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Even after all the attempts of the Fed to stifle crypto, it is instead getting more accepted. Channers, what's your thought on that?

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America will collapse before 2040, niggerican society's behaviour will be getting more deranged (yes even more) by the 2030s, just imagine those little sub 20 yr old mutts in 10-15 years when they have to manage the country and serve as the workforce (you can see this already with the nintendo generation drama with the pentagon), eventually merica will start to lose global political power in huge chunks (already are, just look at sleepy's administration...). crypto will prevail but I would love for crypto to depeg from fucking burger economy cuz that shit sucks (no mutt's law niggers)

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I'm a retard and removed this part to reposition it but forgot to place it again
...* they'll be tightening more and more the police state and increasing surveillance, crime, degeneracy and nigger glorification will continue to grow in their culture...

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This shouldn't be a question jeet, many merchants are

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Dumbfag, why should you even think about this? The number of merchants accepting crypto is already on the increase

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Nothing is gonna happen to crypto

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Bitcoin is the money for the digital age. Gold is still valuable but it's limitations make it unsuitable for economic activity in the digital age. The Nixon Shock was a clear example of why gold will never work in the modern era and especially in an era of a multipolar world.

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While the Feds are using the profit from bitcoin who is deceiving who? Mainstream adoption gonna happen soon

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Although Gold has the highest mcap atm but that will change over time

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Yes anon. I know about Benfica's acceptance of crypto as a means to purchase football tickets

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I'm not thinking much, CBDC will succeed fiat

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Not to sound like a moon boy but I could picture the mcap growing at a surprising rate, and it's not going to be driven by retail. It's the economic uncertainty and global restructuring that's going to drive bitcoin's price. Sovereigns, ultra wealthy, nation states, major companies and institutions are going to be forced to buy bitcoin. If the world was in a stable situation and most nations had sound money policies, then bitcoin wouldn't be that relevant.

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Binance pay and xMoney is still being adopted by many merchants. You have your answer already

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Just a matter if time. Paying with crypto isn't that of an hassle. I have personally used a payment platform which offers onchain transactions with fixed 1% transaction fee and cashbacks on all transactions.

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Crypto is here to stay but with out regulations its getting really bad.

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Crypto gives financial freedom and I embrace web3 payments with a reliable payment platform. Whether the people realize it or not this is the future and a key for a better financial situation.

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With crypto becoming more private and decentralized in identities, assets, and rights the govt is fighting an already lost battle.

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they will just get microchipped, problem solved

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Crypto is volatile but that's the nature of it. We have platforms that offers buyers and sellers protection for a better payment experience.

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We'll always ways around great that cryptos are connecting users' assets and rights with different blockchains seamlessly.

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I'd rather connect through ORE Network to keep my identity and rights decentralized, but nice move.

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Using crypto payment getaways will offset this volatility by directly converting it fiat

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More than that both buyers and sellers will get benefits like cashbacks and yields .

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From Bill gate?

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Crypto for a couple years but eventually it will die and you ll wish you were in gold

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Gold if you're smart and wealthy. Crypto if you're dumb and poor and cross your fingers and hope for the best.

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Alternative Airlines is a good example of a merchant that's accepting crypto

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This is what crypto fags don't understand. Wealthy instructions don't want your volatile crap coin. They want stability. Therefore they buy gold, and are buying gold at record numbers.

To the mad max shtf peppers, they don't understand that there will still be wealthy people who need to transact. Therfore they need gold. It won't be a mad max collapse. Prep sure. Buy bullets and gold and whatever. Gold will still be useful.

The problem with all of you faggots is that you have limited scope and experience, you've never traveled outside the United States and most of you aren't wealthy. Then add on top of that having your brain be spoonfed from the internet and thus you think gme stocks and pancake coin are good investments.

I've been to Argentina and other countries that have suffered economic collapse.

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Not only that we can buy anything from ebay through shopping.io as they have integerated a custom made crypto payment gateway.

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guys wtf somebody explain this shit to me. wtf is unicoin, umu the cbdc? Is Klaus Schwab creating his own crypto? Why does it feel like a scam?


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If you feel it's a scam then just ficking ignore it. Gut feeling at times will save you from get rekt anon.

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Gary Gensler and his goons got nothing on crypto. I prefer using it because of the low transactions fees and lesser transaction time

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Sure gold is the traditional play and it's also the safe one. Bitcoin is the volatile new technology so it appears risky to most boomers. I agree the world isn't going to end but you'll be trading that gold for bitcoin, but at a higher price. Gold as an instrument for settlement is simply impractical for the digital age.

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I prefer using getaways because of the cashbacks that I'm earning from it and also the fact that I earn from staking it

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Paying with BTC is the adoption of crypto going mainstream. Damn we can buy gold with BTC through a payment processor that supports lightning network for faster and cheaper payments but can we reverse it kek...it ain't possible.

