus algorithm on its ecosystem. Yo

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>ETH is based
>Railgun's onchain privacy on ETH is based

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Kek, I'd rather just bag more ZKP bags than these shitcoins

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ATLAS Finance pre-sale

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velodrome, wusdr/usdc
or just long eth on kwenta