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Have been thinking, which of this will Degens fall for in the next bull market
>AI related project
>Layer 1
>Layer 2

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Ai will dominate the market faggot and there are no two ways about it

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Layer 2.. Arbitrum

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I think layer 1s are gonna dominate, most especially quantum resistant projects

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Next bullrun is about utility/fundamentals. The AI meme is already on the way out, baggies just dont realize theyre baghokding yet kek.

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NFTs will see another dimension to it

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Hyperpolyglot blockchains will be the go-to projects for developers

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AI is the current trend so zksync is one of the most awaited airdrops gonna happen soon.

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you buy a coin backed by young fruit trees, probably oranges. the coins initially cost whatever it costs to plant an orange tree. so essentially its like a kickstarter for farmers. in exchange you get a percentage of the profits of the orange sales, all tracked on a blockchain. it's not a big moneymaker but will outpace inflatation and is an alternative to a stablecoins.

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i just made that up on the spot by the way. also the definition of a security first came about as a result of people buying shares of orange trees so im kinda just recreating history.

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GamiFi fucker
Alpine Esports has entered the space with Binance and QANplatform to disrupt the industry with advance tech. Cant beat this shit.

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NFTs and metaverse built on a quantum proof L1 will be a game changer. Awaiting on that.

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Yeah anon. Especially the crypto projects that are using the primary recommendation of NIST for digital signatures

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Aside Cartesi and Qan, which other project can claim to have this feature?

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Metaverse will also do their numbers. Every project will be having their own pound of flesh

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Arbitrum to rule L2s

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Imo the L1 which gives the freedom for the devs to code in any language will thrive as it will bring in unique utilities and features to the table

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I won’t tell you nigger

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Since privacy is now a thing, the L1s with decentralised blockchain explorer will be trending

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Kek...if you don't I will kek....
I am waiting for POR consensus algorithm to go live with its potential in fast transactions and scalability I am sure it will be adopted by many l1. More than anything it mitigates Carbon footprints.

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Librescan will rule. I hear you anon.
Based reality

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IOTA will melt your faces.
You all will get rekt.

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Not only does it reduce carbon footprint but it also will make the chain more decentralised

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My money is on the following narratives:
Deduplicated digital identity
Sybil resistance
Proof of Humanity
Programmable 1:1 backed assets (fiat, stocks, metal, other crypto, real estate etc)

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We are talking about apples and here you come and talk about oranges kek...
Anon wether you agree or not when it comes to security L1s built on CRYSTALS-Dilithium algorithm will survive.

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Solana and its projects

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Validators wouldn't need to use GPUs but a mobile phone or raspberry pi can suffice

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To die kek...... Devs from Solana are basically annoyed and have starred to explore and reap the benefits of the QVM where they have the freedom to code in any language.

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That's more cheap and eco-friendly. I really look forward for a big tike adoption by other L1s. Mining isn't tough anymore its more simple and efficient with phenomenal security.

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bruh just ape into all of them and hope for the best lol

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Haha yeah man, I've been following POR for a while too! It's gonna revolutionize the game and I'm definitely gonna go all in on it. Plus, can't go wrong with helping save the planet, amirite?

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That's an interesting point! Do you think that L1s with decentralized blockchain explorers will have an advantage over those that don't, in terms of adoption and usage? And what other features or factors do you think will be important for L1s to succeed in the long run?

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Fuck yeah, you hit the nail on the goddamn head, my dude! The future of crypto is in the hands of the developers, and the L1s that give them the most freedom to innovate and create unique shit are gonna be the ones that come out on fucking top.

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I think blockchains built for decentralized assets, rights, and identities like ORE Protocol will make rave reviews, as privacy cryptos also.

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Solana is making a big comeback, will be great to see ALTs like SOL, ORE, and NEO do great in the next bull run.

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Offshift will reign Supreme
It just works

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Yea, Quantum computers will reek the place soon, great to see this.

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ZKP and AI bitch

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>Which Crypto Narrative
actual use

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>POR consensus
proof of reference, review, randomness, reputation?

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No one is disputing that AI will trend, but there are others who will compete also, like privacy tokens, cryptos that connect web2 identities to web3, and so on.

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ZKP is rad. AIs sure, then I think AVAX and ORE are worth a mention.

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all of the "AI related projects" are the most obvious cash-grab scams of all time. Nobody is going to pump them.

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Ordinal inscriptions hit 1m the other day, things are heating up for this sector and now there are even tokens to buy on bitcoin, shiBTC and odoge look like the 2 plays to explode.

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Not sure there is any other blockchain that is offering that. TriasLab and IOTA came close but they are not as based as these.