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>Fucking jeets

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Moron CBDCS is digital fiat and it can win nothing. With crypto I have complete freedom to do payments from anywhere. This is alot more faster, efficient and simple. Fixed transaction fees and no cross-border fees.
> So Fuck you, CBDCs is just shit

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at some point mass suicide or large scale internal confrontations will happen. either way gold, guns or beans will be worthless in due time. you will either die or be a pod slave, simple as

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Well said anon. Just got myself a new Mac from Yourmacstore with crypto and it was a no brainer.

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good morning sir

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Bruh, the Fed can try to FUD crypto all they want, but it ain't gonna stop the HODLers from stacking sats and sending it to the moon. In fact, it's only making the crypto community stronger and more resilient.

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The fact that more and more normies are starting to recognize the value of blockchain technology and decentralized finance is just further proof that we're onto something big here. It's like watching a new meme go viral, except this time it's actually worth something.

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okay and after this, what next? Asking for a friend.

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It's not like we can just sit back and relax now that crypto is going mainstream. There are still plenty of challenges and obstacles to overcome, like scaling, interoperability, and regulation.

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Well, we can't predict the future, but crypto has indeed been pretty resilient so far. We've weathered all kinds of FUD, from government crackdowns to exchange hacks, and we're still here. That's because crypto isn't just some passing fad or trend. It's a disruptive technology that has the potential to revolutionize the way we think about money and finance.

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That's one of the great things about crypto adoption going mainstream, bro. We're starting to see more and more use cases for paying with BTC, and the Lightning Network is making it faster and cheaper than ever before. Earning some incentives through cashback is also encouraging more adoption.

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I recently bought a sweet new gaming PC and some jewelry with crypto from Newegg and Sauy, and I gotta say, it was a pretty smooth and satisfying experience. No more worrying about credit card fees or chargebacks, just pure unadulterated crypto goodness. And with more and more merchants accepting crypto every day, it's only going to get easier and more convenient to spend our digital assets.

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Even biz is accepting crypto payments. Zoom out and see the bigger picture.

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You are right bro and the best part is, there are now a ton of crypto payment gateways available, from Coinbase Commerce to BitPay to CoinPayments and Xmoney. So whether you're running an online store or just buying a cup of coffee, you can easily and seamlessly transact with crypto.

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I'm bagging more low caps right now. I can't afford to miss out on this upcoming altseason.

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The idea of privacy tokens is one of the crypto innovations that is giving the govt mires.

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With privacy tokens taking the front row, don't think we should worry so much about the FEDs.

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>gold will never work in the modern era
Gold is still highly valuable. Rich fags accumulate more Gold for safe keeping.

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Nothing to worry about, MONERO, RAILGUN, DASH, and other privacy cryptos have got us covered.

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>I'd rather connect through ORE Network to keep my identity and rights decentralized, but nice move.
DiDs and privacy are part of the major narratives.

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Just use privacy ecosystems instead.

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Bruh, you're living in the past. Gold is like a boomer investment. Crypto is the future, it's where the real gains are at. Just look at the insane returns of Bitcoin and other altcoins in the past few years. Plus, crypto is way more accessible to the average person than gold. You don't need to have a ton of money to invest in crypto, but with gold, you need to have enough money to actually buy physical gold.

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Crypto payment is the future isn't this obvious already

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Hell yeah, brother! You're preaching the truth! CBDCs are just another form of government control, trying to keep us all in line. But with crypto, we can be our own bosses! No more waiting on the banks or dealing with their bullshit fees. We can make transactions from anywhere in the world, and it's way faster and more efficient than any CBDC could ever dream of being.

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Privacy protocols are for Do Kwon and his relative

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I pay most times with crypto through Utrust, Binance, and Bitpay, fuck the likes of PayPal

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The internet as we know it will go away with restrict act and neutrality laws once the public libraries get shut down due to irrelevancy with the peak of the Information Age (Missouri already defunded their libraries). A completely sanitized and controlled internet with no anonymity and severe penalties for bypassing restrictions; the history will be rewritten with only books preserving the facts that are increasingly hard to come by. The Library of Alexandria will be burned again in good will to promote ethnic equality. Niggers will take over the government and focus on gibs (see the trillion dollar reparations deal in California) and everyone will believe they invented everything even though precolonial Africa didn't have wheels https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=91SvDE-6HtY

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What's an idiot proof way to start buying crypto that would allow me to use it easily?

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one last trip... to flavour town

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Are you retarded or just a fool living under mamas basement, you can buy crypto from CEX or DEX and use it for payment
I did book my flight ticket via it a few weeks back and they indeed accepted crypto as payment

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USD is fucked, that's the summary

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I noticed more merchants are now accepting crypto as payment, the likes of Zome, and Fortera crypto payment is dominating

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Yea anon you sound when from the 27th of this month xMoney can all do payments with both crypto and fiat in any universe. don't be a lazyfags.

