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Then it pumps. Are you willing to satiate him?

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I unironically sold my last remaining Link and converted them into Bitcoin and ETH

You have to be an utter retard to still hold after 6 years while everything keeps outperforming this shitcoin, Sergey doesn't give a fuck about you retards he already made it

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Thats cool and all but but we literally can not sell our link, as it is staked and we do not have the ability to remove it from staking at this time.

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>he fell for the staking meme
Yeah....anon you got scammed

Why the fuck would you lock your crypto for 4% APY? Are you a fucking baby boomer?

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Seeing as how you had less than 4k link i'm assuming you are a latefag that bought above $20. my condolences, but your timing is impeccable. selling weeks before we go back to the $20 price range

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>I unironically sold my last remaining Link yesterday
>You have to be an utter retard to still hold after 6 years
Hello retard.

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>makes up random assumptions to justify his colossal losses
I bought in March 2019 nearly two months before the Google meme partnership.

Have fun holding your staked tokens I guess.

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You forgot the first and only rule anon

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Oh so your a pajeet then? Most people have more than lunch money to use on their investments.

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the fudder is beyond buckbroken lmao

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Not in your cringe cult sorry. I'm here to make BTC/dollars

Holding an underperforming shitcoin because you married your bags is a 80 IQ tier behaviour. I know that some Linies on here are retarded see >>54474538 and >>54474515.

These mongoloids will never admit they made a dumb mistake, they would rather keep holding for a decade lol

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You held for 6 years minus 1 day. You are calling people retards for holding 6 years. You are a retard for holding this for 6 years, anon.

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Imagine holding amazon for a decade and then selling right before they take off. You are the one with 80 IQ if you can't see the writing on the wall

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Imagine being a schizophrenic and still denying reality after 6 years.

Wake the fuck up you demented idiot. Sergey already made $500 million off you, stop living under the assumption that holding his premined fucking coin will one day make you rich.

ETH fags made it in less than 2 years

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I have more Link than you.
One day you will realize that despite the simplicity of this statement it will haunt you to your deathbed.

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you are proving to me that you never held link with each statement you type you end up putting in more buzzword fud

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nastyslob is an obese incel and the only people that would touch his little pecker are his bagholding toilets that he shits in every week