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HOLY FUCK. I found an old Bitcoin wallet. I can't believe this. My uncle Moshe died awhile ago and my aunt called me up and said that I could have his old laptop if I wanted it. What a mensche. So I went over there and checked it out. Lo and behold look what was on it. I can't believe this. It's meshuggah. I'm even richer now. I'm also feeling generous and want to do a nice mitzvah for you. So just post your addresses and you'll get a nice little gift from me. Mazal tov to all of you. We're all gonna make it.

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Gr8 b8 m8 8/8

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Congrats, nigger.

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bc1qtln8hhylpr62v8lmk4jklre6phx8985v9z50zv I'm so poor I have to try, see you in a week or so my friends.

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just sent 1btc lemme know when you get it

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pls send

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whoops all your coins are now on "the list", thanks for playing.

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please lord

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BTC: 1MDVt9wwg5fN6dm4D3otDRte4zXFJoomxT

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OP is a nice little piece of /biz/ history. It's literally the post that got the "No begging" sticky put up at the end of 2017 bullrun.
This pasta would get posted dozens of times a day, and in literally every single thread there would be people saying "Oh fuck it, i'll give it a go" and posting their addresses.
It was a sort of barometer of just how many newfags were arriving every single hour, it's crazy how even just two hours after the last time it was posted, it would be posted again and the thread would instantly fill up with beggers.
Crazy times back in 17/18.

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a biz classic

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>sees BTC addresses appearing in this thread again for the first time in years
we're early bull market bros, this is the ultimate confirmation.

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Please op. I'm not a pajeet

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I never knew so many people had an uncle moshe

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just sent lemme know when received thx

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its your lucky day boys, 1btc to each lemme know when you receive

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>0x address
what a time to be alive kek

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Youre a true friend if you come through bro

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This is a very good thread to determine where we are at in this bull cycle

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“not pajeet”
> posts eth address
Fucking kek

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Omfg yess I'm poor please sent me some


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All the newfags posting segwit addresses is hilarious

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My address literally starts with b(it)c(oin)

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just sent you guys 1 btc each. congrats

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>insanely fake begger bait thread
>low IQ shitskins fall for it
every. fucking. time.

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just sent you 1 btc please confirm you got it

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Btc bc1qetc03aqwyj84k623d22nl42t6wjxca3kv0y2sv

Pls send here

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let me cope

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Please sir

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Please somebody bless ya boy

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Goddamn that's a fuckin top signal

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im white, i want money

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What a fucking feeling

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Cope with your shit coloured skin you fucking retard.

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No sharpie required? You feel really generous indeed. Bless you.

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You aren't white, but you are low IQ. Maybe instead of begging for money online you should grow a few braincells.

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Fool. Only a single comb through the blockchain and I just collected all those unclaimed corns you had. Thanks for playing, sucker HAHAHAHAHA

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sethee harder nigggggeeerrrr

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you should kys. post hands

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Pls anon change my life ty
also see you in a week

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Absolutely seething. Little insecure about your brown skin, eh?

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i tried sending you 1 btc but your wallet isnt set up correctly

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God, I want this to be true. If so, congrats, mate. You made it.

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who is seething you nigger?

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Whoops, you IP hopped before you responded to me.

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your wallet isnt set up tried sending 1 btc but couldnt

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please sir. my only love filed a police report against me. and I have terrible back pain that cannot be cured. maybe a little btc will save and cure my body and soul

btc 1Jcktt1YBAbpy8fC4j1UPpEXDGZ5DRJoG8
btc segwit bc1qqfadxejvut46tvp5pj809722hcp26979z00k6q

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I’m fucking selling now thanks OP

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Please be real.. Be back in a week


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wow, a lot of newfags here, huh

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sorry all out of gifts for now.

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You can if you want to

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Pay up

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Best way to clean up the board, I am sure a couple of those are from link fudders hoping to finally get paid

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Thank you so much, just wanted to let you know those were all my wallets and I'm Elon Musk.
I'm gonna give them to Mister Beast to allocate to the transgender victims fund for the latest and near future inspired school shootings.

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How about now OP
>inb4 nothing to lose
whether this is real or fake I still hope all my /biz/bros make it

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it actually happpened

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wtf. please give them back

i dont have anymore to give sry

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Thx bro

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Nice job doxxing yourself Kevin Shay hope it was worth 180

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Holy fuck stupid nigger newfags.
This thread literally gets posted every month.
I hope everyone in this thread gets brain cancer and aids.

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If this is true and you sent a few BTC to at least someone. Then you're a cool dude. Good luck to you.

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Well, that was real nice of the anon.

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Also 0.05 BTC would be worth more than 180

>this address has no activity
Guess you're just being a clever faggot aren't cha.

