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If you aren’t buying these projects, you’re fucking stupid.

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Nice try LINK baggie

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eth/link/xmr are all that matter

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That’s unironically one of the best folios I’ve ever seen. Not so sure about Monero but it’s a good hedge at least.

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>matic avax rose
Just fucking Kys newfag

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>mega crap
>in your dreams
>lol okay pajeet
>longshot but maybe

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Shut the fuck up troons.

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see you in 2 weeks nigger

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Kek this

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>top 100 mcap projects that never outperform BTC or eth
You suck at this

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>hurrduurrr they never outperform projects 10 years older than them

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You have to go back

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For me?
It's LTC, BCH, XMR and VET
Also have some bags in AVAX, DOT, FTM and MATIC.

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Except for BTC & ETH, this is the classic /biz/ bagholder portfolio. Ideal allocation is 95%, 5% XMR (as an insurance policy).

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in this list there is not a single good project. what is this, amateur hour?

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The only good coins on that list are eth btc and link

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>Fudding your own bags.

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You're really averse to making money huh.

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>rose matic avax
>best portfolio she's seen
jesus this board is dumb

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I think crypto is gay and for faggots.

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only Monero is good

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only non-bitcoin asset that even has a mid term future
old alts from the last cycle, why bother when new ones outperform them?
not an investment

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Tell us one of these supposedly good projects

>inb4 a low cap jeet shitcoin like ORE

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I have but you're wrong for not investing low caps. X100 is real

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Diversifying your crypto holdings is a good idea, but do your research beforehand rather than relying just on hype. Recently, I was able to conduct research on tokenization and discovered MNI Corp, which is entirely run by the community and has a unique structure created to promote transparency and avoid mass manipulation. Not bad not bad!

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AVAX is so fucking BASED

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It really is.

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Did you just buy everything shilled on biz?

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You really only need the last one

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>assuming there are other women on this board
Your vagina senses are off, and those are 3 of the most top tier alts along with LINK. That’s really all there is to it, Kimberly.

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Looks like you've missed one critical jigsaw piece.

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Newfag what did you just say? That's a nice portfolio adding Utk to it would have made it better btw

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The only weird outlier of this list.

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>my shitcoins are the only ones that matter

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Adding a crypto payment project would have been a better choice

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No ENS, no ORE, no QANX? Ngmi

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Expected an AI, Privacy and DiD focused narratives.

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LTC -> BTC -> ETH -> alts -> stables (-> LTC ...)

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thanks but i'm an #arb maxi

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avax rose and xmr are worthless shitcoins
probably link too but it hurts to say it

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NGMI jeet. Go and participate in the onchain staking of Utrust instead which yields more profit

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Avax nope
Matic maybe a 3x
Rose Lol no
Link, maybe a 5x

Btc 5x
Eth 5x

Xmr 3x

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> ore

This is a scam. They have been minting coins and dumping them for months now.

The top 20 wallets hold 70% of the coin, excluding the exchanges.

Take a look at the liquidity. They have been draining this shit for months, Marc blinder is a cunt

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Should be replaced with ACH and UTK defo.

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For me? It's ICPUSDT.

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Bruh, this list ain't bad, but that LINK tho... it's going nowhere! I had to dump half of my bag into RAIL and CTSI. Ain't gonna waste my time with that weak coin, man. Keep it real and keep it movin.

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You need atleast one based privacy token to have a complete folio, OGs knows this.

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chink scam
roach scam
jeet scam
pedo scam
lol, baggies

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Show me your portfolio.

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I know a retard when I see one, picking link over privacy tokens on the list is low IQ sh*t.

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If you call them "projects" you're fucking stupid

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Government surveillance enjoyer

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Imagine knowingly buying an Indian coin.

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Really admire web3 project like UTK and ORE.

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Missing GRT to complete the DeFi trifecta (LINK-AVAX-GRT), based chadfolio nonetheless. GMI.

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Earning cashbacks from using them to make payments is a flex. Ngl

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Not going to pump your bags pajeet

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The problem with this portfolio is the fact that you will never make it with those alone unless you're already rich. At most we're looking at a potential 3x. Not for a poorfag like me.

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KEK only buys shit that biz tells you to buy.

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it's btc eth xmr dumbass

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Thank you for confirming its scam, it got shilled here relentlessly a few months ago by jeet shitters and when looking at their "product" its fucking nothing, all their supposedly integrations with other chains are hot air, all they have to show for is bad react example plugin that does nothing

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Sold all my AVAX for ENS and ORE. Better option.

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Consider the metabonding option on xExchange where you will earn zpay and utk tokens

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>1 post ids shilling ORE
fuck off jeets

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What is this picture?

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ID management is a must have, nice options.

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100% pure Amerimutt phenotype

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Self custody focused token is gaining momentum and gaining tractions already.

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Imagine selling all your AVAX for those shitcoins NGMI. Kys pajeet.

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what's the difference between that and metastaking which I'm doing with ride ?

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Only BTC ETH and MATIC is worth buying there, everything else is scam

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Your $10 doesn't count bobo

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Egld really doing all it can to rebrand everything kek
simply call it staking and everyone gets it.

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whoever is holding all the coins on that list is destined to hit 6 digits in two-three years

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Chainlink is the only project which matters.

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Why be normal when you can give it an avengers like name like what they did with MultiversX

I'm not doing either so I don't really care, just want to see updates they got lined up for q2, q3 and q4 roll out

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Wagmi bobro

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Take out LINK and you have a based list

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Still one of the most exciting L1 chains, they're always trying to explore and roll out new things

It's looking like it'll be a good year for Bitcoin and alts already

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Take MATIC out of there and it's the perfect folio.

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Why is MATIC not needed anymore?

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Holy fuck idk how these jeets can be so retarded, if you are complaining about this folio, what do you hold? Doge? ICP?

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Doge has outperformed every coin on that chart but right now I hold Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Radiant and my radiant is up my about 50%

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>ITT anon shills his bags

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Op here, I only own Avax and ROSE.

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>puts link at the bottom of the image in an attempt to subtly legitimize it.

You're going to hold your bags to zero bro it's not gonna happen for you

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Op here. I changed it you assholes. Is this better??

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ı just can't understand why avax boys love link

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that’s all you need to buy to make it anon

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I've got AVAX and MATIC so you can fuck the rest apart from BTC and ETH. What the fuck is ROSE doing there when I already have SPOOL? I prefer XRP to it.

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Only the real ones will get it, but with crypto payments making waves in the news, this absolute gem is blasting off straight to the moon. That pump last week was just the beginning of something epic, and anyone not hopping on board now, will be left in the dust with the rest of the retards.

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Security-based tokens are getting some serious buzz lately, and I'm all over that shit. Right now, my eyes are locked on QANX, due to its sick quantum-resistant blockchain tech. This shit is the real deal.

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Defi is still the game mover.

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I agree with you on this. I can tell from what SpoolFi V2 is already bringing on board.

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this is a 2023 plebbitfolio
probably have 0.1 btc and 0.5 eth etc and similar $ values of the rest

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No RAIL on the list, shitty portfolio.

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privacy chud sighted

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No ZKP based project, it's just fucked.

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Any qanx fags in here?

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Making the list without KCS and ORE is biased.

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XRP has outperformed all of those in the past 30 days

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Privacy is also based. you don't have this, you probably going to loose all you got when cbdc come.

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self custody is the rule, privacy is the rule, anonymity is the rule.

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no, you're stupid.

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They don’t even know..