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>If you make less than $10k a week lower your tone when speaking to me.

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If you require more than 1k to leave society lower your phone when talking to me

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>shitting in the woods, eating squirrels and sleeping under a tarp
hard pass

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So are you saying you earn more than 520k annually? Trading?

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Obviously OP is a Hoge investor

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>only 10k/week
how do poorfags even live?

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if you have sex more once per decade lower your tone when speaking to me

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Nigger, where did he say he was trading

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Hard pass? More like badass

Take the hermit pill

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he's sucking 520000 dicks for 1$ each years

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Uh, no, actually go fuck yourself if your can't even wrap your dickhead around the concept of human dignity. I'd rather tak to a virtous hobo, than to a narcicisstic finance faggot with the personality of a Philistine

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Okay but can't he like build a log cabin or something? that setup is awful, might as well be a wagie.

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If you keep that up for a few years, maybe you can afford a house in California located in a shitty neighborhood.

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Watch your mouth wagie. Know who pays your way. Show some respect.

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you want to only suck off rich people and discern them by how loud they speak?

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Fucking kek I don't even make 4k a year anon, also, no, cope, only way I lower my tone is if I get to complete the nwc training

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>I don't even make 4k a year anon
How in the fuck are you able to live

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Ngmi anon, you won't even finish, it's over

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>He needs a learning platform to teach him to make money

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Why would I buy a house in Murica kek, no thanks

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keep going anon, maybe someday you stop being a poorfag

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I make $0 a month pussy faggot nigger

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If you make less than $20k a week then don't even fucking speak to me.