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How are people affording these prices? Prices can't keep on going up while wages remain the same, otherwise you reach the point were no one buys anything other than the essentials and the economy collapses.

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People just aren't saving anymore. Businesses have figured out that they could raise prices because people had juuuust enough to pay the higher prices, just now noone can save anymore.

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These are like 1€ in Lithuania lmao

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Goyslop eaters get what they deserve

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Prices stop increasing when people stop buying, simple as that; if prices keep on increasing it means people are buying.

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This would be $4 at the organic hipster place near me

Are you in a fucking airport or what?

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Hard to tell from just the photo but it looks more like a food fair where catering companies have stands and advertise their shit.

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Guarantee prices won't go up anymore. Prices are at the absolute limit people can afford nowadays. The moment prices go up higher than they are now (or were 6 months ago) the economy will collapse. People are so addicted to eating out that they are now just using the money they would have saved to eat out. If prices go any higher than this, shit is doomed.

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>How are people affording these prices?
no clue.
I think about this every once in a while when I'm out and about.
I could barely afford life when I was making $5 over minimum wage like 7 years ago.
Can't imagine making that same amount now or minimum wage.

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this is why I moved to mexico last year, this week I ate from mon-fri with the equivalent of like 23 bucks
not eating beans and tortillas tho, that'd be like 5 bucks for the whole week, I do buy some meat, chicken, vegetables and some extras (pasta/cereals/bread). inflation didn't hit mexico immediately when merica was drowning last year, it had at least 3 months of delay. the groceries I mentioned would set me back under 15 bucks in august last year

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Do the ants all over it cost extra?

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Those are mites. They’d cost a lot if you wanted them live.

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LMAO this isn’t America so who fucking cares! British doctors get paid like 40k a year haha those broke fuckers. The kid making subway sandwiches is pulling in what a British doctor is making hahaha

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these are like 0.50 EUR in Bulgaria, and this is after 2 years of massive inflation

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>businesses realise they can all simultaneously raise prices because of inflation and people will pay for it because of inflation
soon you'll pay the same prices like as in switzerland

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>Guarantee prices won't go up anymore.
Tesco just put a bunch of things up in price last week after their "price lock" promotion ended.

Still cheaper than eating out though. I cannot understand why people still depend on takeaways and restaurants for eating, make your own food! There was a segment on BBC Breakfast this morning where mothers were complaining they can't afford food any more, that most of their wages were going towards feeding the family. I was sympathetic until one of them let slip they eat out all the time!

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>Tesco just put a bunch of things up in price last week after their "price lock" promotion ended.
Yeah but theyre not going to raise it anymore than that.

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I realized that some people truely cannot figure out how to grocery shop or cook

>how much ground beef so I need for the recipe??
> ill have to throw away the rest what a waste
> i have to spend 50$ on “extras” that i use once and “throw away” (burger bun, spices, carton of eggs)

Its truely amazing the amount of people that pay those 5$/meal food prep services because they couldnt figure out how to portion a pack of ground beef

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You can get pot roast for $8 a pound. Or you can get pot roast with carrots and potatoes for $8 per pound. You make the call.

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bongs call that a pastry, how fun, my dog wouldn't eat that unironically

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People weren't saving before either
So where is the money coming from?

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They were saving (or spending their excess back into the economy), they're just saving even less now.

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thats literally 1 dollar in my country, eastern europe in shitistan

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this. people get their money and then it is all used up immediately on food, bills and rent. even normies dont buy new shit anymore. 3 years ago, a normie wageslave could buy themselves new trainers, designer clothes etc, as a treat. now, to take the place of that treat, they buy slightly nicer food. things are fucked beyond belief.

even the giga-stacies I know have had to reign in their lifestyles massively in the last year. where before they would have a constant stream of new clothes and other shit, and would go on 4 'girly holidays' a year+constant high profile concerts, now they go on one holiday and the occasional event, and the new clothes are notably shittier then they used to be. as for me, all my cash is consumed by car, food, rent. I havent bought myself anything nice outside of takeaway in at least a year. whenever I do get some money, It needs to go on car maintenance.

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to be honest though the pretentious middle class bakeries have always been priced like that, to keep out niggers and chavs. you can still go to greggs and get a sausage roll for 1.20 or something.

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Verification not required.

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stop complaining. you can finance it.

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Americans can't cook and when they do it's s microwave tv dinner.

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I just go to my local butcher shop, say "Id like $100 worth of meat, whatever you think is good", and then they fill a box with hamburger meat, steaks, chicken, pork chops, sausages, etc until its roughly $100 worth.

Today I got an $85 box that included
>3lb sirloin
>3lb chicken pieces
>2lb sausage
>2lb smokies
>2lb ground beef
>100g jerky
>1lb of beef fat

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>chicken pieces
based gizzard and feet enjoyer

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it has chicken quarters and stuff but I also ask for a bag of misc organs.