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Any chainlink autists still around? I want to know the following

>how many protocols and projects suffered losses resulting from not using chainlink
>total value of lost funds resulting from not using chainlink
>any material (screenshots, twittercaps etc.) supporting the previous queries

Any other extra autism is accepted


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Chainlink is a token that is shilled only by deranged cuckolds with stockholm syndrome

Nobody with an IQ above 90 would be bullish on a dead 2017 shitcoin

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based and bumped

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Just google these keywords
>flashloan exploit
>oracle exploit
>band oracle exploit
>pyth oracle failure
>api3 failure
>tellor exploit
>twap exploit
>blockchain bridge exploit
>wormhole bridge exploit
>ari juels hiding behind bushes

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There are big chainlink bros popping up on twatter who are clearly from biz. It looks like the stinkers were serious about their little plans.

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>look at my schizophrenic collage this means Link will pump...in 2 more weeks!

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What's schizo about it?
The OP is asking who has gotten burned from using an oracle that was not chainlink and the poster + images are people saying they got scammed using an oracle that was not chainlink.

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Hayden and the MEV vampires are furious

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I can understand the excitement, I went ape when I saw that dext did his collaboration with panckeswap, autism leads to comedy eventually

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the fud sisters are really pissed of at your thread op
for that alone you get a you from me and a checked digits on top of it

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I'm still laughing at how how that fat tellor shill Chris Blec is basically constantly advertising how important, in-control of and powerful Chainlink is for the market with zero actual competition while trying to fud it.
>guys Chainlink got the entire market by the balls and now people have to also pay to use Chainlink services, this is very very problematic omg
fucking lmao

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Link tranny you will never be a real gem, you have no pumps, no gains. You have no lambos or mansions. Your tokenomics will never turn into pumpamentals no matter how hard you try. You are barren and gainless. Every real gem holder pitys you and looks at you with disgust. You will never make it. Your poorfolio will be written on your grave when you die. Your entire existence is an insult to Satoshi Nakamoto. YWNBARC

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I’m urinocally a researcher that is conducting an investigation on investments vs wisdom of the crowd in social media sites (yes, 4chud is a social media site kek).

Long story super short, the ratio of fud posts is always around 40% in 100 to 10000 baggers. This was the case with google and Microsoft, as well as early crypto moonshots.

Unironically fuddies are the best barometer to gauge the potential of an investment. If you find fuddies in a post, that means there’s interest from at least one party in the project.

The more intense the fud, the more potential the project has. Not all projects are successful, however, that said, the number of OG content link fuddies create, implies theyre being funded by a well organized party with funds, or the fuddies are for some reason obsessed with link, both facts bullish by correlation, not causation.

I’m also working on price forecasting vs wisdom of crowd, but these forecasts never have a good accuracy due to the explosive exponential potential of the projects.

Ask me anything if you want lol

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let me explain the undergrad mistake you made that invalidates your entire endeavor: failing to account for proper boundary conditions
dont feel too bad a very significant percentage of all research does this, it is based in the very midwit approach of thereis this thing that happened in the recent past and was recognized, characterized and later disseminate by high iq people, i dont recognize it on my own but now since i have heard of it by smarter people i will also use it
no realizing how and why it came into existence you also fail to properly see where its correlation breaks down and a new thing begins until said aforementioned high iqs spoonfeed it to you
this way you are permanently behind and farmed for profit in perpetuum

case in point fud means paid actors are here to stop something good
this is based on the old paradigm of expensive information flows and low time involvement of average users
in the interim information flow has increased orders of magnitude especially between regular people something that never existed before in history and time involvement in internet usage skyrocketed
this leads to the conclusion that highly specific information flows like say fud for an investment can now occur organically where this was impossible in the past

so in this very specific case the alternate explanation is not that big boi interest are paying jeet farms to fud but rather that very poor price action has caused late buyers to be absolutely rekt last cycle and they are seething to no end
this demographic has the time and desire to fud for free out of sheer spite
none of this type of fud indicates any monetary interest or future gains
there i saved your research so now you can analyse the new thing before its cool you are welcome

and inb4 some smoothbrain takes this as financial advise on the future price of link, it is absolutely not, it is merily indicating that previous correlations break down here but is not in anyway saying number go down

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Not reading all that, please summarize your question/s kiddo

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do you hold link?

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in summary: you are a midwit, that was a statement not a question

your post hilariously just further proofs my point
anyways use chatgpt to summarize and dumb it down to a level you'll understand, this is within the scope of your research abilities yes?

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Can’t due to conflict of interests with the neutrality of the institution research

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Kek. Kiddo, I’m just a neutral observer, you don’t need to send FUD my way. Why did your friends stop posting fud btw? Interesting huh… these OG fud pictures were quite interesting interesting too

Do what you want, the research is almost completed and your posting patterns shall not affect it in any way

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lol i retract my previous statement you are in fact not a midwit, you are simply regularly retarded
i very clearly stated what i said has no bearing on the future price prospects of something but is making fun of your failure to correlate to causation and you still ridicule yourself in not grasping the concept
thanks for playing anon

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Not reading all that kid, shoot your question in a concise manner or step aside

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>or step aside
lol from the deluge of participants, i am the only one keeping this thread bumped
you do know how this place works right

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>concise manner or step aside
stopped reading there

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kek im loving this ari meme

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God damn you fuckers are cute

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/42/ schitzo posts

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I get paid by george soros to fud. Every weekend a freemason hands me an envelope full of cash at our local synagogue before they do their infant sacrifices. I use the money to fund the fud campaign

