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>In our Case #1, we raised troubling concerns that Sam Bankman-Fried might have been involved in the multi-billion dollar price manipulation of ICP, the governance token of the Internet Computer blockchain, which aims to provide a disruptive "World Computer" that allows blockchain to act as a "crypto cloud" that can host Web3. Specifically, we revealed that ICP-PERP, a perpetual futures instrument that was introduced by FTX just 4 days before the network launched, was apparently used to manipulate the ICP price, in order to defend his interests in the Solana ecosystem.

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Who is that?

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Bros if I fucked over people for billions id run to a fucking cave in the woods before the cartel skinned my cock off on camera. At least he’s got the cahones to stick around. Mind boggling how nobody seemed to give a shit and how the girl is literally clubbing and instagramming and shit making fun of the situation. The world has lost its fucking mind. Billions looooool

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He already said that he was sorry, isn't that enough?

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sure if he gives me back my 43k

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he's part of the tribe and did it to launder money for the democratic party.
UN and other big faggot organizations removed FTX from their website after months of shilling "the wonderboy"

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>the girl is literally clubbing and instagramming and shit making fun of the situation

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>did it to launder money for the democratic party
He gave equal amounts to both parties. He did it for himself, no one else.

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checked time

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what do you mean why

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Remember this niggers when someone brings up tether fud again. They didn't predict collapse of luna, ust, near fail od usdc, but they bitch about tether since forever.

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>equal amounts
that's what he says, who knows? He claims they are untraceable.
>“All my Republican donations were dark,” he said, referring to political donations that are not publicly disclosed in FEC filings. “The reason was not for regulatory reasons, it’s because reporters freak the f—k out if you donate to Republicans. They’re all super liberal, and I didn’t want to have that fight.”

Given that he donated nearly $40 million to Democrats in the 2022 election cycle—and he admitted to giving an equal amount to Republicans—his total political contributions may have actually been around $80 million.

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we have the receipts

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>At least he’s got the cahones to stick around.
It's not cahones at all. It's just jewish hubris and chutzpah. He decided to "stick around" because he thought he, as jews often think, was untouchable because he's a jew. He thought he'd "obviously" get out of trouble somehow and jewry would help him out and completely clear his name (you do see how they tried and portrayed him in a positive light in various media).

You really should see the German film Jud Süss from 1940 where there's a rich court-jew who commits a lot of crimes, he eventually is brought to justice but at first he's not worried at all and totally thinks he'll get away simply because after all he's a jew and the goyim won't dare harm him. In the end he's sentenced to death and he panics and resorts to screaming "I'm just a poor jew!!!!" before he's hanged, in a last-ditch hope that the goyim would take pity for him and spare him simply because... he's a jew.

They really do feel that them being jewish is something which will protect them, that it makes them untouchable.

> Jud Süss .torrent link
> Jud Süss magnet link

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>we have the receipts
>posts schizo 'info' graphic

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this with the revelations that she and Sam were in a harem and her tumblr posts lamenting about needing a hierarchy for harems seals this was her.

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>He decided to "stick around" because he thought he, as jews often think, was untouchable because he's a jew. He thought he'd "obviously" get out of trouble somehow
Sounds like Trump

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If true then of course he did, why wouldn't he? There's no difference between the left wing and right wing in modern politics, they're both jewish-controlled.

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>muh trump
This is /biz/, nobody cares about staged jewish bullshit politics.

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They're both essentially rightwing parties controlled by capital.

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They're both essentially jewish parties controlled by jewry.
Or like this:
>They're both essentially (((parties))) controlled by (((capital)))

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they're jewish, they have nothing to worry about. they're above the law. even if they get sentenced, the president will pardon them.