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>rent is $720
>food is $3
>car is too expensive
>ask for $15/hr

>rent is $1,559.99+tip
>food is $12
>car is LOL
>"Well, you finally got that $15/hr you asked for. Don't make us regret it. We expect you to pick up the slack to compensate for it, capiche?"

>wagies everywhere literally celebrating $15/hr
We absolutely deserve this. I'm not even mad. I'm entirely understanding of our current situation and why it's happening. We deserve what we put up with.

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and to think all of you feel this way. That's how complacency works, you will lay in the grave youve made for yourselves

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>rent is $1,559.99+tip
I really hope you’re joking

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I make $75 an hour + 5-figure annual bonus. I literally can't relate.

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wait, is Dinotopia a nonfiction book series?

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>9 years pass
>Still making minimum wagie bucks
You have no one to blame but yourself

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what about new minimum wagies

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>Car is LOL

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pic related isn't renting, but welcome to hell and don't forget to tip the devil

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Where does one find these mythical 80k+ annual jobs?

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Mexicans like lsd, learn spanish and sell to day laborers for 10 bucks a hit.