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According to a study 70% of all gold bars sold to retail are fake.

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shitcoin maxis must be getting nervous, i have never seen so much spam seething about gold on /biz/.

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When you're trying to sell it they don't even check it so who cares really, even if it's fake the make belief works.

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even if they were real, wtf is the point of buying rocks?
>muh scarcity
ok nigger, so when humanity starts mining asteroids your shiny ricks won't be worth shit as it will hyperinflate

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Have you heard of the greater fool fallacy?

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Should've used chainlink

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>According to a study
>no link to the study
According to s study, I fucked your mom last night

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... how is this different to the paper money we have right now?

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what study u nigger lol

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buy an ad chainlink labs nigger

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There are no asteroids to mine because space isn't real.

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That's why I only hold paper gold like GLD.

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that'll increase the price of real gold if most of it is fake

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Even Sovereign coinage put out by the major mints is fake. Gold and Silver don't even produce any income. You're better off holding leveraged debt and buying up real estate.

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Personally I keep my net worth in games workshop plastic men, since people are paying 75 bucks for a used land raider from 2008 on ebay.

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A real gold bar can be faked with tungsten,
but with GLD you literally know that the gold you supposedly buying doesn't even exist.
There is at least 4x the amount of paper gold in the market than all the gold that has ever been mined.

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By the amount of spam i take it i should buy about tree fiddy more?

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he's just being a retard

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DOGE fixes this.

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Lot of xau fud nowadays.
Making me want to buy my first bar.

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Western civilization will colapse before space mining ever becomes a thing and the chinks are too stupid to figure it out on their own. Humanity will die on this planet.

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you can buy fake gold bars from ebay for like 5 dollars a piece, they're clearly labeled as such

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>According to a study

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never buying your magical internet token bags

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> (((experts say)))

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those are brass, not full of tungsten. if you want a tungsten bar wrapped in real gold, you’ve got to pay almost spot price for it. you will never buy a real gold bar below spot, but if you can find one for a little below spot, you’ve found your tungsten.

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I like the way you think.
Just buy from a reputable dealer/mint.

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>mining asteroids
I like how this has become the new "nuclear fusion is 10 years away, bro"

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>buy gold testing device
>go to gold shop
>"hello I would like to buy gold"
>test the gold if it real
>buy real gold

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Shills who don't know we are aware of the central banking scam get their brains scrambled with the truth. They were sure we got all our info off the back of cereal boxes. The miserable truth that we are right is unbearable to them and they have to go play with crayons and sippy cups to cover up their shame. Go ask God why he made Jews so ugly.

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How can I test my gold? Just cut them in half?

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there’s easier ways

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There’s literally nothing behind those (((instruments)))

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remember how the US got caught painting titanium bars golden to make people think they had gold still

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brb buying gold

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precious metals verifier u nigger

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if anyone is that worried about their bullion, they probably bought it from a shitty place. Gold is very easy to check, simply drill a little hole in it at a jewelry store, and let them test the purity, you can do the same at home too with some more complicated equipment. You can also simply melt it down.

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planets make mining worth while, space rocks dont carry enough grams per tonne to make any kind of mining economical, you need plate tectonics and eons of ore body growth to make mining worth while.

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but how do you test the gold testing device?

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by buying it from a reputable vendor/company.
of course you're not supposed to buy chink shit on amazon, look for swiss or german companies. they're between 800$ - 1000$.

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>simply drill a hole in all your coins at a jewelry store or melt them down
idk lads a few days ago I was thinking about getting some shiny rocks but I haven't seen a single compelling case for it besides the fact that they do look pretty

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if the dollar eats shit are people also just going to stop using the internet? you cannot make online purchases with gold and you cannot even make physical purchases with gold.

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Link the study
Woah surprise

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>the solution to the collapse of fake money is new fake money
I’m going to shoot you when you come begging for food and offer me bitcoin. I won’t even bury you. I will just throw you in the river behind my home.

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Yeah but then how will we spend gold or silver online? Legitimate question

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oh wow look another shiny boomer rocks thread by 1pbtid.
>d d don't buy shiny rocks anons, the fiat money is all you sneed.

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sounds about right

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on the bright side i'm sure that chocolate has a very long shelf life if encased in gold foil. can you survive a nuclear winter of six months solely on chocolate?

