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chainlink labs employee's next marketing campaign is 'pay up'

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Quick, think up a totally "kek" fud meme
>looks at amazon shopping cart
I know! Lets say they wear cuck cages!!

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The token is needed.

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Metaphorically u do wear a cuck cage and the bull is sergay

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Literally you are mentally ill for spamming an imageboard all day about 1 specific project you apparently dont care about

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nice projection linknigger

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I just wanted to talk about smart contracts

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Ser link is a price feed

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The token is needed. Pay up.

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For me, it's fudding Chainlink. The best /biz/token to fud. I even switch IDs so I can post extra, and the jannies are so friendly and more than willing to oblige.

One time someone posted the LINK/ETH chart and I noticed LINK was down a lot. I said, "Wow, LINK is down 90% vs eth!" and the nice friendly paid Bulgarian shill laughed and said, "I'm going to call you 90% down vs eth-anon!"

Now the other Bulgarians greet me with "hey it's 90% down vs eth-anon!" and ALWAYS give me (You)s and validation. It's such a fun and cool atmosphere at my local Bulgarian Cryptocurrency aficionado forum, I go there at least 3 times a week at lunch, 1-2 times around breakfast time on the weekend, and maybe once around dinner when I'm in a rush but still want to shit on a token I don't hold, use, or interact with in any way.

I even suck jannie dick, it's delicious! What a great message board.

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>chainlink labs
this really does not roll off the tongue. when you are so desperate to have ‘labs’ in your company name. bearish imo

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Hey cuckold, your token isn't actually needed (if it was it wouldn't be trading at single digits)

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Are these ChainLink Labs employees in the room with us right now, anon?

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It is needed.

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so why is it trading at $7?

>Inb4 it will pump....in 2 more weeks!

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Fudders get real riled up when they see “pay up”

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Token is needed. Pay up tranny.

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Linkies get real riled up when they see "cuckold"

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I didn't know what a cuck cage was until reading chainlink threads. Thank you based 4channel

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>Linkies get real riled up when they see "cuckold"

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chainlink will forever be associated with cuckolds, incels and sissies.

It's over...no amount of Chainlink Labs pajeet shills will ever change this

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Sorry bud you had to cancel your HRT, no more free rides. Pay up

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>I'm into gay tranny shit like sissies
This is a board for finance. Please refrain from turning it into the disgusting freakshow that is your own mind.

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>n-no I'm not a cuckold y-you're actually the cuck
okay cuck lol

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>no u
Hmm. You seem to have a lot of weird pictures of gay shit like Sergey with what appears to be a chastity device. I assume it goes over the penis? I wouldn't know. Do you have a fetish for Sergey punishing you, anon?
That's pretty gay man. Please keep it to yourself.

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Lmao fudders seethe because their coins rely on CLL to exist.

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Link cuckold tranny you will never be a real gem, you have no pumps, no gains. You have no lambos or mansions. Your Chainlink Labs memes are inorganic and cringe. Your tokenomics will never turn into pumpamentals no matter how hard you try. You are barren and gainless. Every real gem holder pitys you and looks at you with disgust. You will never make it. Your entire existence is an insult to Satoshi Nakamoto. YWNBARC

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>Fudders get real riled up when they see “pay up”
I get excited to report beggars kek

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I have just added another 350 link to my stack, bringing the total to 4350, thanks to you and your depraved compatriots for reminding me how important LINK is.
Never selling, also your project is dependent upon my coins.
Also happy Easter, unfortunate that your life is so empty this is what you're reduced too
>verification not required

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hodl! only 50% of the total supply left to dump on you marine!

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I know the English language can be confusing Sandeep, but here's a good explanation: https://www.grammarly.com/blog/to-too/

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Being a mentally ill eternally online no life tranny leaches through into your posts.
You think having a good grasp of grammar is going to somehow satiate the gnawing black hole inside of you created by childhood trauma and a lack of intimacy?

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last week chainlink lab employees bought an ad and gloated about it and now they are literally begging spamming the board
>P-pay up p-please

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that link baggies think this desperate cash grab is bullish is the best.
the clock on link has been ticking since 2020 and they're rapidly running out of time.

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>tfw some anon saved your pasta and posts it almost 2 years later
Feels good man. Fuddies can suck this mcdick.

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>everyone who disagrees with me is trans!!!1!!1!1
Yep, we've got a LINKer right here folks.

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and you have been defending sergey for free for two years for what financial gain? lol show us your buy price and sell price.

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And you have been fudding for free for... how long? Are you the one that makes those memes because I can imagine you spend quite some time on that too.

Average buy in was $0.60, sold most of it around $12-$16 in 2020 and let the rest ride. How about you?

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i bought at 45 cents sold it all above 30 dollars and have been shitting on baggies since. they are still coping in shock years later lol. it’s funny. and link has always been a scam and we were not supposed to marry our bags but instead to dump them on newfags. instead a digibyte style death cult has evolved around it where baggies take pleasure in losing it all.