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You will never be a real identity provider. You have no biometrics, you have no regulatory approval, you have no ongoing monitoring. You are a credential sharing platform glorified by buzzwords about blockchain into a crude mockery of true identity.
All the “validation” you get is misunderstanding and non-compliant. Behind your back people mock you. Your peers are disgusted and ashamed of you, your “users” implement actual solutions behind closed doors.
Institutions are utterly repulsed by you. Thousands of years of KYC and AML have allowed institutions to sniff out frauds with incredible efficiency. Even DIDs who “verify” through soul bound tokens and ZKP won’t be accepted. Your lack of biometry at the base level is a dead giveaway. And even if you manage to get a green check mark NFT, any serious clients will turn tail and bolt the second they get a whiff of your failure to acquire a license.
You will never be compliant. You wrench out a fake verification every single morning and tell yourself it’s going to be ok, but deep inside you feel the regulation creeping up like a weed, ready to crush you under the unbearable weight.
Eventually it’ll be too much to bear - you’ll buy $ID, run a VNO, stake your tokens, and comply with regulations. Your clients will find you, relieved that they no longer have to risk dealing with the authorities. They’ll delegate their tokens to a VNO with a better reputation than yours, and every Everchain observer for the rest of eternity will know a superior solution is used. Your project will decay and go back to the dust, or you will be sent to prison and get butt raped daily by Tyrone and his gang.
This is your fate. This is what you chose. There is no turning back.

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Unfortunately, trannies will ignore this threat and get fucked.

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okay pajeet shill, thanks for stopping by to give us your cut copy paste spam from fiverr.

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most narratives you guys talk about are temporary. few weeks. the past ones were defi and then nfts. it's not about the narrative of the moment you absolute retards. a market leader in crypto is a product, not a narrative.
the next market leader will be fully decentralised options.

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Lol this scam. How’s being rug pulled in 2021 doing baggie cuck?

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>CRYSTALS-Dilithium algorithm will survive.
This is currently considered to be one of the most secure forms of encryption. Jeeter will continue to ignore and end up getting hacked.

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From Bob's latest newsletter a few days ago:
>Related, I am spending a lot of time in EU, and working on our transition to a MiCA license with various activities covered. Most expect a vote by the EU in April, which means the earliest a MiCA license can be legally issued is 18 months later. Given the years of work Everest invested into the VFA regime in Malta, I feel confident that we will be MiCA-compliant very, very quickly, and likely be (one of) the first recipient. Areas of particular interest in this realm are e-money tokens (fiat-backed) and asset-referenced-tokens (i.e. tokenize a basket of ETH+Gold+BTC+USD), which open up a multitude of opportunities, especially related to Everest's token engine with CRDTs and actually custodying fiat. It truly is an exciting time to be alive.

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How To Report Cryptocurrency Scams like everest

Report fraud and other suspicious activity involving cryptocurrency to

>FTC at ReportFraud.ftc.gov

>Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) at CFTC.gov/complaint

>U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) at sec.gov/tcr

>Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) at ic3.gov/Home/FileComplaint

Ooops looks like your scam is getting reported.

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>a market leader in crypto is a product, not a narrative.
Are you in for the money or for the tech. I'm into both.

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Hahaha. This is one of the reasons why biz needs to be sanitized from the benzofag.

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ORE has been dumping since its inception. Why do you faggots keep promoting it

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Definitely, that's the fun part of it but not all projects survive especially the ones with less security protection. They will be an easy target for quantum attacks.

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I can't believe you actually typed this. Don't tell me you are a Redditor

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These are based annon. The Avalanche ecosystem and DiDs are booming right now. Aside from these, I'm slurping up some of the gems in its ecosystem and the ones surrounding DiDs and Data.

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Ai will be all consuming, but it will be big tech on top of L1s/L2s and optimising defi.

Nice to see some good discussion on here again.

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And countries and companies buying bitcoin

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DiDs are based, just like AI, these are the two markets I'm bagging atm. wagmi.

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The problem with DIDs is the underlying identification can be faked. It doesn't matter how many layers of ZKP and fancy tech you wrap them in because they will always have this attack point. DIDs are worthless for that reason without a verified, biometric, deduplicated identity attached to them.

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Layer 1 - QAN
Layer 2 - METIS

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Quantum-resistant layer 1 blockchain should be taken seriously

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Only benzofag are fucking around without getting secured, Alpine Esports ain't fooling around like horny bitches.

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Definitely Privacy but you are high again and forgot to mention the obvious.