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u coping

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I haven't received any coins yet

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keep refreshing the chain is bloated right now and i only tipped 5% to the miners

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bullish thread we're back bros

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Just sent you at least 30 bitcoins! Wow! Enjoy!

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holy lots of generous anons tonight!

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Omg! I just sent you AT LEAST 30 Bitcoins (Ticker: BTC) but only after sending this ENORMOUS amount of money, did I realise you've put an ETHEREUM (Ticker: ETH) address! Why did you do that? I just lost AT LEAST 30 Bitcoins!

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Breh, I've been bleeding outta my ass for 4 months. Colonscopies. Doctors bills piling up. I will legit post pics of my procedure. Help a brother out and do the needful

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based uncle moshe

>> No.54582574

kek another lifetime goyslop victim

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Baruch HaShem!
here is my address


haShem Bless you!

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Been 10 years since all this happened... now it's back again. I can't figure it out. I am legit praying it will go away. Fucking Doctors are just like "Eh I dunno. Yabgot hemorrhoids anon!"
I legit just want to be a normal shitter again. That is making it to me.

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Senpai, please do the needful and will be forever grateful. Bless you all.


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I didn't fall for it though

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Nice. No one realized I stealthily put op is a faggot on my adress.

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Be warned!! OP does actually send btc but Bitcoin is not perfectly anonymous and I suspect the millions OP has are not from a 100% legal source.

Your risk...

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Anal fissure? Do you get a lot of pain pooping?

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Im bleeding out my ass. At this point inmates have better Healthcare than I do

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Will donate some to nearest synagogue

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Try fasting friend. Do a 30 day fast and let your body heal itself, then break the fast with broth and eventually meat. Avoid all grains, vegetables etc. Good luck.

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Hahhahahah this thread is a top signal

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Not pain. More like a quiver that I feel all over. Almpat like a pregnant wpman might describe contractions. Urgency to shit but just bloody gas or watery. My doc gave me prednisone and OTC prep H. I shit you not on that 2nd one. Doesn't do shit. I'm about to try these pills I bought on Amazon but the first dose made me nauseous off my ass and I got a newborn. Basically I have to figure something out and fast. I'm on Month 4 of this. Going back for post colonscopy follow up tomorrow.
Guys take care of your gut and ass. You don't know how good it is until you're in my position and then you will legit want to die

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It's not a top signal it's a bull signal. It means the dumb money is coming back.

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Please sir. Need surgery on my foot sir


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I've already lost so much weight from this. A lot of gym gains too. Fasting is something I can only do intermittently

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OY VEY Moshe!!


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Please send. I need change My life !

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Praying for a miracle

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It can't hurt to try, you need to heal before digesting anything new. If you can't dry fast drink water with the occasional bit of salt. Regardless I hope you heal soon.

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cumrats brother. YGMI


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drink only water for 30 days?

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Just sent 1 btc redeem sirs redeem
Many congtulats

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30-day fast? These people are crazy. Doing one day of fasting per week is enough. Additionally, every morning for two weeks, the first thing you should drink is a mixture of two tablespoons of olive oil and the juice of one lemon. Mix them in a glass and drink it. Also, eat half a clove of raw garlic, but make sure to chew it well so that all the nutrients are released. It might be a bit disgusting at first, but you will get used to it. If you feel any stomach discomfort, stop immediately or try using raw ginger, about 1cm in size. Also, make sure to buy Vitamin D as you need it.
And have good sleep! 7-8 hours every day

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Your symptoms suggest a parasite. Follow my advice and take these supplements daily for 2 months: In the morning, consume 1200mg NAC, 300mg Oregano Oil, and 1 tsp Black Seed Oil. At night, take 600mg NAC, 300mg Oregano Oil, and 1 tsp Black Seed Oil. After 2 months and 3 symptom-free weeks, move to the maintenance phase.

In maintenance, take 600mg NAC, 100-300mg NAD+, and 1 tsp Black Seed Oil in the morning, and 1 tsp Black Seed Oil in the evening. Supplement with Resveratrol for the first month.

Maintain oral hygiene with non-fluoridated toothpaste and fennel seed essential oil. Use a nasal spray like Xlear or hypochlorous acid to keep nasal passages clear.

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As long as you can and depending on what you hope to achieve, it can be anywhere from a few days to weeks. As mentioned above one day a week is enough but a longer fast can undo a lot of damage.

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>Tfw no coiner so no BTC wallet

i could post my mETHerium address for someone else to give me something to feed my village but i know is not worth

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I'm just gonna pray now

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gimme that sweet hopium op


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Sir please, I need to feed my village sir.

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kill yourself kevin shay

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Thanks OP. You have no.idea how much i really need it. 1 would change my life forever.


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Screen shooting this. Thanks. Never heard of oregano oil

>> No.54583885


I just want to help my parent's pay for bills. Thanks and much love.


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you are welcome

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Glad you made it OP, now go enjoy some hookers and cocaine