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US bonds are paying more than that though

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>inflation is 5%
so... now you can only lose -0.85%?

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chainlink staking is 4.75 in the NATIVE ASSET
not inflationary fiat

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Chain link is a worthless chucy cheese token I can pay my taxes in dollars

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cope nolinker

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LINKbros.... we held 90% down vs BTC for 4%.....

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And you can pay for chainlink services in link. Difference is there isn't 6 trillion new links printed to fund gibs.

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Inflation is like 40%

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Really makes you wonder, what kind of degenerate trades is goldman sachs doing with your money to offer these insane apys on a savings account?

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What services would anyone ever need from chain link?

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They're just buying tbills. Its easy for any new bank to get 4.5%. Old banks have shitloads of low interest rate baggage from before 2021 which is why they have trouble keeping up.

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You can buy ibdx and guarantee 5 percent a year for 9 years. More than that if a recession comes and they cut rates

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link allows smart contracts to access real world data,

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Just to add, the government is still running a deficit, so treasury yield is literally paid for by printing money. You are just getting the interest from supply dilution. Its just as bad as any high APY shitcoin that just pays its APY through minting or circulating new coins. Its technically a negative rate, adjusted for supply inflation.

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Yeah and that link is payed from sergey releasing more supply from his huge premine.
Its literally inflationary until he runs out in 2050, and if youre still holding by then you are a failure who was never meant to make it

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hello my dear ESL third world friend, enjoy phoneposting away

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Yeah and that usd is payed from the fed releasing more supply from his huge printers.
Its literally inflationary until forever, and if youre still holding by then you are a failure who was never meant to make it

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Yeah only 5999999 links to fund hr whores.

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>someone maid a typo, therefore objective reality is debunked.
how telling that you have to ignore the entire subject, which is factually correct, to focus on a typo. Because you know you have no other response cause what i said is true.

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This might be a good idea, actually.

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What language do you speak at home?

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Cheers m8

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Dumped $10k into it.

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Do you think a bank is going to go under this week?

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Enjoy your $415

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None really, as long as fed rates are this high atleast

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Which is cool
tezos baking in the sylo wallet gives around 4%

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This is far beyond what Biz should be surprised about. My apple card is always an option B compared to CryptMi card with loyalty bonus on almost every item paid for. I need an Elon house pajeet.