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I had seven figures worth of link. I had a tiny taste of 'making it' only to be pushed brutally back into 6 figure hell.

When will this nightmare end? Everyday I wake up and stare blankly into the trading view screen of link just counting every second waiting until LINK moons.

It is inevitable but I feel broken inside.


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I am in low 5 figure hell and i'm not complaining

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>When will this nightmare end?

When you sell your LINK

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>reddit spacing
>f-fellow ogs anyone else f-feel this way?
2021 top buying nufudder demoralization thread attempt detected
go back

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which is normal
low 5 figures is not hell, it's just baseline
6 figures hell is called 6 figures hell because it's an amount that combines several properties
>enough to make you see the light at the end of the tunnel
>not enough you can live off it
>losing it would take years to recover = can't gamble it all on high risk plays anymore
i went from $200k to $20k in the previous bear cycle, and from $1M to $200k in this one. the latter was much harder than the former

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You mean the former was harder than the latter? 200k to 20k is worse hit than 1m to 200k

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we are all in this together bro, what do you want? market is too dumb to understand the value of link, all we have to do is wait for it to wake the fuck up or for sergey to enforce it, one thing is for sure...link will become the top 3 crypto someday, all we have to do is just wait and be patient, we are all in this together

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>complaining 6 figures nigger in the bear market

brah you're 1 run from making it stfu, Try being 4 figures fag

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4 figures is literally like a few weeks of work to escape from. Anybody can make 10k to invest with minimal effort lol

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Have you ever thought about how maybe he's from a third world country and 4-10k is a lot to him? Everyone has a different circumstance in life, no need to be rude

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Last cycle i topped at 60k, cashed 15k and that turned to 4k at bottom. Those 4k turned into 450k peak. Cashed 15k and now im at 90k. If i get half of previous pump im out of the race forever. Anon stop looking at screen, do exercise, learn to cook tasty healthy food as when you make It, you Will need to fill your time with healthy routine, better start training now. Dont suffer and use this time to work on yourself

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im the same bro. I know i will get called a fudder for this, but it can be worth it to sell like 1k of your linkies if you have a lot of them. Then you will realize that you actually have a lot of money and that all of this was not for nothing. Also it feels good to be able to say you're not in a bad marriage with you investment.

For the record, ever since i sold a little of my investment i feel a lot better and like i can evaluate link better. If you dont want to sell, i understand. Just saying it helped me look at it with clearer eyes.

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If you have access to the internet there is literally no excuse.

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Went from 1m to 70k. Fml it's kinda over

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Thats what you get for listening to the biz link cult of chud pol shut ins. Always take profits during speculative mania phases

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Did you think that maybe he is a lazy third worlders?

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you held shitcoins didn't you

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Held 100% link.

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I swapped eth to link during Aug 2022 and now I’m at 200k instead of 230k fuck me

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Sell your Link for Bitcoin & Ethereum

You joined a literal cult made up of delusional midwits who think their premined rank 25 ponzi scheme will revolutionize the financial market. After 6 years you should have learnt to recognize a fucking cult lol

t. ex link holder

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I sold all my ETH and BTC into a shitcoin after the first massive dump hoping for a shitcoin recovery which never came. A mistake that at this point has cost me about $200k and counting.

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Also anon if it makes you feel any better (it won’t) I also had low 7s (2.5MM) at the peak in LINK and never sold a single one. We are a special kind of retarded. I’m not sure we get a second chance, but I really hope you make it. The kind of demoralizing depression we have had to suffer the last year and a half is payment enough to the universe. I have woke up every day for more than 500 days in a row just wanting to stay in bed. When you’ve made it and you know it and you lose made it status there is no feeling quite like that. It’s like they let you out of jail, you run around a field, feel the sun on your face, bathe in crystal clear ocean waters, fuck a virgin 20 year old, and are taken to a room with a hundred other virgin 20 year olds. Out the window you can see the field, the ocean. This is your new life. Then suddenly from out of the walls come bars, the women fade to nothingness. The window is gone. Just darkness, back in a damp, soggy hell, and the guard comes in and says “GET UP WAGIE, ITS TIME FOR WORK DUTY”.

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instead of falling in the trap of waiting you could've looked for new opportunities and risen back into 7 figs by shit like GMX, Kaspa, etc

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How do you round trip twice without realizing you can sell half and have a bigger bag next run? Seriously.

But yeah, prove it otherwise you are just trolling bagholders

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maybe do some actual work instead of waiting for magic internet money to increase in value

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This amount of attachment to money is just sad. Fuck I need to get off this board

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cool story bro, I'm in 4 figures and still not selling.

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Its a "money" time share. You didnt have 7 figures because a bunch of other people were all looking at it and thinking the same thing. One of those sells and actually claim the 7 figures and now what you are looking at is worth less. ts true value is the x amount of LINK you hold which hasnt changed. Hopefully this helps with your mental health.

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kek that's a funny way to describe lack of liquidity

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Get your shit together. You will be rich within the next 5 years and unfathomable rich in the next 10 years. Even 1k baglet linkies will make it. Good things come to those who wait. Just don't get smart and fumble your golden ticket away. Remember hubris and greed are the ultimate bane of man

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>checking blockfolio every 30 minutes
>up 5% every day
>x500'd initial by the top of the run
>part of secret whale groups with helpful tips and fun banter
>biz shit had my complete attention, dropped other hobbies
>constant dopamine rush and stimulating IQ tests
>felt so alive and on top of that shit
>new development every day, defi summer, yield farming, dex amms, metamask etc
>constantly browsing here on biz or on networks to keep up and find out the next trend

>portfolio completely flat lined
>don't even bother checking prices anymore, just check biz catalog for 2 minutes but nothing catches my interest
>biz is fucking dead now, my private groups have like 2 guys left just discussing their boring lives
>even the jeets aren't even trying anymore
>literally nothing happening anymore
>feel nothing anymore
>just tell myself I just gotta wait out for another halving cycle and another fed printing cycle but I don't even care anymore
>just miss how fun and exciting it all used to be
>so bored, I got back into lifting and video games

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You are seeing it the wrong way. Your herculean ability to resist greed in favor of long term vision and commitment is why you will make it. You didn't sell at 2.5 million because you know eventually your link will be worth 20 million, then 200 million. This is what separates those who are destined to make it and those who wont

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Checked. I started to get weak in the last 6 months or so. I think I’m beyond that, but part of why I staked a bunch was to make sure I didn’t fall prey to my own weaknesses.

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fucking hell bros, how many of us still hanging out around here from the assblasting days
we've been through so many crazy highs and lows together
if you've made it so far without temptation to sell, you're either a genius or a complete retard

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Let me ask you this, apart from money what else do you have in life? Don't be edgy, be real