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why do people miss obvious things like this?

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Many people may not have a deep understanding of technical analysis or chart patterns, such as wedges, to identify them.

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Holy shit, what I learned from this is that there's a 50/50 chance that the price will either go up or down. TA is extremely useful, I wouldn't have known that otherwise. Thanks OP.

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So what the fuck does this mean retard? Is it fuckin going up or down

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means it will do a breakout of the pattern but most likely a false breakout, meaning it will do the opposite of what it looks like will happen, to liquidate traders

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Let's keep the conversation respectful, everyone. Technical analysis can provide some insights, but it's not a guarantee. It's important to do your own research and make informed decisions.

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so its going to go up or down? wow thanks a lot fuckhead

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TA is akin to astrology

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Dumb nigger can't read TA

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because of market manipulation, yes

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why should we respect your stupid thread? you big dumb gorilla nigger.
go back, no safe space here.

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>magic lines
>magic lines on a phone

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but astrology works wonderful for a manipulated market

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>implying astrology doesnt work

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TA is retarded.

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If you are such an expert at reading it and predicting the future why aren’t you a billionaire?

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huge fortunes are spent on bot networks that spoof patterns in classical ta

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Answer him, faggot op.

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That faggot OP? Elon Musk.