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This is who you take advice from. Let that sink in.

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talking advice from any of you pot-dead degenerates would be a mistake, bitcoin or not.

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If I don't make it within a few years I'll kill myself, I'm not waiting 20 fucking years for bitcoin to give me decent returns.

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Is broads your perspective, otherwise you will be stuck in a confirmation bias loophole and you won't detect out because your krunnig druginger effect shrinking your brain

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you're not gonna make it

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Bitcoin at most will get you a 100% return. Small caps are more lucrative these days

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Whenever I actually buy and hold BTC it feels just as pointless as buying and holding gold. The idea of buying it is always intriguing, but then you buy it and it literally just sits there unable to do anything.

Boring, so I ultimately convert it all to ETH, then stake some, then put some as loan collateral, then mint some ugly ass worthless jpegs, make 100x on same jpegs, get 5 figure airdrops, get completely rugged on some yield farm scam, follow new ETH tech advances and exploits every single day, watch the autistic skelly CEO with a my little pony shirt do awkward dances while talking about zk-SNARKs etc. Basically living the full spectrum of life, not just hoarding things till death waiting for the world to collapse every two weeks ad infinitum.

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I left this bored when I dumped all my shit and so many old fags, u're a bag holder, nothing will ever happen, crypto is ngmi

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Moron, I hate newfags

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You literally would be up 100% since November if you bought btc. Most alts are not going up in value and are depreciating in value per the b/c pair.

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I prefer Chainlink, ICP and Hbar