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so the remaining gold thats real just went up 70% in value?

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I don't see how this can be alternative money if it requires a digital currency to exist to trade it against.

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checked and it absolutely does
literally decentralized world currency
no shitocin erc token with dev or head honcho dumping on idiots does that

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Token is needed.

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>tainting the river with AIDS, syphillus, chlamydia, herpatitties, etc.
come on, man

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>crypto niggers trying to reverse the "fake money" insult
Why am I not surprised.

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Gold for now is decent store of value, however you should only see it as a resource and not actual currency.

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>655 forged bars
hardly 70% then.

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The counterfeit bars referred to in the article are real gold though, just not produced in the factories of the brands they counterfeit.
Do better kike.

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The gold is real, the branding is fake.

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did you even read the article? The gold is real but is stamped with fake branding.
AKA it makes no difference its the same fucking molecule

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Total Jew Death

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>Gold for now is decent store of value
Picrel is gold/silver returns, it's both a store of value and a long term investment.
>you should only see it as a resource and not actual currency
Why? It's been currency for millennia.

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>Elon will unveil his mining ship in two weeks!

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That's why:

#1. You never buy gold bars (especially if they are not in their original vacuum sealed casing). You should only buy gold coins.

#2. You never buy gold products from sketchy websites, street dealers, or Ebay sellers. You should only buy gold products from highly rated, BBB approved online retailers, that get their products directly from the mints, or from licensed businesses that can prove the gold is real right in front of you.

>^ These are the people giving economic advice on /biz/...

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Reminder to buy gold as the disgusting Jews are here talking lies once again.

They’re scared, when you see an anti gold thread, buy immediately

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Huh don't even the real mints have a little bit of spread on their coins' sizes?

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Space is a Jewmason lie, grow up

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Why not just buy the gold from a reputable vendor/company?

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retard alert

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You can use an induction scanner.

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>The counterfeits in these cases are subtler: The gold is real, and very high purity, with only the markings faked. Fake-branded bars are a relatively new way to flout global measures to block conflict minerals and prevent money-laundering. Such forgeries pose a problem for international refiners, financiers and regulators as they attempt to purge the world of illicit trade in bullion.

Ah, I see. The bars are real gold, not the plated crap in OP pic.

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it's always worth a check, I cut 1 in 3 bars in half to be certain.

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This terrifies the gold shills, none of them even have the balls to cut open their bars to verify, despite their "gold is gold" mantra.
Imagine potentially holding fake gold and not wanting to confirm it for fear of losing 50 bucks of "premium" value

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Holy shit I gotta buy so much more to make up for it

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trust is a white man’s thing. you wouldn’t get it.

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Topgoy moment. This is why the jews can trick you so easily. Youre a gullible fool.
I have some $25 dollar ozs of silver to sell to you for $35 goy

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But you know who you're buying from, so you are stupid and fearflul.

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>FUD gold for one post

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imo, the point of gold/silver is to retain wealth in the event of monetary uncertainty.

Dollar eats shit = everyone's dollar 'wealth' disappears overnight. A new currency will emerge as the top used and like all other currencies will have some exchange amount for things that humans have considered precious for thousands of years: Gold and silver.

If you hold gold you mitigate some of the dollar wealth lost, and gain wealth in the sense that not everyone had a stable store of wealth (besides land/property) ready to transfer to the new currency. Technically speaking the wealth you are gaining is related to the dollar-wealth that was lost by millions of people world-wide.

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>AUGUST 28, 2019
You literally just Googled "fake gold bars" and grabbed a headline. Where's the 70% figure?

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>you cannot make online purchases with gold and you cannot even make physical purchases with gold.

This is one of the reasons why i still prefer Bitcoin as a store of value as opposed to Gold bars which can even turn out to be fake.

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>I don’t have to worry about bitcoin being faked because it was never real to begin with

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>I don’t have to worry about bitcoin being faked because it was never real to begin with

You are still doubting the legitimacy of Bitcoin? You must be living in the past considering we now have big brands like Ralph Lauren receiving payments in Bitcoin also El Salvador has its reserve in Bitcoin, and then we have Panama who has a bill to legalize Bitcoin as a form of payment.

