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100K is literally nothing
Name one meaningful thing you can do with it? 100K is the new 10K

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Down-payment for a house.

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>buy a nice 3 year old car with cash
>not worry about being frugal when buying groceries or eating out
>good down payment on a house/condo
>can get 2k avax and run a node (this might work for other cryptos as well)
>two week long vacation at nice place
>etc etc etc
you just suck with money goy.

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at least 100 ass worship sessions at your local dominatrix'
Let me guess, you NEED more?

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It's only nothing compared to housing.

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move to Bahamas
rent house
go fishing
you have 5 years to live like that with this money

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Dump it into bitcoin or some alt coin at the coming market crash.

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its called a safety net
some people are out there financing a dominos pizza over 6 weeks, just keep it in the bank and stop being a faggot

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if you leave the nigger filled hellscapes we call cities its a good start

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You can bet on black 3 times and it'll almost be a million

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Pay off my house debt and buy a car with the remaining 52k

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I lived extremely well in Bangkok for 3 months with only $3500, probably could've slimmed that down to under 1k per month and thats living really really well with no roomies. Depends on how you use it.

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pay off my mortgage and have enough left over to buy a $42k car outright.

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its nothing if you been in crypto for more than 4 years you should have at least 5x that

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This. It's my goal to get 100K simply for a downpayment on a beautiful house in the Country side. Found the town I want to live in. Beautiful houses there. Everything about it is perfect. I just need 100K for the down payment and I'm solid. I can live happily there and pay off my mortgage with my good WFH job. I just need that 100K to get my foot in the door. So close, yet so far.

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>Name one meaningful thing you can do with it?
1. Pay off my car note
2. Buy weed, legal weed... ... legal
3. Buy ChainLink
4. Win

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Buy a three bedroom detached house in a homogeneous community.

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Nothing big just being able to retire in Eastern Europe at the age of 30.
Nothing big tho Amerimutt

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>X is literally nothing
Worst time of meme threads being posted on /biz/ rn

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>This. It's my goal to give someone my hard earned money so that I can enter a slavery contract, which, if at any point I can't pay, I would lose both my down payment and the roof over my head. It's such a good deal guys, lol omg

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kek what a loser

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Nice bait, unless you mean living in a tent and eating mushrooms for the rest of your life

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PPL licence, don't tell me you wouldn't like to fly

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Check prices in EE and come back to me retard: I can live on $200 a month comfortably.
100000 ÷ 200 = 500 months
500 ÷ 12 = 41 years
Of course you won't keep it all in cash like a retard, but even if you do you're looking at 30 years easily

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100k is 500k on Brazil
13% year on any bank

4k /month living like a king without expended the 100k

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Did you party at all? Eat at restaurants? How much was your apartment?
Or did you just eat street food and rather go out? Maybe one or two beers over the weekend?

Last time I was in bangkok for 3 days I spent 80,000 baht.

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$100,000 is literally nothing anymore

You can't really do anything with it. Can't even buy a house with it.

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Goes outside, get stabbed.

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>100K is the new 10K
you can swing 10k for 1%+ many times a month with a thick fuckup fund and never work again

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Learn the difference, it will save you.
Also, Brazil isn't just Rio or the Northeastern Shithole

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Except it is if you're looking to put some of it into altcoins.

If you're looking to buy a house tho, you can't.

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Get yourself a bag of rose and qanx poorfag

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>Brazil isn't just Rio or the Northeastern Shithole
It is the same shit everywhere, and let me guess you're also white and you ain't poor.

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Pay off my student loan
Buy weed
Invest in qanplatform

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It really is. The gayest thing of all is that if I had the money I have now, but ~4 years ago, I would have instantly put it down on a nice 500k farm. Now those properties are 20% more expensive, and my money is worth 20% less

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The only things I upgraded in going from $5000 to $250k net worth was my dying laptop, my 15 year old TV, and I shop at a local produce market and whole foods instead of Walmart. Still renting the same apartment and driving the same 2010 car. I simply will not spend more money until I reach critical money mass.

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100k for the right to pay some bank exorbitant interest for 30 yeaes, wow what a deal

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i love demoralization threads. they're so stupid kek

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just find a 100 bagger and you're in the made it club

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you can NEET off that money for at least 6 years, dude. Even more if you're not a city fag.

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watch this

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my dad rents out a relatively big one bedroom apartment close to the middle of what is considered an expensive city in Romania for about 400$/mo. And it's double the size of a studio shitbox in london, mind you.

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Its not a sum you can relax long term, no. I have same in stocks and waiting with 30k of it for the crash that I expect till end of the year.
I could buy an apartment in Zagreb, maybe some crap house, or wait till I inherit half of the house and then buy the rest of it from my brother and make 3 apartments out of it.

