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What's your idea of the most complete blockchain? Or is there even any?

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kermit ser https://www.dextools.io/app/en/ether/pair-explorer/0x61cE73f7915d2A65dE70cAe38b051727A81306C8
10m mcap incoming

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depends on the purpose. bitcoin, litecoin, digibyte, and yes even doge are good for proof of work.

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But Proof of Randomness is better than PoW

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Crypto is dead on arrival cunt

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The security aspect of the trilemma of blockchain should also include quantum security if not , then it is not a complete blockchain

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It used the democracy of PoW and eco-friendly feature of PoS to arrive at this , you just know about it in theory fucking jew

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Bitcoin is the most complete blockchain

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Best coin-only blockchain: Monero. Technically immensely superior (higher security and robustness than even Bitcoin at protocol level).

Best PoS smart contract technology: Algorand Virtual Machine. No doubt the best tech. (efficiency, scalability, state proofs)

Best Specialized Blockchains: SKALE (elastic network of sub EVM chains) & Filecoin

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>Bitcoin is the most complete blockchain
Bitcoin is the most basic* blockchain

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A blockchain that's very flexible as to allow any programming language to be used on it thereby accommodating all developers should be the fucking answer

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nothing more, the rest are experimental or ponzi schemes

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Stop with the Litecoin shit. Litecoin adds nothing, it's literally an experimental ponzi shitcoin.

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Then how did it survive for 11+ years when most others failed?

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These are good but a L1 that's quantum proof built on CRYSTALS-Dilithium will be a game changer.

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because there is a large and old set of interests vested in this "coin", with several market makers & "VCs" aligned into keeping it alive to pump&dump it during bull markets. That's all. But technologically, it's no different than fucking peercoin, dogecoin, bbqcoin, etc

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This. You don't need all these blockchains, just build on top of the most decentralized, most secure and largest network on the planet, bitcoin.
You don't see smart contracts on Bitcoin yet because there's no demand for it. What's Ethereum good for other than trading shitcoins? Besides why would anyone use a blockchain, like Ethereum, that can freeze your assets at anytime?

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This is the reason why we need a platform where the devs have the freedom to code in any language which can bring unique smart contract and dapps to the space using the QVM tech.

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Q Blockchain- L1 built for enterprise and governments. EVM compatible, DPoS with 5 second blocks. Built in portal for DeFi, staking, digital ID, voting, DAO, synthetic assets etc. Gas fees used in the portal are redistributed to Q holders so you will never have to worry about gas fees. Built in constitution, which is regulates operation of the protocol in accordance with international law and protects users. Not on exchanges yet but you can get a free bag on zealy io.

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Anon this has a long way to go. QAN has partnered with Alpine Esports which is serious progress, more than anything the blockchain is built on one of the best post-quantum cryptography called the CRYSTALS-Dilithium even before NIST approved it. So can't beat it.

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I would rather go for a blockchain that will attract more developers with its dev royalties cunt. Devs rule the word

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QRL will beat the shit out of this faggot. Go away.

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How is the tps? Is it eco-friendly? Is it programming language flexible? How is it a complete blockchain?

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Solana is the powerhouse for dapps and developers.

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Kek...more than anything it ain't quantum proof. The threats of a quantum computer isn't far, just a matter of time.

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Mochimo and Qanplatform already have all these ticked

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That's the primary recommendation of NIST for post quantum digital signatures anon

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>Pure BS. Solana is fuck all.
Devs have started to use the Hyperpolyglot smart contract engine to code smart contracts and dapps in any language they wish. Can't beat this shit fool.

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That's the most stupidest blockchain kek.. I see most of the devs are moving to a quantum resistant blockchain where they can code in any language and get royalties for life time.

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That's the most stupidest blockchain kek.. I see most of the devs are moving to a quantum resistant blockchain where they can code in any language and get royalties for life time.

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Avalanche and Cardano it is

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Any blockchain that's has post quantum cryptography is the go too. And I would say it's a wise decision

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There are several blockchains that are currently being developed and optimized to achieve the status of being the most complete. Some examples include Ethereum, Cardano, and Polkadot.

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More than anything mining with a mobile phone or with a raspberry Pi is a lot cheaper and economical.

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>What's your idea of the most complete blockchain? Or is there even any?
There may not be a single blockchain that is considered the most complete, but the ongoing development and innovation in the blockchain space suggest that we are likely to see more advancements and improvements in the coming years especially with the quantum threat looming around.

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PoR is much more resistant to 51% attacks and other forms of centralization. It's like rolling the dice, except with much higher stakes

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For one thing, it's way more energy-efficient, which means we don't have to rely on mining farms powered by coal and oil amarite?

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POR is better but there are some drawbacks to PoR as well. For example, it's still a relatively new concept, and we don't have as much real-world data to work with yet. Plus, there's always the risk of someone finding a flaw in the algorithm and exploiting it. But hey, that's the nature of the game, right? We're all just trying to find the next big thing, and sometimes that means taking risks and experimenting with new ideas.

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Well, I guess we can all go home now and stop wasting our time on this dead-on-arrival technology. Lmao, Crypto may have its ups and downs, but it's far from dead. it's like that meme that keeps coming back no matter how many times you try to bury it. Bag some gems now or have fun staying poor.

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I totally agree with you, bro. The trilemma of blockchain is a real challenge, and security is a crucial part of it. And as quantum computing becomes more advanced, it's clear that we need to start thinking about quantum security as well.

That's why I'm stoked to see blockchain projects like QanPlatform integrating post-quantum cryptography and other quantum-resistant technologies.