Not to talk about the ability to pay for bills and services with Bitcoin via platforms like BinancePay and CryptMi.

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>If you hold gold you mitigate some of the dollar wealth lost, and gain wealth in the sense that not everyone had a stable store of wealth (besides land/property) ready to transfer to the new currency

It's only a stable source of store of wealth when you buy the real gold, how about when you buy a metal painted gold?

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>dude, just buy GLD instead of physical

Holy kek I have seen it all.

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>It's only a stable source of store of wealth when you buy the real gold

Which other option is there to store your wealth?

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Stablecoins are good option and for concerns about inflation you can leverage on DeFi protocols like Aave, Curve, Idle Finance or betterstill leverage on SpoolFi.

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Why are people so irrationally angry that I bought a shiny rock lmao

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This or its a FUD campaign by glowies.
I keep seeing these shitty bars posted.
It's not even funny.
>muh webm from ugly girl that buys food that looks like shit
Im starting to think this place has succesfully been subverted and hijacked.

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Did you even read the article?
This. Its talking about using a fake stamp.
They even say that the purity is very high.
>The gold is real, and very high purity, with only the markings faked.

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First of all its not a Rock. And that people that say that show how fucking ignorant they are.

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just buy gold, bitchud

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Yea I'm buying the bottom as we speak. Thanks... Bitchud.

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It's actually seething about tungsten being represented as gold.

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Damn how heavy are your crypto bags?

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I actually own both gold and bitcoin, but even I can see that bitcoin doesn't have alot of the problems gold has as far as using it as money.

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stop buying from ebay and buy from licensed dealers

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sovereigns are very difficult to fake for a few reasons, or rather it is very easy to spot a fake even without much tech due to their weight and dimensions.

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What's a good website to buy actually good gold? Is it better to have small concentrated pieces or should you get bigger blocks?

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This is why you buy coins

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try gold boomers dot com

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Gold is fake boys pack it up. Time to buy crypto.

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>potential for fire or flood etc

fucking realestate retards. unless you work or lease it its a liability not an investment

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>sites like alibaba exist
>gold is a rare resource
>India is a country
Does any of this surprise you? Don't buy bars

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>mine asteroids
>requires gold
>returns gold
Congrats retard the value just went up

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probability coin

>> No.54534113

best way to get PMs is to establish a relationship with a retailer, online or in person. I have a coin shop I go to and I have an ebay seller I buy from.

>> No.54534120

Kinesis but ignoring them as a service what were silver certificate notes and why couldn't banks trade something similar online? No one really cares about this question as PMs were always ideal for in person p2p trading, buying shit on Amazon is not the goal.

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>Source dude trust me
Granted I'm sure a lot of small scale gold is fake chink trash because people are morons and buy shit from overseas or worse straight from chinkland. But counterfitting gold is rather hard unless you are mentally retarded.

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>trust me goy, I own both gold and bitcoin
>bitcoin is just better
you’ve never produced anything of value in your life, including your statement

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I actually buy the fake gold coins and gold bars because when shit hits the fan there is NO WAY the retards will be able to figure out which is the real deal and which is not.
and by the time they figure it out I'm already long gone anyway.

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Makes sense. There is a much larger market for fake gold than there is for real gold. Movie sets alone must account for a massive amount of fake gold.

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What a massive cope. We are literally moving backwards as a whole now. We are regressing. Keep playing video and youll believe anything I suppose.

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I have a huge fake stash of gold and I will bring it all into circulation once the system collapses.
If you arent doing the same you are literally dumber than shit.

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this is a good point, gold has a hard cap of $1 billion per ounce at which point we just mine asteroids

>> No.54534494

shit isn't going to hit the fan in the way you think it will. everything is just going to get shittier, there isn't going to be any kind of video game style collapse. it's not the worst idea but it won't be very easy to pass large amounts of fake gold, people were using it long before modern tech and knew what they were doing.

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>there isn't going to be any kind of video game style collapse
there will be, but of course midwits like you delude themselves into thinking that nothing happens.
then when it happens you are the first ones to die because you cant adapt to the new world.
In this new world I will bring fake gold coins into circulation and people that are as dumb as you or slightly less dumb will take the fake gold from me and they will literally never figure it out its not real gold.