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what are you guys DCAing into?

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French revolution but in america

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im buying some doge

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XMR and BTC. Only things really worth stacking.

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perpy finance

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Nothing crypto you stupid double nigger

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Things that have no exposure to USD.

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Link, now show feminine peepee

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These women are stunningly beautiful, and mysterious

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this nigga has the cutest teef

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tell me more

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i made a thread about it yesterday, it's in the archive
nexa / kaspa are at too high a price now so i stopped dca'ing those

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My gf's pussy

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same here Anon, I'm also DCA into ur gf's pussy.

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Ikr, she's for hire.
After all, a man's got to eat.

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No DiD based projects? Ngmi

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Literally dangerously based

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what a cringe boomer you are

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Xmoney jeet and it has tons of passive income opportunities

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XMR OG. Take your eyes down to mid cap privacy coins with good tech.

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You should be more worried that there were no crypto payment project instead

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dead flavor of the month shitcoin. you're retarded if you still hold this.

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You are headed to ruin desu. Only utk can save you atm

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Privacy is exactly why it won't see mass adoption. Let me explain it in terms you might understand. Btc is windows and xmr is kali

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Green dildos for utk these past days, same with kas. I must be a retard for missing altcoinistdao reviews

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wownero and i will ride it to $5

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she has a penis

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That's a man

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that and normie exchanges dont offer or have delisted XMR for obvious reasons. still fundamentally good coin regardless, definitely wont see a whole lot of moon missions with it

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Green dildo is just an understatement. It was amongst the Binance highest earners just few days ago

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Focus on more narratives. AI, DiD and Privacy are trending.

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ORE and CTSI, what about you?

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Based, slurp other alts based on narratives like DiDs, AI.

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Based strategy for oldfags, only newfags slurp memeshit.

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Bagged these on MEXC, any other one?

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no did or zkp project. ngmi.

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I haven't had to DCA since the bull market. went speculative when things were going well, been mostly going for projects with solid tokenomics during the bear.

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checked wtf is did

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Decentralized Identity projects newfag

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DiD tokens are currently trending, intend to add more to my pf while also pushing for ORE and ROSE.

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Best at cross-chain interoperability.

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XRP, QANX, ORE, OGN, ain't sleeping on these alts.

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My primary residence

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unironicaly catgirl bag
Elon soon releasing news about robot waifu so

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XMR, VTSAX, Gold & Silver

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Listen up, normies! If you haven't become a privacy chad yet, you're gonna get rekt. YNGMI unless you start taking your privacy seriously. Don't be a simp for Big Tech and their data-hoarding ways.

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Ayyo biz fren, you made a solid choice there! Privacy is the name of the game and BTC is the king of the jungle. But don't forget to diversify, ya hear me? Gotta keep those gains afloat. Check out some lowcaps like MINA, SCRT, and RAIL.

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Bullshit. What the fuck is the importantce of a pricacy token? where do they get revenue from?

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unironically doge, the retard will pump it again once bull market starts -- its the normies crypto, 420 bil marketcap is the target, this bull was 69bil marketcap.

bottom probably already hit -94% as any other doge bear markets

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A good list you got there I might want to add a little like SPOOL and RDNT. You should also put in some AI if you can find any. It is the last buying time before the bear so stop fucking around

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gold, silver, lead, xmr, seed and feed, cunny

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Barbarian. What the fuck are you listing?

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No privacy slander is allowed here kek,Privacy platform usage has grown exponentially since the shitshow from CEXs and hackers. More wallet users now use privacy platforms to encrypt their trnx on public chains. Dyor ranjesh

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Its way too controversial, there are other based privacy focused alts to invest in with more potentials to grow in a more stable market, Scrt,Rail and Azero are solid pick imo.

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Pajeet. They ain't worth shit. Every project keeps its privacy and knows-hows to handle them. You fucking name one privacy token on the top 10 or top 100.

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Trannies will shill you their bags
Real-world assets and ai are the trend according to Altcoinistdao reviews. Keeping a close watch on these

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I bought NXRA and the project has been gaining attention because of the NexeraID solution.

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Bruh, you clearly haven't done your research. Privacy platforms are the real deal, and they're the future of crypto. Just because they don't have as much hype as some of the mainstream coins, doesn't mean they're not worth investing in.

Monero, Zcash, and Dash are just a few examples of privacy coins that have been around for a while and are still going strong. And let's not forget about the up-and-comers like Secret and Railgun.

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curry poos

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Now this is a 2017 pajeet scam

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I will add QANX and TRIAS to this portfolio if I were you. Blockchain based tokens that also offer security to its users are now well sort after but that's just my two cents

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It's just 3 more days left for the rebranding to take place. This will have a huge impact on it's price action. I'm accumulating AF.

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Why is AZERO all over the space? is this now the next 100x gem?

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Not sure if I fully understand wtf you are trying to say but start DCAing now into potential 100x gems like GOB, XHV and WOO. Unless you want to buy the top like most fags.

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You are obviously fucking retarded to say this shit. The wallets I use now are privacy-powered, stashh and railway wallets.

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You snooze on privacy, you loose.

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Rsr kas lsd
What more reviews do you need fren
The research tool has said it all

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But DiD and AI narratives are dominating the mainstream. DCA asap.

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Self custody focused project shouldn't be left, thanks to DiD.

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RAIL and zkSync

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Sold my LINK for ENS and ORE, ID management seems to be the new narrative

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Buying some Coti and CYMI already.

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LINK and ORE, focused on web3 projects.

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chuds are slurping tokens with this narrative.

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Based. Don't sleep on DiD

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The big monthly buys:


Have held off on RNDR the last few months because I don't see much more upside

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Crypto payment project are actually the future.
CYMi app indeed offers the simplest payment options.

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xmr doge
eth in case of dip

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If you are not buying this, you are ngmi.

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Not sleeping on this. wagmi.

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web3 is based

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Nothing. I'm all cash and bonds rn. A few puts, all losing because I was too stupid to take the short term 20% gain.
Holding a lot of 4 and 13 weeks treasuries, plus 1 year.
When the fall comes, and it will, I'll be back into techs.

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I can relate to how pathetic you feel. Always take a profit when you see it. Avoid being lured by most of those plebs who will dump their bags when need be.

That's why I believe that tokenizing real-world assets can be a game changer for long-term players in the crypto space. Projects like Realio Network and MnI Corp offer innovative approaches that back their crypto with tangible assets like real estate, mining, and land, which is unlike others.

Not only can this offer better returns and more inclusive rewards, but it can also provide a more stable and secure investment opportunity. So why settle for less when you can invest in the future with RWA tokenization?

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I bought CYMI as well, I hope my bags pump hard.

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These are good low caps that will good ROI. Just add GOB to this to make it complete. The upcoming RiskFi model is something that will bring good traction to the token.

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I'm already doing that by DCAing into QANX and FET. I don't think anyone will be able to buy them this cheap anymore.

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I bought SPOOL instead because they have a lot of events that will potentially skyrocket it. V2 is around the corner.

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I've been stacking fiat but with the way political trends are going, I'll probably resume DCAing ETH.

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If it isn't privacy then definitely Metaverse/gaming tokens are my preferences I mean Azero, Zkp, RIDE, Nana, and CHZ.