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will (((they))) do "it" again?

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Pic related. This time one of the btc whales will betray

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Nah its time to let it fly

Hiding strategy is over, they even allowed forbes to shill it

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As per ze protocol

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I hope this is the case.

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>will (((they))) do "it" again?

The last time it happened we were approaching $10. I remember that exact day because on the Daily charting time frame we had a "Golden Cross" painted the day before. The lines were touching and it was go time. Its generally considered a significantly bullish event. Its when the 50 Moving Average crosses upward and over the 200 Moving Average indicator.

I remember because I had bought on a Golden Cross on the Daily when the price was around $2.40 on high leverage in Feb of 2020 and it ran to almost just under $5 in a few weeks. I was ecstatic.

Of course, conveniently this time around the day after the Golden Cross was painted and all but confirmed FTX exit scammed and the entire market took a massive shit showing that fat red dildo you see outline in the rectangle on the far right of OPs picture.

Luckily I only lost a couple grand in liquidation. All that being said we are up over the 200 EMA and have been in a tight accumulation channel for about a year. It won't get rejected forever.

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Nah, and im okay with that, more time to accumulate

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Holy kek


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checked. its go time

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You might be right. I wish I had accumulated more. 600 LINK isn't going to be enough any time soon, is it? Ah well, at least I'll have 600K EOY at the latest.

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I check