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No you didn't lmao

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you bought at +30 2021, which is why nothing before 2020 matters to you lol

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I barely post in LINK threads these last few years because the quality has diminished so much (not only because of the incessant fudding), but now that there is finally something new to talk about you guys are only increasing your derailment efforts, why? As someone who also profited handsomely and isn't bagholding like many others, why are you so obsessed with "shitting on baggies"? I understand a little bit of trolling but I have been browsing /biz/ again since I noticed the chatter about the new payment model leaks, and it seems there are 4-5 VERY dedicated posters in every thread (at least euro timezone) just shitting the place up with weird pastas and even weirder memes. How come? What is the angle here?

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chain cuck poorfags are really chimping out over this one
have a bump OP

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Bonjour. Pay up!

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>Made lots of money
>spends his time sat in a dark room compulsively fudding a token which helped him do it.
So you're lying or you're one of the most sad people on the site?

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it’s not obsessing it’s entertaining to taunt the delusional baggies who literally are in a cult lol. try it. they are very easy to enrage. it’s free entertainment.

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i’m waiting to leave my home to go spend the holiday with my family lmao i have been killing time.

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Your coping, projecting and more than likely in need of dilating
They're mentally ill trannies (not joking) though mental illness and being trans do often go hand in hand.
They hate that they missed the ICO.
They also hate that every project they hold Is reliant on LINK.
They may even have bought the top and got rekt holding all the way down who knows.
They also hold XCM a token that cannot be sold on its native exchange, which is why the "cuck" shit leaches into their vernacular because they know they've been cucked deep down

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By being on 4chan 24/7 ? Lmao you haven't got anything outside of some mentally ill online friends and a fat bag of XCM that you can't sell lmao

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You do this everyday like a loser. If you're not lying about the holiday than you're going to be doing it on your phone from wherever you're going too. That you're 'killing time' by satiating your addiction to fud Link before your holiday rather than doing last minute checks and otherwise getting in a good mood with your family is a sign of a tragic loser. Good luck.

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the low iq, subhuman link cultist would rather continue to eat shit straight out of nastyslob's anus than admit that he cucked them
making fun of them for this fact only results in rage filled posts and schizo-tier manifestos
it's all quite hilarious

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>projecting all his mentally ill tranny obsession this hard
see what i mean? you simply have to state reality and the link baggies subhuman flies into a fit of rage. it’s like a chatbot programmed.

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You sound like a demented mental case.

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Amazing that flexing on Fats is off topic but posting penis cages in 30 threads daily is allowed
A-Are jannies Fats?

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kek link baggies

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thank you for providing this cucked response, loser

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>ramblings of a madman
>gets called out
>t-thank you
hahaha get help weirdo.

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>9 low iq responses from an inbred cuck
chimp out again, do it cuck
bump lmao

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>chimp out
>the low iq, subhuman link cultist would rather continue to eat shit straight out of nastyslob's anus than admit that he cucked them
making fun of them for this fact only results in rage filled posts and schizo-tier manifestos

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Cuck Cuck Cuck Cuck!

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bump so cucks can keep wasting their only day away from waging on defending an obese, subhuman slav
keep paying up cucks lmfao even

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So you've resorted to yelling the word cuck over and over, only you fucked it up in the first post because you're a newfag and weren't aware of the word filter.
This is the level of the fudder. A sad, sad being, he exists only to satiate his addiction to spamming forced memes about a token that he bought the top for and is now too poor to buy the bottom. Mentally ill.

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They will eventually retreat back to the hormone drenched depths from whence they came.
Until them we can all take solace knowing their lives are entirely comprised of spamming da in day out and as the days turn into months their mental sae will deteriorate to the point where anyone who comes into physical contact with them will have no recourse but to inform the nearest psychiatric hospital

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bump for more cuck toilets writing incel manifestos

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I LOVE seeing the cuckolds seethe so hard

Link will forever be associated with cuckoldry despite the tens of millions of $$$ Chainlink Labs spent

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Link shills are so inorganic. Their scam coin has been debunked

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I was mocking the fudders you autistic retard

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Pay up

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Sorry anon, you did too good a job. They really are that retarded, it's difficult to tell when someone comes a long and acts like a retarded in jest. My bad.

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Since when does Bitcoin or Monero need Chainlink?

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are you such a retarded nigger that you friendly fired one of your fellow cucks
lol kys cuckold LOL

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Cuck cuck cuck cuck!
P.s. I stopped holding chainlink after it hit $30

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good, I've only ever shorted it since $48
now go suck off your cuckold boyfriend, faggot

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>you WILL buy my masters premined shitcoin. You WILL worship and donate all of your money to the one true messiah sergey navarov (PBUH)

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wait until they find out that if the world eventually moves to layer 2 network dominance chainlink fails to have a USP.