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>I get paid by george soros to fud. Every weekend a freemason hands me an envelope full of cash at our local synagogue before they do their infant sacrifices. I use the money to fund the fud campaign

I mean its pretty obvious but thanks for clearing that up

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Your "boundary conditions" aren't warranted given the local context of LINK FUD, nor are they unique in comparison to the other investments. Regarding the former, FUD has been constant and consistent in nature since 2017 (i.e. regardless of performance), while Chainlink's disclosed business practices and release consistency have remained more or less the same. Regarding the latter, there was, and still is, an incredible amount of "downbad latecomer" and bad faith FUD for the other investments, so downbadders FUDing isn't really a signal that Link is different.
Also, there are still several well connected, in-the-know, and publicly named FUDers antagonizing Link with a quality and magnitude that is different compared to FUD for legitimately dead projects. It is not accurate to say, then, that the FUD is different because of handwavey implicit modern signal propagation efficiency advancements which somehow overweight downbad retard signals.
in summary, pee pee poo poo

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that is completely not true, the fud took a different turn since nov last year when the staking details were confirmed and it isnt the bulgarians anymore, also links business practices were severely disrupted in 2022 from both expectations and past performance
but it wasnt about link alone and certainly not about the short time frame

the angle of the poster i replied to made sense up until the mid 10's so his examples of early crypto projects and google and microsoft fall within the old paradigm
the ico bubble was started on the transition period but now in 2023 we have really crossed past it and into a new set of rules
again disregard price action on link entirely and tell me after browsing this place for a while that you dont see a whole lot of the posting here being done entire for free and for the lulz so the fud is a good buy signal indicator of the past is now muddy with a lot of noise in the signal
and yes none of this means that all fud is seething bagholders or paid malign actors arent present is about ratios and how to interpret signals in a new environment

in summary dont let link get to your head anon, it already caused more than enough damage to the state of this board

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But the fud and perpetrators also "took turns" after Go node, mainnet, price feed release, research paper season, smartcon 0, keepers etc. For every "release," the pertinent FUD signal has always been "this isn't good enough." I don't see how this most recent wave in response to real staking is different in that regard, especially considering the prospect of staking has been a "disappointment" since mainnet.
Maybe I'm optimistic but I always saw most of the fud as "for free" or for the lulz; if you choose any random date in the archives you'll find a VERY high rate of shitpost level FUD interspersed with weird globohomo memes and mid effort ad hom screeds.
I see your point about this being a different environment with potentially different ratios of fud actors but I'm not sure the signal is different in any manner except payoff horizon. the prospect is still intact (albeit with a shifted timeframe) and the FUD is still referential to that in the ironic manner that we counted on before.
That said I don't buy Link anymore because of the likely payoff schedule. I'm just skeptical that the implication of the FUD is directionally changed.

btw it's been a pleasure to interact with a real anon. what are you paying attention to right now?

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yes there are way too few of us now, but the discords are too gay for me
i am a simple man i just hold link and eth, link for 2029 if need be and eth to sell in 2025
its way too early for the next hype wave in any case we gotta wait till after summer 2024 to see what goes
i mean who saw dogcoins and nfts coming in mid 2019
to scratch my gambling itch i just get puts and calls on purely a contrarian play for the nasdaq right now worked well the past half year

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How much Link should I buy then?

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>This was the case with google and Microsoft
uhhhh yeah man we wuz fuddin dem thangs like crazy back in the 80s on arpanet nowhaimsayin lmao fr
and then my usenet fudsisters was slangin like a mf early 90s and sheet we straight up blew that eternal september outta here when we got on that shit lmao

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>what is the total value of lost funds resulting from paying for a useless service

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I’m bored bros. I’ve been through every emotion with link and now there’s just boredom.

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Why does chainlink holders love interracial cuckold porn?

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>Why does chainlink holders love interracial cuckold porn?

Why are fudders almost always ESL and constantly thinking about cuckolding?

So many questions and so few answers.

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Too long didn't read lol. Looks mid-wittish.

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Why do chainlinker always deflect? When they love getting cucked by big serg?

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Today I realized it doesn't matter if it takes 10 or even 20 years for link to moon. Cause I can literally work 20 hours a week and live comfortably with my job so I have already pseudo made it.

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I knew it.

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>Why do chainlinker always deflect? When they love getting cucked by big serg?

Its a bit better but the ESL is still unfortunately rather obvious.

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Holy fuck, imagine admitting you are a white cuck, when the word chainnigger is not exclusive for white. Lmao, what a fucking faggot

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>Holy fuck, imagine admitting you are a white cuck, when the word chainnigger is not exclusive for white. Lmao, what a fucking faggot

Again better but still apparent you are ESL. I'm proud of you though baby girl.

I'm definitely white, and its fantastic. A 10 out of 10 I must say, and I'd select it every year if order forms were required.

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remember fellas even money skelly himself thinks LINK shouldn't be worth that much

not sure where linkies got this idea that because an oracle is useful means that it's going to be worth hundreds of billions or even trillions as a company

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He is just mad since Sergey bullied him in World of Warcraft. The whole reason for swift, DTCC, Chainlink, WEF is so Sergey can curb stomp Vitalik into the dirt just like he did in WOW.

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>not sure where linkies got this idea that because an oracle is useful means that it's going to be worth hundreds of billions or even trillions as a company

Luckily the tokenomics that will be realized in V1.0 staking which will collateral the nodes in some proportion compared to the value facilitated through the network allow for it to be worth billions as a company.

Vitalik may not think its right but its what Sergey decided to do. He has a monopoly and so until someone builds a competing network its time every one PAYS UP.