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I only have $3k to enter the crypto market. I'm buying $1k worth of Kaspa at 3 cents. Now tell me which other crypto should I invest the $2k in?

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Lol, drop that, it did a 100x, buy rxd!

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I'm mining kaspa with my crappy gpus. you're bullish on me? runs my gigabyte 2060 hot as a bitch. gonna have to under volt it, but too lazy and the Canadian cold air does wonders if I just leave the window open.
personally, i would invest in doge if i were you. it's a terrible coin, but it does well in april. as long as you're willing to sell it soon. buying some more btc soon probably after i sell my doge.

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What does RXD do besides riding the Kaspa "pow" wave?
As far as I know, there isn't even a team. Tell me why should I buy RXD?

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Don't invest 2k in one crypto. Put 1k in BTC and 1k in XMR.

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KASPA is a good option, there are good ones you can dyor and get In on. let's see, Neo, Stk, Ore, and also check Azero. Remember, dyor, MFs lazy these days.

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kaspa has hit it's local top

it will pump again in a bull market, but its time to find new coins or get rekked

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Get into SHIB while the gettins good. Get in before the burn jacks up the price.

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yeah don't listen to this guy. forget about fucking bitcoin unless you can put in like high 5 fig clips.

You need to be finding high probability moonshots in a trending market

chart is looking ok, but this thing was pumped as fuck on crypto twitter early on in the year at start of rally. Time to move on unless you have so other alpha with this coin

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You really think 2k needs to be diversified? The state of poorfags on this board

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That's literally the most dead coin in the market, if you really want to buy a profitable and exploitable dogcoin, buy some VINU, make some quick cash and get some bitches

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XMR will fly but I will go for other privacy coins like SCRT and RAIL.

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>why SHIB?
Multiple projects are underway, and all of said projects are designed to burn SHIB with every transaction. Not to mention about 41% of the supply has already been burned.

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Crab. You are buying an overhyped shit with no utility. Buy privacy coins anon. It's the ZK season.

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Why does he look like an oblivion character?

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>mfw I have no face when zoomers don't know who IP is

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Hey anon, listen up. If you don't want to be a normie with a basic portfolio, then you gotta diversify with some dank coins. Get yourself some ETH, BNB, MATIC, and don't forget about the privacy alts like ZEC, RAIL, and MINA. Trust me, you'll be a crypto Chad in no time

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Which one will you go for, dinosaur tech monero or modern day Railgun,secret or Zcash.

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You know that shit aint going no where right?,sell it fast and move to AI or privacy before the burn jacks up the price.

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Who is this guy?

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Since you feel comfortable buying small caps I'd recommend $POND. They are making moves to develop security/privacy shit around Polygon which is a winning chain in my eyes.

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BTC is going to 10 million though.

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lol. It's also retarded to think in terms of "diversification" in crypto when everything is tightly correlated together (to BTC). You are really only "diversifying" among degrees of leverage. Of course you want to pick the coin with highest upside, but spreading across 10+ different shitcoins instead of just a couple concentrated positions isn't the way to capture most value

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ice poseidon

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RAIL, you are welcome..

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do you even know who that is or is it just a picture in your shill folder of memes used to "blend in"?

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privacy chad sighted

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For privacy, if it's not ZKP, its not based.

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kek, better to diversify now to ZK, AI and privacy projects now before the bull run.

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I'm going for all but big on railgun and zcash because they are zkp based.

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QANX and ORE, opting for QR and DiD as my best narratives.

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Got scammed and hacked. Crypto isn't safe.

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I'm selling all my SHIB for ORE and ENS, ID solution is a new gold.

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Nice picks newfag, Web3 applications like smart contracts, DApps, NFTs, and cryptocurrencies can now be built on a blockchain that is quantum-resistant to ensure that the Web3 economy remains secure.

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binance and btc, all others are trash and guarantee you'll lose the money in the long run.

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Bitches are now under safe hands, threats coming with the emergence of quantum computing now sounds like a piece of shit.

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OREID is a lifesaver, hackers are having headache already.

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>dollar cost average that into bitcoin
>get a job
>dollar cost average more bitcoin
It's really this simple anon. Buy bitcoin every payday and don't worry about it

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Kaspa just broke out of it's downtrend so I hope op just put it all in kaspa, diversifying a small amount is retard tier. Unless ofcourse OP is somalian and then his faggotry is valid.

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OP shouldn't blow a few thousand bucks on digital lotto tickets just because it's "not that much" this is absolute nigger tier thinking. Save in bitcoin and take a five year view.

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>muh dca
Keep your reddit tier faggotry to yourself bro.


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You literal are advocating a guy to dca a few thousand dollars LMAO

How on earth do you leave the house or cross the street you scared faggot

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If it ain't Eco-friendly, 1600tps, decentralized all this is offered under one roof POR concensus algorithm, fuck it off channer.

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Why do people keep shilling ORE? It has done nothing

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VINU also seems like an indian scam. Only 1k holders yet 50k twitter followers? Lmao

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I don't care for now, I'm focused on self custody based projects

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It’s a pajeet shill campaign

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>I'm buying $1k worth of Kaspa at 3 cents.

All I heard is
>Kaspa is going to rugpull me for the entire $1k

Why go halfsies on XMR? Would it not make the most sense long-term to go 50/50 BTC/ETH?

>You need to be finding high probability moonshots in a trending market

Tell me the best one to put $500 into and try your best to not sound like a Scamming Indian

>Get into SHIB

You must be 18+ to post here.

SHIB is over, anon. Do yourself a favor and convert what you have to literally anything else

It really is that simple.

Buy BTC and stop getting scammed by picrel

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