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Check the 1W Stoch RSI.

If you don't check it, then you'll soon know anyway that this pump indeed was bearish -- you'll learn the hard way.

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>his pump indeed was bearish
Cope, the post.

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i have no idea what you are talking about
mind posting a souce?

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The only reason it's pumping is because people are getting ready to short before the Friday SEC meeting on exchanges.

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Bullish as fuck.
Check the 3M Stoch RSI.

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bobo is scary

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This is what I've been following since January. It's possible we top out here (look at 2019), but the possibility of a echo-manic rally revisiting the 40k crab zone is enough to set me free.

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>customized with 8 5 3 3 25 75 to change the way 3M looks in order artificially support a bullish narrative
Aaaand into the trash it goes.

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People are twisting the Scott Storch indicator any way they see fit, almost meaningless.

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Doing so makes it meaningless yes. Precisely because of that, I posted the 3M chart with the normal settings -- which 99.99% of people use.

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The 6 month is ultra bearish.

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you're living in your own delusions, all indicators are hyper-bullish for BITCOIN

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Sorry Mr. Plebbit Anon, but the 6 Month chart isn't anyone's opinion; it's simply reality. If you think all indicators are "hyper-bullish" then the one "living in delusions" is you. So in other words, your post is projection.

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6 month chart is for faggots

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you missed the bottom

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the default tradingview stoch rsi is shit
it failed to signal the last cycle's top
keep coping

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You just in effect admitted to engaging in force-fitting to suit your narrative. The default is what the global market uses and hence what matters. Feeling the need to resort to force-fitting means you're wrong.

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>just follow the default chart! it's simple as that!
won't even give a (you) for your retardedness

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>if an indicator doesn't look like i want to, then i'll just modify it to make it look like i want to

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"The market can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent"- Some guy

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this is bullish too
stoch rsi oversold

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>Check the Scotch RSI
*sips whiskey*

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> "Ughh... this indicator doesn't look like I want it to look... I'm changing it until it shows me what I want!"

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that setup predicted tops

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>coping shitcoin maxi

butthurt you missed the bottom, hm?

its not too late to buy BITCOIN and become rich

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Umm, that "setup" is backfitted nonsense. You can make any indicator """"predict""" anything you want by tweaking it. Very easy with Moving Averages. Take two lines and make them meet at a top or a bottom and then you can claim it totally predicted it.

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ahh stupid bear niggertards. When will you learn you can virtually just long at any point and sit back while exchange scam nigs and normie nigs pump the price for you?

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Lmao it's the 1w stock rsi anon

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>not realizing that the 23 and 69 EMAs crossed indicating a gigapump to 200k

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Wow, it didn't max out in 2021? So BTC can go to 200k instead of 100k. I'm even more bullish now.

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The indicators on the monthly and higher timeframes still look bullish you stupid faggot. This is the exact same price action we see every time BTC is starting to pull itself out of the bear market. Obviously we’ll see pullbacks but BTC indicators are looking up.

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BTC will never max out because fiat has no bottom. That simple fact does not prevent bear markets or crashes. And if you look at the chart with objective eyes then you see the situation is very bearish.

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if btc is doing well then we are all doing well right? my hami bags have been doing great for the last couple of days