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Then you can use BNB it quit easy, I use BTC and ETH the make more sense regardless of the high fee it make me so freaky horny

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Yea anon using that payment platform is so juicy as the empowers buyers to pay with their favorite cryptocurrencies while providing the best consumer protection and security, easy and fast with low fee.

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Crypto has alot do offer outside making payments, I got some sweet pussy deal trading with XRP it was only a matter of time I got rich don't be a sleepy dick

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Yea anon but you still need to make payments when purchasing gold as web3payments platform make it so easy and rewarding with low fee and over 0.5 %cashback when u stake it

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Go get useful faggot as GSD DAO just lunch it governance token and it got some nice pussy gains don't die poor making payments.

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But not with a smoking ass fags, as I make payment using web3payments platforms I especially like its cashback offer, which was around 1.5% at the time, but I recently learned that it will be increased to up to 5% which it feel like get blow job from and asain girl.

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I will buy Tesla this year from Nicolas Brussels, he accepts crypto as payment, I want to do this purposely to shit on my friend that never believed in crypto

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Go as you mama and don't come her asking shit for friend crypto is fucking dead.

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Sound good anon as i book my flight with AlternativeAir and the accept payments with crypto, and web3payments gateway make it so cooooool with low fee,

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Very good post in a thread filled with bots. What is that webm, though? AI generated calamity that parodies our culture?

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Yall broke as hell, you only pay with crypto because of the 1.5% cashback

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Yea have got some nice pussy shit can't loss our of the bullish season as I will keep getting my bag fill will some nice projects that will make me rich

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You sound rekt anon guess you were once scam fucking some wrong pussy,go get useful and dont be a lazyfags,as businesses can now integrate and seamlessly accept crypto payments without worrying about excessive fees with web3payments services a processing fee of 1% is relatively small compared to more traditional payment platforms.

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I don't need to pay using crypto I still prefer using fiat as payment as it more easy compared to crypto,you all should go and get some sense

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Yea anon,when using that' platform there's merchant yield farming, which ensures that merchants not only profit more from lower costs, but also earn more by storing their assets in their wallet.

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Kek Is Fiat easy for cross boarder transaction, crypto is not limited in cross boarder transaction and it delivers almost instantly unlike fiat that take 2-3 working days

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That doesn't make crypto very important as fiat is generally acceptable and it got more value than crypto you all should rest and stop posting shitty quotes here

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Fiat was not really accepted too when it first came into existence over 200 years ago, but crypto has only been for 13 years and has made this great impact, think about it, crypto payment will flip fiat soon

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Based. Reason why I stick to DiD, AI and privacy narratives.

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I DCA BNB, KCS, OGN, ORE and LINK, they keep milking millions.

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Yea ano crypto is the future and the central bank of Portugal gave an operating license to the Utrust platform.
and it platform allows buyers to pay with cryptocurrencies and offers an innovative purchase protection mechanism.

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Go tell that to your mama crypto has only brought pain and lot of scam shit and soon it will die and forgotten

>> No.54626856

Yea anon crypto make me feel so cool when am making payments, especially using Utrust, as It offers a range of features, such as instant payments, low transaction fees, buyer protection,

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It's BNB, ENS, HBAR or ORE, alt season have started.

>> No.54627659

Crypto is not going anywhere bizfag, there's even more adoption instead and I recently came across a platform, that is partnered with Audi and Mercedes to change in-car entertainment with augmented reality content.

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You have hookers accepting crypto how? Massive win kek
From paying for my coke using BTC via the sylo wallet to paying for pussy to make me nut

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Have fun staying ooot

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Receiving head in your car while driving is premium entertainment

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If you aren't paying over lightening network then you'll be paying 10x the cost of the coke for gas bobo

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Then you lose control snd fly off a riff

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We both know you hurt within

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Wasn't that feature only available to folks in NZ and Australia?
Not sure why they never pushed it to other regions, it would have banged

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We're still very early, can't convince brainlets who think otherwise?

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At least you die a legend

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I plan to own a grocery store someday and I'll accept crypto payments
BTC on lightning, BNB, SOL, ADA, XRP etc anything with low fees

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Imo crypto. It just isn't realistic in the modern age to see gold return as a standard store of value, you'll just end up where America did when they had to default on their debts and come off the gold standard.

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Kek, that's a sure way to cause an accident anon. The VR and AR content is meant for backseat passengers only Chad.

>> No.54630788

No you can't sadly. Retards would be waiting to ape in last minute when the ship has sailed.

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Crypto is the only way against the fed, the only way to truly own your own money.

>> No.54631493

Web3 payment platforms are the future, they just got to infuse ID management solutions to make it seamless.

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Buy ORE and CTSI instead, if you feel its a scam, it probably is.