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Now what? Have you all become the pussy slayers you’ve dreamed of being?

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Introducing: This cycle's Vegeta poasting

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But there’s no Vegeta in your post.

I actually hope that happens more often to filter the fools from their money

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>Now what?

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I wasn't even slaying pussy at 69k lol

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women will choose retards anyway, women will doom population, no matter how much value a man has, today women literally are not able to pick ones and end up becoming single mothers or even worse

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Nice fig newton you got there.

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imagine having this pic since 40k because that was your average price

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>Now what?
Now... it has started. This is just the beginning.


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40k will be the new 9k, retards

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I bet he’s still bitter about still not making it back then so he uses it now when the bull run is in full force.

Begging of the end?

Hungry from all the poverty he’s had to endure to get it

Hoeflation might be real and you’re not wrong but that sounds like cope. There’s got to be wifable women out there somewhere

Lol, didn’t think so

Get that RSI garbage out of here, TA is just desperate cope

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Maybe in a century when everyone on this board has died

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now dump

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gold sisters, why does this keep happening...

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>Get that RSI garbage out of here, TA is just desperate cope

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>Begging of the end?

You are about to see the biggest rally in the history of the markets, and you don't even know it yet.

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I mean, does it work? According to the RSI, you’re expecting it to go down now, right?

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Do you think the suicide rates will get higher from all this pricing out?

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Imagine using fucking RSI to predict dumps. Jesus fucking retards dont understand how lagging indicators work.

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That’s what I’m saying. TA of any kind is just astrology and cope. The market does whatever the fuck (((it))) wants and no amount of crying over what should happen is going to change that.

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>Do you think the suicide rates will get higher from all this pricing out?
Unfortunately, yes. Many will rope.

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Even if Bitcoin actually hit 100K, I think it’s done more harm than good. How many people have killed themselves just to get it to 5 figures? How many lives ruined? Relationships destroyed? Fuck this shit, I hope you all get what you want with Bitcorn

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You got a rough estimate? How about an overrepresented demographic in the rope community?

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I meant to tag this one

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Are you stupid? What that anon here >>54541927 posted is the 1W. It doesn't instantly dump the second it tops. And the 1D isn't topped yet. The reason it pumped to begin with was because the 1D was bottomed; the pump began when the 1D was at the bottom. Now the 1D is about halfway up, so BTC might pump a bit more.

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What’s your average cost?

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lol 11 posts by this coping bear who just lost the last of his rent money shorting the beginning of the new bull market

sucks to suck, faggot.

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Get fucked retard

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I’m no bear, I don’t short shit. I’m just saying what you cryptobros wanted happened so what will you do now?

At least you bought early

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This is just a step in the whole race you idiot, but I not expecting you to understand kek, this is just the start, eth will follow, then big mcaps and then things like my icp and gpt will also follow

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ser, crash starts right about now

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No you're not getting it, what people wants hasn't happened yet

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I hope you stay awake when everything gets fucking obliterated kek

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He's literally coping and faking he didn't buy the absolute top

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what makes you think shit like gpt or ai stuff will do half good?

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That’s because you retards want too much. Bitcoin already doubled from a huge low, where else can it go without outright cheating more fools?

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Feels good, now I'm going to sell.

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Beautiful, now do it quickly before your funds freeze