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Here is some context.

I'm a 29yrs old Mexican who magically made it to save 1200 dlls, in your eyes might be nothing, but I want to invest this little money into what I can to make it grow and get out of the poverty, so I'll take any advice and or anything I have to learn

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buy a really cool sombrero, remember you dress for the job you want, not the one you have.

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agree with anon above, buy a sombrero

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I want this comfy suit

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I need that clothing

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Is the suit $1200? OP should just buy that.

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You'll probably ignore this advice anyway and just end up back where you started in rekt city, but just DCA into bitcoin is all you need to do.
The secret to making money is to not lose money.

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Bro, just buy a sombrero do they needful

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I'll take note in this two
Anyways I already own two pretty rad sombreros didn't bought them or know when I got them but they are there lmao

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I am mexican too in a very similar situation than you I was following GNS and LTC the last year knowing it was going to be a good investment almost 100% but I got afraid and I didn't put my money on it because I was still mad from losing money from other operations I did.

In these days havent caught anything safe that Id put my money on it sincerely I think the best decision is to stay away from investments for a while.

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just become a waterbear

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can someone recommend a good investment sombrero?

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this is now a sombrero general thread
this IS financially related so investment grade sombreros only please

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Then I'll opt for a carrito de salchipapa

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use HAMI for a while, or just have it as your first choice, I wanted to move to south america to literally live comfortably but if I just hold on they will keep giving me tokens, it's quite useful if you want to save a lot of money

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buy rose

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First things first, don't listen to coins /biz/ gives you. Only take resources and investigate on your own.

My two cents? NewsCrypto and TradingView. Check their communities and check their charts and justifications for why X thing might moon or not. NewsCrypto has AI tools that predict what might pump or not, but these are PREDICTIONS, they might not happen.

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Congrats mexican bro. Sadly, that amount of money is not enough to start any serious business, unless you are really fucking good at design in which case you might want to buy one of those machines to print shit on clothing and mugs and stuff, should be about $400 dollars leaving you enough to save or invest in something else.

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If you do crypto these are good resources. Binance also has some community stuff with people doing their own TAs and shit.

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Start a taco shop amigo
Americans like mexican food

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the fact that this thing is real and immortal is terrifying