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How dare chainlink start charging for their services, who do they think they are?

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who is chainlink

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Why does he wear the mask?

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>Link tranny you will never be a real gem, you have no pumps, no gains. You have no lambos or mansions. Your tokenomics will never turn into pumpamentals no matter how hard you try. You are barren and gainless.
>Whenever real crypto bros look at you they can recognize that youre not a real gem, from a mile away.
>You will never be the next ethereum no matter how many fake articles and partnerships you spam.
>Every real gem holder pitys you and looks at you with disgust. You will never make it. Your poorfolio will be written on your grave when you die, and your ledger will rust in the ground. Your entire existence is an insult to Satoshi nakamoto. You are an abomination to the crypto space.

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The people that post these sincerely will rope by 2030

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the fud is now that chainlink is monopolizing the space and engaging in anti-competitive behavior

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>in 7 more years the bulgarian fudders will seethe at our gains. Just you wait those 7 years!! Tick to-ACK

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>7 more years
>in 8 more years y-y-y-you'll s-sseee
>9 more years

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Another link deposited into my account for staking and I'm still very very up on my initial, good luck to you faggots

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Chainlink Started Charging For Their Services And That's a Bad Thing, Here's Why

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Mental illness KEK. Literal mental illness. It's funny how there used to be stories about how holding this would make some people go insane. I didn't think it actually would.

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The weak become easy targets for demonic possession

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>seething baggies are coping

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>and yet despite this and the 2000 integrations the price hasnt gone up

>Heres why Chainlinks token is tied to the price of a coffee and why thats a good thing

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So you’re saying I should buy?

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But the people that post those likely have more link than you, so I doubt it

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should i buy link bro's?

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The fudders work for jesus christ. The link shills are blasphemers who sold their souls to satan for 30 pieces of silver. and their profit incentive is directly tied to shilling the enslavement of the whole world with the NWO brain chip serial number smart contract beast system.

>"And Jesus said unto his disciples, Verily I say unto you, It is hard for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of heaven. And again I say unto you, It is easier for a camel to go through a needle's eye, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God."

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all the braindead link cucks will ignore those digits cause the post hurt their feelings

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Don't worry fudcucks, after Link hits $81,000 I will truly cuck you guys when you sell me your wives for 0.001 Link. I'm a nice guy I'll allow them to send you the videos after.

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chainlink expecting payment for services is so fucking infuriating. sergey really does think he's better than everybody

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aim for 500 or 1000

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>Don't worry fudcucks, after Link hits $81,000 I will truly cuck you guys when you sell me your wives for 0.001 Link. I'm a nice guy I'll allow them to send you the videos after.

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>I-I'm actually poor on purpose so I can get into heaven!
Kek, funniest noLinker cope I have seen in a while

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ok now what?

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You’re a big guy

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