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>XRP deemed a security
>XRP price dumps hard
>Twitter/riddles tell you to hold because its a trap to shake you out
>Price goes back below 1 cent and you miss out on the next bitcoin run because you are out of money.

Its inevitable coming and don't be surprised

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>twitter screenshot thread

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$37200 end of year

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they haven't been fooled. they are delusional

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Wow! Who could’ve thought. When is preplanned Michael Saylor gonna step in and take over the IMF and establish his hyperbitcoinization economic stability plan?

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>Its inevitable coming and don't be surprised
it will be a glorious day

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Should have bought sub $0.3, nice try...

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That's right.
>They thought banks and institutions wouldn't coordinate a crash before buying in

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It's over.

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Reported to the SEC

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Can a baggie explain the use case in 5 sentences or less?

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It's the fastest cheapest most reliable fixed supply token that exists.
Will save you all money tx fees and be instantaneous.

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anyone thinking ripple can ever win against the sec is in for a rude awakening. even if the judge agreed it wasn't a security personally he would be leant on by you know who to rule it a security anyway.

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Secondary sales have never in all history been securities.
So really who cares is two guys are fined?

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There is something so satisfying about xrplebs getting fucked again and again over and over

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If the SEC wins it just means ripple's founders pay a fine, it doesn't mean XRP goes to zero, lol. It would probably reflex dump but it would actually be a good discount because it doesn't make XRP token itself a security, just the initial sale.

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Something can be sold as a security and not inherently be a security. Also, where's the investment contract on secondary market sales? There isn't one at all and any fines are going to be substantially downgraded.

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>It's the fastest cheapest most reliable
They all say that.
A whole bunch of major L1s objectively have faster finality than XRP.

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when they've been going solid for nearly 10 years you can come back

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XRP can send literal minted text in a matter of seconds? HOLY KINO i wonder why bitcoin doesn do that

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Thread for shitty opinions disregarded, enjoy your LINK faggots.

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massive turbocope

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For bitcoin?

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>coin price pumps right before the final rug
the definition of an exit scam

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>titter screenshot
>Literal who opinion

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>feeling asshurt about link still below $10 even though “muh fundamentals”
>make a xrp fud thread to bully others he sees as dumber and weaker to feel better about himself
Many such cases.

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Search transcript of three and a half hour comprehensive video on central banking and fractional reserve history of money changers...


What sort of black magic is this? Lol

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Remember when Ripple got sued in late 2020, and the catalog was filled with seething cripplets crying about how "Link is next!!"?

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But that's the point entirely.
No one wants to use a bunch of autist faggots wearing hoodies "fast lmao chain" for tx.
1. No liquidity
2. No history (real track record) of being secure
Big money does not do "new" with all their money just because they saw a cat photo.

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FINALLY a chance to lower my dca

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Ripple retards are fucking retarded seriously delusional fucking idiots lmao. Stellar is the better choice, no schitzos or retards spamming the fucking life out of it, actually making real world moves.

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you are slow now compared to modern chains lol
a fucking tendermint fork is faster than your garbage

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I build something on the XRPL and made a lot of money. How did I got fooled exactly?

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Probably nothing. Just some pro euro country making some euro compatible thing.

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Big money uses their own chains and doesn’t need a digital coin to settle because their assets will already be digital themselves.
And blockchain as a whole has been proven to hell and back, XRP isn’t any different from the rest.

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