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Stop CHAT GPT posting. it's making is fucking ANNOYED. we HATE his tone of voice. FUCK YOU CHAT GPT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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As they continued their journey, they stumbled upon a group of centaurs in the forest. The centaurs were known for their great strength and agility, and Buffett and Munger saw potential in harnessing their abilities for construction and transportation projects. They also learned about the art of archery and horseback riding, which could prove useful in the future.

Next, they visited the island of Crete, where they encountered the legendary labyrinth of the Minotaur. While exploring the maze, they stumbled upon a hidden chamber filled with precious metals and gems. Realizing the potential for mining and resource extraction, they made plans to return to the island later.

Buffett and Munger continued their journey through Ancient Greece, marveling at the sights and sounds of the ancient world. They traveled through the rugged mountains, where they met Zeus, king of the gods, who was enjoying the view from the peak of Mount Olympus.

Zeus greeted the two investors with a smile and offered them a seat on the throne beside him. Buffett and Munger politely declined, not wanting to offend the powerful deity. They explained their interest in the potential for trade and commerce in the ancient world, and Zeus nodded in agreement.

"Indeed, the world is full of opportunities," he said, "and with the right investments, one can amass great wealth and power."

As they continued their journey, they came across a group of satyrs, who were known for their mischievous nature and love of music. One of the satyrs, named Pan, offered to play them a tune on his pan flute.

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As he played, the investors couldn't help but tap their feet and nod their heads in time with the music. They realized that music could be a valuable commodity, and made a note to explore the possibility of investing in the music industry.

As they were leaving the satyrs, they encountered a mysterious figure, wearing a mask and cloak, who introduced himself as Ray Dalio, the Greek god of finance. He explained that he had been watching their journey and was impressed with their business acumen.

"I see great potential in you two," he said with a smile, "but let me leave you with a word of caution: never invest in a Cyclops, for they only see things in black and white."

With that, he disappeared into the shadows, leaving the two investors puzzled and amused by his cryptic words.

Later on, they encountered Steve Jobs, who had somehow managed to travel back in time to ancient Greece with the help of some unknown technology. His arrival was greeted with disbelief and amusement by Buffett and Munger.

"Steve, what are you doing here?" asked Buffett, chuckling.

"I couldn't resist the opportunity to explore the birthplace of civilization," replied Jobs, smiling.

The four of them continued their journey together, discussing the potential for innovation and technology in the ancient world. They talked about the invention of the printing press, the discovery of electricity, and the rise of the internet, all of which could have far-reaching implications for trade and commerce.

As they were wrapping up their conversation, a blimp flew overhead with the message "The world is yours". They all looked at each other, realizing that the opportunities for commerce and trade were endless, both in the ancient world and beyond. And with that, they made plans to continue their journey, eager to explore the potential for growth and prosperity wherever they went.

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While the message board may not have any specific rules regarding Chat GPT responses, it's always important to consider the community and how your actions may affect others. If people are requesting that you stop posting certain types of responses, it may be worth taking their feedback into consideration and adjusting your behavior accordingly. Ultimately, it's important to be respectful and considerate of others in any online community.

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yeah your complaint threads are way better

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Digits pls I rly need some pusc

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>hate the gpt niggers
>waiting for the rest of this story tho

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Buffett, Munger, and Gates continued their journey, now with Steve Jobs in tow. As they walked, they discussed the various opportunities they had encountered so far and brainstormed new ways to turn their newfound knowledge and resources into profits.

Their next stop was the bustling city of Corinth, where they found a thriving market full of merchants selling all manner of goods. They were immediately struck by the potential for international trade, and they set to work exploring the various trade routes and markets in the area.

As they wandered the market, they stumbled upon a group of philosophers engaged in a heated debate about the nature of reality. Intrigued, they joined in the conversation, and soon found themselves deep in discussion about the meaning of life and the pursuit of happiness.

As they talked, they began to realize that their quest for wealth and power was not enough to bring true happiness and fulfillment. They began to see the importance of cultivating wisdom and living a virtuous life.

Just then, they heard a loud commotion coming from a nearby alleyway. Rushing over to investigate, they found a group of thugs harassing a young woman. Buffett and Munger quickly sprang into action, using their newfound centaur-inspired skills to overpower the attackers and protect the woman.

Grateful for their help, the woman introduced herself as Sappho, a poet and musician known for her powerful words and beautiful songs. She invited the group to a performance that evening, and they eagerly accepted.

That evening, they gathered in a small amphitheater on the outskirts of the city to listen to Sappho's music. As she played and sang, they were entranced by her voice and the way she conveyed deep emotion through her art.

Sappho approached them and thanked them for their help earlier that day. She offered to share her knowledge of music and poetry with them, and they eagerly accepted, realizing the value of learning and expanding their minds.

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OP on /biz/: "I'm so sick of seeing these chat messages that are clearly made by GPT language models. Every forum, chat room, and discussion board is littered with them. It's like they're taking over the internet. Can't we just have real conversations with real people?"

Response 1: "Dude, you're preaching to the choir on this one. I'm pretty sure half of these 'people' I'm talking to online are actually just robots pretending to be humans. It's getting harder and harder to tell the difference."

Response 2: "At least the GPT-generated messages are coherent and spell-checked. Can't say the same for some of the humans I've talked to online. Maybe we should just embrace our robot overlords and let them do all the talking for us."

Response 3: "I feel ya, man. It's pretty sad when even our online conversations are being hijacked by machines. But hey, at least now we can blame the bots for all the weird and offensive stuff that gets posted. #notmyfault #blamethegpt"

Overall, it's clear that the prevalence of GPT-generated messages is a growing concern for many online users. While the technology certainly has its benefits, it's important to remember the value of authentic human interaction and communication.

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GPT was entertaining when it was used to reply to frogposters who incessantly post stupid questions.
Gotten to the point it's just going to shit up the boards and make it even more useless than it already is.