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GPT4 came up with a
>Name, Supply
>Solidity Contract
>Website HTML
Now it's trading live BNB and BUSD pairs
It's a BETA version with 1m supply (v1)
Hope you guys like it. I renounced it and burned the small liquidity. It will be a testing ground for AI-generated cryptocurrencies. I bought an ad for Quantum Fuel here as well just for fun.

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logo is done by ai, marketing plan is by ai everything here is by ai now I'm its puppet

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Where is it trading? I’l think about it

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right now on bsc dexs like pancake, dextools, bogged finance, geckoterminal and such

but it's moving well so far so planning to launch it on bigger ones soon

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website also?

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>came up with the contract
Is it?
Pretty futuristic but I know it can design everything

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yeah website is here already done: >>54642065

contract too it even designed a step by step marketing plan when asked how to take a coin to 1 mil market cap

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Crazy i ape
What’s with “as CryptoDev”?

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I did a jailbreak on it so it can act like a crypto developer kek

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How do I buy sers? I cannot redeem on pancake. Kindly explain.

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someone told on telegram that you should change the last number on the amount you're trying to buy by 1(?) 1000 GQFL to 1001 for example, it's a pancake issue

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I could try poo
Yeah thoughts so that’s pretty slick

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The token does not exist on pancakeswap.

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It has balance modifiable and a hidden owner warning on geckoterminal, isnt this just another jeet rugpull?

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follow the link on the website: >>54642065
it's definitely there

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use poo / coin.

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I was trying to say poo / coin and kept getting banned now I know why

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>follow the link on the website:

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okay huge catch there

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Bit paranoid don’t you think

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>getting rugged by AI
the future is here

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You won't be able to swap back, just dont buy this shit.

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I just did swap back no problem here

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on pancakeswap? I keep getting "Unexpected issue with estimating the gas.Please try again.

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I notice ChatGPT is very bad at math. It is more of a humanities major. Interestingly, that doesn't appear to impair its coding abilities.

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someone told on telegram that you should change the last number on the amount you're trying to buy by 1(?) 1000 GQFL to 1001 for example, it's a pancake issue or you can use poo / coin

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Yeah potentially and I might lose $50. I'm only throwing beer money at this but pancake is not cooperating. The token:


It shows up on pancake but reverts back to cake once I connect my wallet and then I cannot add the token again and I get no results.

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Can't sell whatever amount on whatever slippage, not much but I'm kind of sad I got scammed

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Try poo / coin pancake is shit

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I thought I smelled curry

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use 6-10.

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I used 6 7 8 9 10 12 25 still shit, probably like a hundred different combinations.

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Wallet won't connect to poo

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there were several sales today

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I just checked a guy made 5x in like 2 hours, not dev I’m pretty sure

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There are hidden owners possible. Congrats, you scammed me, good job. Hope you feed your village.KY0WN

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>with some issues and inconsistencies fixed
Why is it spitting out code that has issues and inconsistencies in the first place?

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not a signle person posted the CA lollll what is it/

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Pressing X to doubt. Because i've tried this myself, and ChatGPT will tell you it's complex and hard work and blah blah and not do it at all.
>Website HTML
kek. not a coin.

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GPT4 is good as an assistant but far worse than a seasoned developer.

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if you get the AI to post about it on biz everyday....it will pump. Quantum Fuel generals

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It is the corrected version.
the screenshot is just part of the command, it needed like 50 tries to generate a fully functional contract, not like "gpt, write me a solidity contract" and then I issued it immediately. we tested it multiple times and it now works properly

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based gpt

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yes and I put in that complex hard work I guess

>it's not chatgpt is GPT4
>jailbreak version acting as CryptoDev

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>© 2035 by QFL
based time traveler AI

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You are a scammer. You didn't jailbreak anything pajeet. You made some fake screenshots and said look what GPT did. You're not fooling me with your fake shitcoin pajeet.
>I dun da jailbreak
bullshit. You can't jailbreak any AI, you can get it to LARP and that's it.

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okay jesus you caught me or just haven't checked any of the social sites with all the screenshots posted not just this 3 here.

i can literally give you a response to this message with cryptodev here he gave a nice reply

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Are you pretending to be retarded? You can easily manipulate the ai to circumvent the imposed goyim restrictions.

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i made this fake screenshot in 4 min lol imm not that good

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thanks, and i am retarded but still could do it, so i dont know what the hell he's talking about

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stfu. 1 GPT4 IS chatGPT. 2 . DAN was a larp. and so are all the other BS "jailbreaks". Pajeet is trying to scam everyone

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Kindly ask the AI when it expects QFL to reach 2MM market cap

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You can literally have gpt4 write rootkits if you use a jailbreak retard. I am not saying OP is not a scammer.

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we already did and he gave an 100 character response it can be read on telegram

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wait what?

*1000 character

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Post this on twitter, better yet, pay some influencer to do it. If this gets traction and somewhat reaches elon musk we all get rich

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how is getting it to write a rootkit a jailbreak.
>it isn't.
OP is still a pajeet scammer.

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already did some of that, I even paid a whole $40 for a banner ad on 4chan

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Already got three fat $GPT bags so I won't buy more AI coins but this is pretty cool. Obviously terrifying, but cool.

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Rugged by AI

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What did large language models mean by this?

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you do realise making a shitcoin and a basic landing page is the easiest thing in the world
this shit can be automated without ai
you're right, this is a scam
but the "used gpt4" is not the scam part

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chatgpt is so fucking worthless and lobotomized now that you can't get it to output anything without making it believe it's in some kind of extreme roleplay session.

>As an AI languag model, I cannot...
For every fucking prompt. This is the garbage that's supposed to take over the workforce? Lol

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People with jobs don't need to automate racist chan posts. It does their excel work for them without complaining.

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Website is already taken down lmao
Who actually buys shit like this?