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I’m 6’5” but I wear lifts in my boots so I look 6’7”

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Probably built like a lamp post as well

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This but i'm 5'5"

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I'm 5'7" and I feel so tall when I'm taller than someone
Gives me such a rush.
I can't imagine the confidence boost most men get at 6 foot tall when they tower over someone like me
I hit the genetic lottery in every other way besides height

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How'd you get out of the manlet pit? don't you know /fit/ raised the manlet cutoff again

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I'm 4'8" but I can still intimidate Bigs. I just make sure they find me in unexpected places, like under their bed or in a cupboard. Helps to be naked and hiss a lot when they find you.

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>I can't imagine the confidence boost most men get at 6 foot tall when they tower over someone like me
I can't speak for the low 6's, but from 6'4" and up you all basically look the same from up here tbdesu. Maybe OP really is a fag who still notices but for me it just puts me outside of the game entirely and I almost never think about height comparisons at all, except for the 2 or 3 times a year when I spot a person taller than me in public. And even then it's just an interesting oddity, not an ego situation.

The only real height rush I get at 6'6" is the rush to my loins when I spot a thin woman over 6'.

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6"4' here as well. This thread inspired me to go buy tall shoes, just so I can dab even more on manlets.

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I'm tall but I'm an autistic introvert. I just stand out and it mostly sucks.

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Yea but I have this thing where if I’m not the tallest person in that vicinity I freak the fuck out internally. If I saw you in the same room as me when I wasn’t wearing my boots and could tell you had an inch on me I would find a way to get the fuck outta there asap. I’ve felt sick to my stomach on the few occasions I’ve ever been heightmogged.

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I'm 5'6 and I get laid

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I'm 5'6" and exercise a lot to compensate but now I just look like a dwarf

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i do the same, except im 6'1 and look 6'3 with them

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Me too, I hate attention and I constantly feel like I'm in the spotlight

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I'm 6'2 in bare feet, wear think soles and tell everyone I'm exactly 6' to expose copers.

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Tall men are truly the pretty women of male gender. Completely pussified by their lack of hardship. This must be why all the truly great men of history were manlets.

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I have a coworker who is 6'7" and isn't lanky (decently built) and he doesn't really enjoy it since nothing is comfortable. We go to a restaurant - he barely fits under the table and has to be careful with his elbows. We drive somewhere 4 in a car, he has to sit in the front passenger seat and push the seat back. We go to a presentation in an auditorium and he has to sit in the back otherwise people complain he is hiding.
Unless you are an athlete, being tall sucks when you live in a world of manlets.
Meanwhile me as a 6'0" king of manlets, everything is comfortable and I'm taller than most people and tower over the vast majority of women even when they wear high heels.

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>Tall men are truly the pretty women of male gender
So they're the winners then

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I'm a manlet but I have a large penis. So when I book hookers they are always surprised and refuse to do anal.