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>charges you a volatile fluctuating fee with no upper bound for on demand API access
>Calls it decentralization
>Everyone is fooled
This is how I know 99% of crypto is a joke. Hardly anyone seems to understand the underlying tech, and those that do are using that knowledge to scam the rest.

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good post browncel, have sex.

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Didn't read ; Just sold

Fuck Sergey and his army of cringe whiteknights

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>Multi thread cope posts needed to garner some form of confirmation that you made the correct decision.
Look at the landscape anon, you know nothing else holds a candle to what you just gave up.

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>Can't comprehend how much he's been scammed
>Defaults to weak ad hominem
Its ok to ask questions when you don't understand, anon

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lol have sex browncel.

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Doesn't link just look up the current proce via a single url? That's the tech

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>.2 stinkies have been deposited in your account

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yeah, but marines literally convinced themselves their token will revolutionize finance.

They drank the ChainlinkLabs koolaid

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>Charges (You)
>Endless screeching and kvetching
Time to pay up, jeets. No free rides anymore.

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>literally lets anyone pay in usd by going through the company
>deposits LINK in your contract for you, no need to deal with 'the blonkchain'
>24/7 support as part of the package charged in usd
>literally not a joke
>literally a real business with real paperwork that you can use as invoices and such telling your accounting department how much you spend on Chainlink(tm) so they can claim some tax shit or something that obviously wouldn't work if the IRS saw a mcdonalds napkin with:
>- 18.54 Lenk Terkins
> Sgined
>SergEY N.
all ur arguments btfo by anyone who can contact sales right now and set up a deal by larping well enough that they're not a 4chan neet and actually have a job and want to use chainlink
>protip: the coming off as 'having a job' part is where you will fail
however nuff mans succeded setting up upkeepz, functininoz, VRFz for da hood casino n sheet(naw mean we be getting P A I D lmao fr)
Just make sure you got a couple of benjis down to pay the fat man his cut and he'll LINK YOU UP BITCH!!!! hahahahahahah
(i'm rich btw 5k link staked forever, suck my cock)

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And yes, before you guess...it's me the one with the Z

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chainlink labs has hundreds of employees yet its coding output volume on github is less than my 3 man startup's. What do you think they do all day

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>Acts as the middle man solution to their own convoluted problem
>/biz/ eats it up
The fact you continue to be impressed by what essentially amounts to obfuscation is hilarious.

I'm imagining something like a wolf of wallstreet-esque call center

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The oracle problem, or the payment in non-volatile currency problem?
Either way, acting as the middleman to onboard users and developers is not only fine, but if they weren't doing that I'd be worried.
Obfuscation seems a bit strong, but I can agree at least that the process itself should be more transparent. As the onchain part of it is fine and obviously transparent already. And even this is arguably transparent since tokens still get used, even if the pay is done irl.
Are you looking at all the branches, or just the master/main one?
If so, securing Chainlink(tm) levels of value is definitely not a 'move fast and break things' sort of operation...
But I'm not going to argue at all with the bloated operation thing.
imo most of their days are numbered now since a lot of those job titles seem to be within range of the terminator sooner or later. Always seemed to me like they just hired a ton people so that the tech people wouldn't have to deal with mundane shit. But boy did they ever go nuts...
I honestly can't imagine how the last few years would have turned out any different had they kept a reasonable sized team. Like I doubt a single defi protocol that uses it cares about whether or not they have an assistant to the people integration specialist, or the senior board cartographer for the decentralized diversity and inclusion oracle council on node equity and representation
although it was nice to get on the map so to speak lmao. better that people know that they don't hire anyone whiter than ari unless they self-identify as non-heteronormative, or adjacent pillow group structure/two-spirit gender instinct crystal|fluid dynamic or lunar phase driven within its own subset gender dimension

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Chicken or egg retard.

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>as if such a question can exist when this does

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>if I make subtle acknowledgement of the team's shortcomings my shilling thesis will be more believable
sure buddy

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>gut sticks out over chest
>losing teeth
>horrific visage
what an obese freak
the only people that wouldn't immediately be repulsed by such a genetic dead end are obese genetic dead ends

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shit if that was subtle i need to step up my game apparently
>shilling thesis
if telling people they don't need to buy the token and can pay in usd to use the services counts as shilling, then it's gotta be shilling for the company rather than the token itself at least

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>Token not needed!
>How dare Chainlink demand we pay up!
Kek, you can't make this comedy gold up

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the token is clearly not needed

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he's gotten fatter recently. is it stress eating before a release or guilt eating to drown out the non progress?

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users aren't paying for the token, they are paying for the service. there is no contradiction. it would have been nice if there were though, right?

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>users aren't paying for the token, they are paying for the service
The service requires the token, no exceptions.

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it mandates the use of a token. this token is just shoehorned into the process for funding, it could be any token, see the BNB version for example

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>charges you a volatile fluctuating fee with no upper bound
complete non-problem reflecting your economic naivete. next!

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>it could be any token
Not really, a proprietary token is part of the system's security.
Exact same reasoning as with BTC.

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>Not really, a proprietary token is part of the system's security.
citation needed. just look at the BNB version, they ripped out the superflous token and replaced it with the obvious choice, the native coin of the chain, to no ill effect. it's really great to have this counterexample now, it clears up the discussion a lot

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>citation needed
You don't know how bitcoin works?

>the obvious choice, the native coin of the chain
Chainlink is its own network of nodes that each serve a multitude of chains.
Not only would using native chain coins undermine security, but it would also be a clusterfuck for nodes to handle payments.

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>You don't know how bitcoin works?
it uses the native coin of the chain, which works great
>it would also be a clusterfuck for nodes to handle payments
did you know that link is copy pasted to every chain? there is no "single token that is used everywhere". it is precisely the clusterfuck you describe, only labeled the same everywhere to give it the appearance of sanity

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>it uses the native coin of the chain, which works great
*of the network of nodes.
Just like Chainlink does.

>did you know that link is copy pasted to every chain? there is no "single token that is used everywhere"
You're contradicting yourself.

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>Just like Chainlink does.
the same way that there are some weirdos refusing to use dollars in favor of rocks, yes. rocks are the native currency of their collective delusion, so it's the same
if you have link on chain x and want to pay on chain y, you can't. the contract is copy pasted, but those tokens are related in the same way that there is a shitcoin labeled "dog" on every chain. you seem to be pretty new to all of this, maybe you shouldn't invest your allowance into something you don't understand?

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>the same way that there are some weirdos refusing to use dollars in favor of rocks, yes
Having a network-native token brings economic (dis)incentives that help keep network participants honest.
It's the exact same principle for Link as it is for BTC.

>those tokens are related in the same way that there is a shitcoin labeled "dog" on every chain
Well no because every single Link "on other chains" is actually a Link token.

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Is 500 Chainlink enough to make some good gains?

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it's getting pretty embarrassing, maybe you should change your id?

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Don't take my word for it.

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ETH has an even bigger market cap. he's obviously not going to mention that in a post on the uniswap forum

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>ETH has an even bigger market cap
Anon, the guy who made ETH is trying to tell you oracles on ETH need their own token.
Not ETH (the coin he made), but their own.

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>hi, your project is great but the token is useless. regards, the guy that builds the platform you run on
yeah, he should have just said it. he's probably embarrassed by the post, better not spread it or he's going to delete it