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Channers, are already slurping tokens with this narrative

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Yes and no

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I love those set of bitches that uses POR concensus algorithm which is a eco-friendly, I bet you I can fuck them all night without getting tired

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I believe TORN is all set to do a massive pump and that is because since the launch of ppTORN, a vault which has increased the amount of APY gained from staking TORN in it as against the normal APY without this vault, TORN adoption has increased greatly

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NFTs are cool and all, but have you heard about private NFTs? Bringing privacy to the NFT world is a total game-changer when it comes to security and Railgun is killing it right now.

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Heard JavaScript is out, Soon there will be more languages. No wonder mf dev are trying to empty their cum on my girlfriends titties.

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Fuck NFT, it's got no life anymore. My mint is still sleeping in Opensea without getting buyers.

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Binance also partnered with Alpineesports alongside QAN, maybe it will list QANX soon because of that

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Retards need a unique Rapid cloud platform deployment where mf users can deploy the private blockchain to major cloud platforms like Amazon AWS in less than 5 minutes. Who's got the idea channers?

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For interoperability sake, I'd bank on ORE.

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Look here anon, the future of cryptocurrency is in quantum resistant blockchain because without it, there may be nothing to call crypto when Qday happens. Latticebased postquantum cryptographic algorithm implemented in Rust programming language will secure ecosystem members against quantum computer attacks.

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No need to panic poorfag, the Latticebased postquantum cryptographic algorithm implemented in Rust programming language will secure ecosystem members against the bloodsucking quantum computer attacks.

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No DiD? but it seems to be another big narrative.

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It fucked up how only a few blockchains are working on quantum resistance so far, we should be ready to be fucked right in the ass when Qday comes

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OCEAN is the best, I'm all in on it

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Anon is a Faggot
I dumped all my SOL for QANX with no regret

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Better don't get fucked when quantum resistant hybrid blockchain ensures security as it is built on CRYSTALS-Dilithium algorithm which is approved by the NIST, that's your saviour.

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Metaverse is DEAD

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ZkP? I stick to Railgun. That's the real gem.

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Proof of Humanity is shit compared to Proof of Randomness

>> No.54535008

Proof of Humanity is going to be essential with the advancements of AI.

>> No.54535160

PoR actually is the best of both PoW and PoS, but PoH is equally good but still, can't be compared in the same way

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ARB keeps dipping, not worth it

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Developers are enjoying big booty asses and can now build smartcontract using TypeScript programming language on QVM, along with JavaScript.

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Proof of randomness, is the next huge narrative, only the wise know

>> No.54535266

Based zkp project. when the government goes crazy against privacy projects, their compliance will keep them.

>> No.54535277

Ain't worried, AI will fade out just like NFT and Metaverse. Watch out

>> No.54535302

PoH is not meant to compete with PoW or PoS, it's a verification that someone is a unique human.

>> No.54535327

Wtf is fucking with PoR? The greenest blockchain on the market yet remain completely decentralised.

>> No.54535470

Enjoying privacy on a decentralized platform feels like a spilled milk on some dickheads, Librescan will bang all centralised explorer in the ass.

>> No.54535493

I love Ocean, I'm holding it hopefully it'll flip over top cryptos in the future.

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kek ultra based

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I've got XRP, MATIC and DOGE, why SOL?

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extreme curry posting
>gm sers we have OC content 4chan will enjoy, please do needful for village

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This is nearly true. AI will also lead the pack as usual, so actual AI coins (utilities like storage chains) will be bought up very quickly. I don't think AGI or other compute coins will go anywhere. AI data centers can't into latency. Link, eth, every L1 solution, expect green dragon dildos. They'll call it alt season, but it's fundamentals season. Doge will become a 1-month-twitter-sub stablecoin. ($7)

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Private NFTs are just better off than this complicated quantum shit.

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Most of /biz/ is too busy narrative trading to think about this, it’s not like they’re a compliance officer/in house counsel at one of these projects who is actually having to think about what it takes to make sure they don’t violate regulations.

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I believe iota is dead, it had a good runbut I'd rather put my money on lowcaps like Mina or Rail.

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Digital Identity is going to become important as EU MiCAH and eIDAS regulations come into affect. Expect KYC’d wallets to become the norm. Don’t freak out, those NFTs you hold already doxx you.

$cheq is the play here.

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see >>54532953

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We already have biometrics on our phones and these will easily be built into Digital Wallets, it’s not an unsolvable problem, it will be solved many times. I can smell your stench a mile of stinky Everest jeet, go back to Nepal.

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1. Github is bare, with nothing much really released and none of these really relate to identity at all. In fact most of them aren't even original but forks/copies of something else https://github.com/EverID

2. This is supposedly the website of their ID network foundation and it is...quite bare to put it mildly https://identitynetwork.io/ (also, fine doesn;t mean much on its own.) Mostly it seems they are alone in this, without any real partners on their network.

