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Why don't you accept luck is a more important factor than intelligence in making it?

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We do, lucklet

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Have you considered putting yourself into more situations where you could get lucky more often? You should seriously consider studying the concept of expected value and quit making excuses to justify your lack of knowledge.

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They’re about equal in measure imo

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It's not luck, it's how much God loves you. Sorry he doesn't love you very much poorfags.

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I do. It is a real psychological phenomena though. They've done experiments on it. People who lucked their way into success attribute their success to their own intelligence rather than sheer luck.

Our monkey brain was designed for pattern recognition that doesn't exist mesh well with the abstract nuances of the modern economy.

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This guy doesn't have enemy.

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Yikes that webm was stress inducing

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Does this get posted because people actually find it impressive, or is it meant to be cringe to watch this kid scoop popcorn and pour butter on it but with 300% more spastic energy as though he's doing something cool?

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None of these zoomer fags know why they post anything.

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I haven't worked in two years. Now that my funds are running dry, high paying work is falling into my lap out of nowhere.

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This would have been awesome in 1999, I tell you

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it's a dude who actually cares about his job, has fun doing it and doesn't give a fuck about what you think. a rare sight these days.

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Enthusiasm for menial labor is a rare cause for celebration these days, because people are used to black employees acting like YOU are inconveniencing THEM.

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Whoah dude I’m twirling some Goyslop!!!! Go watch niggerball

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I'd tell you to go have sex but you would probably molest a child.

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Go watch niggerball. Like seriously if some fat fucking wagie twirling goyslop tickles you cunt YOU are the problem

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It's not but intelligence is also a factor of luck so

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Slow down there tiger, popcorn is the further from goyslop, popcorn is the most Midwestern food anyone can eat. Honk honk

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Corn is slave goy food and a staple in this niggefied corn syrup society. Honk honk

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corn syrup =/= real corn, popcorn is unironically real corn, not refined corn

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>buzzwords buzzwords and more buzzwords

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Black people don't deserve your respect or your money! They deserve whatever they get, just like the rest of us.

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Loser ass mindset. You're the co worker that bitches the most, does the least work and thinks they are better than everyone else. Enjoy never making it.

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I accept that I am lucky to be born white.

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I have both things
I'm lucky because I made it buying KOY last month
I'm smart because I expected KOY's imminent pump