I need at least 200 to 500k eur WITH a house to have a sort of relaxed life, bunch of kids

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This guy knows how to live. Funny to see those third worlders getting those dirty hands on 10k and spend it in a mouth thinking that they are rich.

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You must be fucking joking. I don't have to check prices because I live in eastern Poland. $200 a month living comfortably here? You can't even rent a room for that in any bigger city (unless you want to live in some methhead shithole, but good luck with not killing yourself). If by Eastern Europe you mean Mariupol in Ukraine then yeah, maybe you can live like that. You COULD live for like a $500 a month, but nevertheless it would be so miserable, that you'd be better off living as a homeless In Florida or wherever else in America. At least you would have had sun there. I think you don't realize how bad inflation is there. See Canada and multiply it times 3. That's what we got here. As for countries like Bulgaria, I don't know - but I'm totally sure that $200 dollars a month is not liveable anywhere besides rural Africa.

Honestly people - Poland is becoming as expensive as Nordic countries, but with 5x lesser salaries.

That could be reasonable, but yeah, Brazil. I'm used to being safe everywhere I go, so hard pass.

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You can buy a a fancy trailer on a 2acre lot

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And then what genius?

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That's almost 2 full eth nodes anon

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You can easily make it with this money by opting to be a validator of Qan when its mainnet launches, while using only a mobile phone or a raspberry pi

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I live in a post commie country and my expenses are at least 600€ if living frugally, 290 € is rent for a shared apartment in a commie block. You are full of shit

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Dump it into SHIB and become a multi billionaire

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get a job you lazy ass bitch

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>Except it is if you're looking to put some of it into altcoins.
What alts are your picks? Id kas ocean and any other insights from altcoinistdao

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enjoy renting for the rest of your life, dipshit.

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I make $101k a year and have $52k saved up. My dream car is the Dodge Challenger Hellcat, and this is the last year they’re making them. The car is $75k. I am considering buying one with about half the money down and financing the rest for 12-24 months. I want to do this, but can’t shake the feeling that perhaps it’s a bad idea. Am I retarded for wanting to spend that much money on a car?

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All in on JEPI and collect over $1k a month in dividends

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Kek. Stop urging him to getting rekt fool. qanplatform is a better investment option

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You can buy a brand new BMW X5. That's what I did. It's so fucking comfy you wouldn't believe it

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Yes? It's not even luxury. The only thing it's got going for it is drag race capabilities which you will never ever use.

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both of my homes are worth less than $100K. you could buy a house. Actually you could buy two houses in many areas of the US.

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Bull fucking shit. Even trailers in small towns go for $100k

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My thoughts exactly lmfao

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The Qday is coming, everyone needs quantum resistant and Self custody.

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I just hit 100k net worth today and I’m really proud :)

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Ain't sleeping on SHIB, EGLD and ORE, the next bull run could turn out well for them

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Sure, though a large part of why I want one is because they’re going to stop making them. Manufacturers are being pressured to stop making muscle cars and other powerful gas powered vehicles and move towards electric vehicles. Ideally I’d just wait until later, but that’s less of an option here.

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buy new underpants

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Just buy one used and save 70%

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I have 100k in my bank acct but I owe all of it and more to the IRS.

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Not a bad idea, though Hellcats aren’t usually discounted that heavily. I was also interested in buying new since this year is the final model. Also something about getting a used one (even when kept in good condition they’re not perfect) disgusts me a bit to the point where I sort of don’t even see the point of getting one. I may just need to get over the fixation of wanting one. At the same time I feel a little silly being relatively young with a bunch of money I’m not using, working every day just to watch digital numbers in my accounts get bigger for no real reason.

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I got kinda fucked too but it's cause I had a good run

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Buy time in the future. Time with no work. And time when something random happens.

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I'd buy an Audi Q8 and have it fully equipped with the holoride retrofit pack, 100k well spent

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100k is the new $100, send it to me bobro

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100k is actually a lot of money if you aren't regarded

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Doesn't the q8 only cost like 70k? Should still have have like 20k in change even after modifications.

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lol don't tell me you buy the base model alone....

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starting a small business without having to take on any debt at all

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where's the fun when you've having it installed for other people to enjoy while you drive kek

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based, I'm planning to have my own restaurant debt free once I'm able to raise enough money

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You can just tell

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You can pay for a lot of hookers and blow. That, or like 40 troy oz of gold.

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Get your friend or bro who likes driving to have it installed in their ride, problem solved.

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if u buy 100k worth of catgirl you will 1000x the coin. Now are you entertained?

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Shit I'd be happy with 10k