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Agreed, post-quantum cryptography is the future of blockchain security. It's wise to choose a blockchain that takes it seriously, like QRL or Quantum Resistant blockchain

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I'm not giving that obsessed whale my money

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We need more blockchain projects to follow their lead so that we can be confident that the entire crypto ecosystem will become more resilient and trustworthy. Security is highly underrated right now.

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>Devs rule the word
I agree with you on this anon. Incentivizing developers with royalties ensures that the best and brightest minds are working on the project, constantly improving its functionality and utility. And as more developers flock to the platform, the network effect will kick in, making the blockchain even more valuable and versatile.

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I sold my SOL for LINK but lost all hope
There is no flipping le switch, the price will never explode up

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Bro, being able to code in any programming language is a major power move. Most devs are stuck using Solidity, but if you have the skills to code in multiple languages, you're a straight-up boss. Solidity is cool and all, but having the freedom to use whatever language you want gives you so much more flexibility and control over your projects.

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-Layer 1
Hybrid in nature
Quantum resistant
-Does not consume much electricity and ecosystem friendly

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You were dead before you were born

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CSPR is pretty good over all.

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QAN is the ideal layer 1 blockchain

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BTC all the way, only a fool will disagree

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PoW isn't ecosystem friendly and that's a huge red flag
It seems to be gaining traction gradually

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Put it all into ADA or die poor

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QAN is the best quantum-resistant chain right now

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see this for a proper upgrade on the bitcoin formula

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Blockchain is a worthless "technology", it's an extraordinarily inefficient database. It serves only one purpose which is bitcoin.

Altcoins do not offer "new tech", they offer trade offs.

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>technically superior
Audit the supply and post results

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Why would anyone want a permissioned blockchain?

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This is fucking sweet, JavaScript has been out and niggas have been fucking bitches for free. Probably when C++ out there will be no virgins left in Asia.

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No blockchain has offered this before, I bet it will be a game changer, just like when ETH came up with EVM

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I'm sticking to secured blockchains and more of privacy and self custody focused projects

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I'm leaving my big titty girlfriend on this blockchain, if AlpineEsports could partner with a hybrid quantum resistant blockchain then she'll be safe from mfs.

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No ORE and ENS and privacy based projects? Ngmi

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Give me a pussy that's Eco-friendly, 1600tps, decentralized which is offered under one roof POR concensus algorithm, I'm spending my life on it.

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Self custody is trending now, thanks to DiD

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Privacy features Just increase the crime rate nothing more
PoR will dominate soon

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Since making life easy for businesses and average crypto users are all bitches are enjoying from this quantum resistant blockchain and the private blockchain launch in Q2 is already halfway. Ain't gonna sleep on it.

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Sold all my Monero for LINK, BNB and ORE. Best bet

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Look here anon, KDAMiningClub is exploring how KMC is changing the traditional PoW mining game with their hashrate-backed NFTs.

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Bad choice with LINK, I dumped it for QANX

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I'm not a cock sucking dude, I need a secured blockchain partnered with Hacken, knowing they'll will conduct a blockchain protocol audit for the private and public blockchains.

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Huge, Hacken is one of the best auditors right now

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YLA is a flow generating structured investment product composed of five yearn stable coin vaults LP tokens, each LP token accumulates interest over time.
It automatically updated a basket of yearning vaults with on-chain metrics based. Get rich poorfag.

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Heard it's fucking same bitch as CRYSTAL Dilithium, the very one NIST announced as the 4 primary post-quantum Algorithms, it's really a fun time for trippers clubbing all night.

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Focus on AI, Privacy and DiD narratives, they're melting faces.

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POW? The Kaspa Community has been invited to participate in the first ever RunOnFlux PoW Round Table! On behalf of the Kas Community BubblegumLtng will be discussing the future of mining and PoW cryptocurrency

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Healthcare, supply chain and industries are ready to have a taste of this blockchain with huge boobs use cases since the AspineEsport partnership.

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Right now,I'm providing liquidity in the YLA index to hedge against impermanent loss by earning on both stable coins and CVP boost of up to 51% APR.

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Only shitholes value POW when POR is giving Asian virgins easy mining power on mobile phone or Raspberry pi.

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If it ain't gonna fetch me money like Still bullish on TORN, staking it in ppTORN and earning handsomely on it , has greatly increased my bag, and also bullish on ALGO. Better days ahead

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LINK and LUNA got me rekt, I hate these demons. Ain't gonna bet on them anymore.

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It's juicy for faggots to build in any coding language and on a firewall against attacks from quantum computers and still get their asses paid when the codes are reused.

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Never sleep on DiD and AI, trending narratives are making lots of fun.

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I'm sure self custody projects will gain massive hype this year, all thanks to the recent bank crashes and fiat crumbling.
sylo is that which I'm putting money on.

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link could still change your life

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Is that a condom bobo?
Never used one

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It's basic sense not to lose custody of your crypto, anyone who still trust CEXs up to that extent shouldn't be in the space at all.

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Should have been ethereum if not for the fees

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30yrs old virgin living with his parents

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Still one of my favorite wallet apps, the messaging feature is based and makes it easy to send crypto

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Fees, TPS, etc rules out ethereum

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Nobody knows POR
PoW and PoS are the real deals

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I use cexs but not retarded enough to leave my funds on there

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Avalanche solving the trilemma is the most complete shit in the cryptoverse

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You faggets still fomo'ing with BTC as if at this point you can ride the real train. Keep sleeping on AVAX and then you will be crying later.

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Avalanche has become the most complete blockchain in the space.

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Self custody of assets is the future anon. Doing that with my Mex, Ride and Egld on my Ledger where I also stake for passive income.

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ID management should be included in all blockchains.

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Ore Network is based.