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Look. no other coin looks like this. the arrow is the June low on them all. Everything else either smashed below it or didnt meet it again.

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It's not. All alts dump as BTC dumps. Being a baggie warps your perception of reality.

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But the charts look different?

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>literally provided objective evidence
>some schizo claims its not real


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Link is pretty much untradable. It's done this before, where it'll range for an entire year before scam wicking both directions and then finally picking a direction to go in.

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Because LINK is special. That's why BTC whales and CZ have been manipulating it for years now.

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so lite and dogecoin wouldve been better buys from bottom

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It will follow the xrp route back in 2017 when it went from $0.01 to $1.50

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Because Link has been having amazing news in the past few months/years, so it naturally wants to recover sooner than anything else.
But then each attempted breakout gets dumped on by BTC.

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This doesn't make sense anymore now that BTC broke out and is now at 28k

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Don't forget the btc dump 2 hours before the last weekly candle close causing LINK to keep bearish indicators for one more week.

Can we murder the BTC whales who did this after making it?
I think it's well deserved.

They are trying to shake us out through time based capitulation by making everything else pump and suppressing its price after preventing it from pumping.
These monsters must be eliminated.

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I will believe you if link pumps to 9.50 and then BTC dumps horrifically again.

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The last dump to 20k destroyed Chainlink's previous attempt to leave this range.
It was supposed to have its bull run first if it were to repeat the pattern of 2020.
This was prevented by the continuous attack.
We have over 10 major BTC dumps in the last 6 months alone which are pure manipulation not seen anywhere else.

The result of this is that the whales may attempt to prevent Chainlink from pumping and make its holder miss out on another pump while the crypto space recovers.
When Chainlink pumps finally BTC will end its pump and take it down with it.
If you are unlucky then it means this range could be maintained another half year.

The key is when they are going to stop this and no one here knows this.

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You and many are viewing this as a negative thing. If true, this is very bullish. They aren't just holding link back for no reason, they are trying to accumulate as much as possible. Linkers should be extremely happy to be accumulating with the big boys no matter how long it takes. It means the token is wanted and needed, unlike most vaporware in the space. When they are done, they will lift the lid off and let it float away.

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simply not needed
fat sleazy scammer
>Link marines
delusional bagholders with battered wife syndrome

Link will keep getting outperformed by everything while the schizos rant about $1000 EOY (which will never happen) nearly six years after its ICO

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Yes this is negative, because it's more profitable to trade literary everything else and to come back when it finally goes to $10.
The longer this manipulation continues the more profitable it will be to dump your LINK stack to gamble on shitcoins.
When even BTC and ETH outperform Chainlink there is no reason to hold onto something manipulated into a range for almost a year if you are able to look at a chart once a week.

Do you want to experience the century long manipulation of gold and silver?
If they are attacking Sergey to make him dump his stack this can last a decade.

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>If they are attacking Sergey to make him dump his stack this can last a decade.
pure unadulterated schizophrenia

Sergey was the one dumping on you all the time, but hey atleast you made him some funny maymays ;)

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I don't think it matters whether you buy in at 5 or at 10. In 2 years after SWIFT integration every major country will be forced to buy this premined erc20 token to move money. It'll probably hit 5k easy.

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>my premined shitcoin will reach a 10 trillion marketcap I swear!

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shut up cuckold

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It's hard to make a time based prediction.
The initial estimation gave a 1-2 trillion market cap, but seeing this manipulation through BTC dumps means the BTC whales dumping and suppressing the price for years expect it to at least reach the market cap of gold at 10 trillions or more.

To explain such a grand scale of manipulation Chainlink must become the future reserve currency of the world.
For this to happen CCIP will play a role, but it's the network effect of the smart contract economy which will create this result.
It relies on everything else being put together. Things like DECO and Chainlink Functions, FSS too, everything is part of this goal to make Chainlink into the reference for decentralized technology.

However it could take a decade or more to reach this final capitalization.

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The trouble is you're conflating LINK with Bitcoin. Imagine in a few years when the Prime Minister of Haiti comes crawling to Sergey saying "Please sir mine more LINK coin to drop price. We cannot use SWIFT with coin at $7500" and Sergey looks at him and says "Sorry but you should have bought in early and held. You had the time to buy the future of international monetary funds transfer but you didn't. I'll never let my LINKmarines down... The ones who held at 5 and 6 and 7. Do you think I'd spit in their faces? No! I'd do anything for them. So sorry Mr Haiti, the coin will not be dropped".
It's going to be awesome and were all going to be rich! Just hold boys!

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10 trillion is lowballing it if you expect LINK to get as big as it should. My conservative estimate is 100 trillion or even 1 centagigazillion marketcap. I full expect 1 LINK will be the gdp of a deprived African nation.

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I think you need to just take a step back and chill. Just dca and forget it. Come back later in the year.

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This. Gold and silver are "suppressed" doesn't mean its been very worthwhile to hold for decades

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you're joking but Link marines legitimately believe this shit lmao

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>The key is when they are going to stop this and no one here knows this.
My best guess is this Friday. If not, then I guess maybe another 6 months.

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I think this is fair. 100 trillion market cap by 2030 no doubt about it.

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poligon and Link

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Link is behaving like any other coin at the monet, beside arbitrum shitcoins who x20

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world events on a higher level revolve around chainlink. this phenomenon has been growing stronger year by year, so much so that you could have already retired off a simple strategy of selling your entire crypto stack anytime chainlink pumped 10%, and then buying back after chainlink dumped -20% several times over. its like clockwork. its as if chainlink is trying to swallow the world but each time it sinks another tooth into the skin the world kicks back. kind of like an anaconda trying to eat a buck deer. it takes a while and there is great struggle but the inevitable cannot be avoided.

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Deluded stinkie
Read my fucking lips: Token. Not. Needed.

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I can't see your lips

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The usual discord nufudders are actually a lower form of life than unpaid internet janitors:
>constantly making 50+ pbtid fudding in discussion threads over 10+ hours whenever they're up
>the rest of the time they seem to be seething, samefagging, and monitoring in up to 6 fud threads at any one time during their "rush hour"
>sometimes when they're really upset because no one takes them seriously, they'll spam the board with nikado avacado's asshole threads
>they have been doing this possibly since 2021, when a lot of them bought the top and never recovered
>others lost their stacks on bancor and celsius
>some even think that they're "fighting the wef" by posting on here - yes they're that retarded
>lets be generous with the math and say that they've only done this for five days a week (including holidays) for one year (50x52=2600 hours spent doing this maybe, not including the time they've spent making low quality memes and looking at pictures of the best cock cages to use)
>all over an apparently shitty and unimportant crypto
>on a board that doesn't even affect the prices
>all for FREE

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posting this again for the retards/latecoomers who missed it...

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I hold 15% LINK in my portfolio, just stop worrying about missing out on other coins and spread out your investments, that way you get the best of both scenarios.

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