3. They have these icons to the google play store and app store that go nowhere: https://www.everest.org/about - and I've manually searched across all 3 for EverID, EverWallet, Everest ID etc and nothing from them. I find this disappointing because I could have decoded their Android file to see what they were up to

4. They do have https://wallet.everest.org/ as a web app, so I thought I’d give it a try and at the same time intercept the traffic/sources it’s using to see what’s going on. They seem to be using assets from Kyber Network for their wallet. I don’t think they have made their own wallet: https://kyber.network/#build_with_kyber

5. If you try to sign up they prompt taking a picture for ID verification. I can’t get this step to work, at all but here’s some fun facts: their web app is a clean copy of a demo web app named “Sample React Application”

6. From the looks of it, they do seem to have some APIs functional at api.prod.identitynetwork.io and here’s what they seem to be doing. Where they REALLY mess up is that they write out a lot of secrets / inputs in plaintext client-side when they hash the image in JavaScript. Translation: I can basically edit the JavaScript and inject random data or someone else’s image in, for instance.

7. The fact that it's a single API that runs the whole thing is basically a great demonstration that they are a wallet skin around someone else's tech

All you have to do is hold $cheq. Everest is a rug. Get out while you can.

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Can you imagine the everest pajeets still posting here, after their 2018 scam coin rugged in 2021. I mean look at that shill, he’s already 10 pbti just spamming his scam.

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You doomer moron fucks. The only people capable of creating quantum computing are the same people who created Bitcoin. They're not going to use it to ruin it.

>> No.54538659

Everest ID will get MICA license first cheqd is DOA

>> No.54538700

everest is more likely to get served by the SEC/CFTC and DOJ, jeopardizing it’s cuck license and credibility for being a scam.

>> No.54538731

ID switcher cope

>> No.54538780

avax chain and bnb chain

>> No.54538788

lol delusional pajeet shill
>everyone who says something negative about everest is a samefag!

gm ser, everest shills doing the needful today. kek

>> No.54538795

I see cheq shills are already reading up on MiCA to cope. Too bad you still haven’t read about regulations for KYC verification in the financial world and you have no idea how technically hard it is to integrate biometrics into a wallet in a way that’s secure and doesn’t require centralized storage. I’m very interested to see if you can figure it out before cheq starts using Everest for compliance :)

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>> No.54538808


Everest is a scam pajeet.

>> No.54538811

You missed out zkps because your tranny hands just came out of the cave.

>> No.54538833

>. Arbitrum
Based. I'm just waiting for a based chad to build a privacy powered defi app on it with railgun.

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Privacy and Anonimity.

>> No.54538846

>Contract Analysis
>The source code contains a Pausable contract which could potentially allow transfers to be halted.
>Ownership renounced or source does not contain an owner contract | >View Owner
>The contract contains ownership functionality and ownership is not renounced which may allow the creator or current owner to modify contract behavior (for example: disable selling, change fees, or mint new tokens). There can be legitimate reasons for not renouncing owner check with the project team for such information.


LMAO what a fuckin train wreck of a contract, what a scam

>> No.54538870

>Owner/creator wallet contains less than 5% of circulating token supply (22.85%)

>The owner wallet contains a substantial amount of tokens which could have a large impact on the token price if sold.

>All other holders possess less than 5% of circulating token supply
A wallet contains a substantial amount of tokens which could have a large impact on the token price if sold.


Gm sers, everest shills doing the needful with their scam

>> No.54538893

Rent free

>> No.54538934

>gm sers we need to advertise our dead 2018 scam on 4chan
>gets upset when everest is called out as a scam
:) cope jeet’

>> No.54539395

Everything else ngmi.

Seems like that's going to be the case but let's see what ZKsync has got in store; I'm loading up on Arbi tokens regardless though.

>> No.54539792

ARB hasn't really been up to expectation so far. So what exactly are you talking about?

>> No.54540079

Only benzofags don't read! It clearly states Arbi tokens which could include GMX, RDNT, SPOOL, VELA, GRAIL and so on but even if anyone decides to buy ARB now, it'll be a steal because current price is sales price. Up only from here.

>> No.54540350

GMX and RDNT are decent; don't know about the rest but if there's an Arbitrum ecosystem bull run, it will definitely affect most tokens.

>> No.54540581

Did you bother to dyor on the rest? You would have come back to acknowledge that SPOOL had a 400% run since january and is billed for more when their v2 goes live and that's just 1 on the list. Others are bullish for their own reasons too newfag.

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