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Why aren't you shorting crypto?

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I'm not a jew

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Of all the things you could short and you choose bitcoin?

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lmao I wonder if he'll make a video after he gets liquidated

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this guy is such a fucking retard lmao

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This guy gets it wrong when it counts.

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Show me one YouTuber who has ever got it right…

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To be fair, BTC is going to hit heavy sell pressure around 33-34k soon but this guy has been SUPER bearish for over a year now after he failed to call the top of the bull market. I don't think he's had one bullish take since January 1st but missed the entire rally so far on his trades staying in cash still.

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he's got what? $400 in crypto he made from working at a grocery store?

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The seethe when your start up goes bankrupt LMAOOO

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he was short at 20k but it went to 15, whats the problem?

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>he doesn't know about gongo

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George aka CryptosRUs

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say my name