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App released, tanks hard.
What an xmas present from this faggot ass scam team.

The scrooge meme is real.

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Buy the hype, sell the news idiot.

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Eth and neo platforms did nothing for months too. Give it time.

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Nigglet I sold this yesterday at 5000 on a warning from a kind anon stating it will tank. Sure enough he was right and I'm able to swing trade more odn. But still, this should have pumped to 7ksats at least. You know I'm right.

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even less people buying over the long weekend, so even easier to manipulate the price.
the exchanges are shit, a few accumulated lot, there are guys with a fuckton of ODN and they're playing the price like a fiddle. everyone who sells sells into their greedy mouth.
don't blame the coin for the shitshow, blame the weak hands.

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That just means it was a shit project to begin with if it couldn't support itself on its own merit you stupid fuck. Kill yourself.

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>Kill yourself

nope, i think i'll hold this gem, mr. niognog.

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a dump on christmas. i just don't know guys. sometimes, i wonder about my ODN position.

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or you're retarded and can't understand how young the coin is. Working product just came out.

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I'm being to wonder too, my entire success in crypto depends on ODN because I foolishly made it 60% of my portfolio and to see it not even pump a tiny bit with the app release is....disconcerting.

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Isn't it gonna go up if anybody starts using the app? I'm pretty sure it's better than wickr, right? Have you tested it?

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More like years. ETH was around since 2014 and AntShares (NEO) from 2015?

People are stressing over a coin that was released in October this year. Crypto has messed with the concept of patience.

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Wait you actually expected a pump? LMAO get gud

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the amount of FUD is unreal on this oneù

fucking sage i need to buy more