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You were wrong but Burry is still right.

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what is he right about?

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No he isn't, there was no crash and we're at the start of a bullrun that will take BTC to new ATHs

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>he doesn't know
>we're at the start of a bullrun that will take BTC to new ATHs
You've let your greed blind you, poor deluded bull faggot.

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>Burry is still right.
Burry quite literally said that he was wrong to say sell you dumb retard

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he has been wrong most of the time.
he lost 9 figures of other peoples money in 2021 with his ridiculous bets against tesla and sharply rising long term us interest rates.
the interest rate bet of his revealed and confirmed once more that being early is the same as being wrong.

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turns out he wasn't early, he was just wrong.

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he was just too early

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me in the middle

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Cassandra (??????????????)

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Burry was right. The numbers dunt lie


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There’s more to the global economy and financial system than Bitcoin, pretween

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he was wrong about being wrong. sell now.

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good advice