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The market has gotten better, but too many predictions which is not clear. Will BTC hit 35k soon or not?
The adoption of crypto as payments has gotten better, is it wise to use any platform or just stick to our fucking fiat?

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I’m gonna get real on my ass

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Go and ask Gary Gensler

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shit might go to $35k soon but we might as well go to $5k soon

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See what El Salvador is doing for its citizens because of adoption, I see Lugano following suit by easing off tax payments

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Pajeet we are in the era of CBDC adoption and not crypto

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It has gotten better, I can even pay to see Benfica play soccer with crypto

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BTC is going to 15k. Just brace for impact

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Don't just use crypto payment and earn nothing instead use a getaway, that will earn you some cashbacks

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Fuck you moron. BTC is heading to 35k for sure. Just diversify and wagmi jeet. Invested big on web3 projects. Majorly sticking to crypto payments platform with consistent development.

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Shopify, Alternative Airlines and Nikola Brussels are also accepting crypto payments. Even Twitter is considering it

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Fiat is safe. Crypto is volatile.
Don't compare apples and oranges. Be realistic.
> or else get rekt

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The real bull run won’t be until 2025. We’ll be in a deep recession this yeae and next year retard

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You must be from Mars because recent events and surveys are pointing to the willingness of people to accept crypto

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I can remember earning 1.5% on several occasions by using Utrust as a payment option.

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Dca before it goes parabolic or you're fucked. Simple as

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Fucker. It's time for fiat and crypto to work together. It's happening xMoney will get things straight.
Realize that

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Exactly. People in Lugano is already paying their taxes in crypto fucker. Soon a web3 payment gateway will support them.
>we will see the annons face melting kek....

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Using a payment getaways can directly convert the crypto to fiat and that's why it is hugely recommended desu

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Just buy the bottom to reap solid in the bull run channers.
ETH 900
BNB 250

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Getting upto 5% cashback would be even better right? I am just waiting for that anon.

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Xmoney will bring both fiat and crypto together making payment easier

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As Elon accepts crypto payments for his cars maybe we can even pay for the travel to Mars with crypto.
The future is web3 payments and people not realizing it is the one thats gonna get into trouble.
>Based Facts.

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It's happening on 12th of this month right. I am excited and eagerly waiting to know how it's gonna work.

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Pure BS.
Just bag some NXRA, ARB and METIS. Great potential.
Payments with crypto is far from being adopted.

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Waiting for Zksync, quai and Sui airdrops.

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ARB just hyped not worth it. I would rather buy EGLD, MEX, and UTK. Just metastake these and generate good passive income.

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There are reliable payment gateway out there. For instance Binance Pay, Alchemy Pay, Moon Pay, Zoid pay, Utrust and Paybolt. Which ever suits you give it a try.
Always dyor.

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>You gonna sit your asses or get real?
Anon, it all depends on what you mean by "get real." If you're talking about investing in crypto, then hell yeah, there's plenty of chances to make bank. But remember, crypto is a highly speculative and volatile market, so only the brave need apply.

But if you're talking about "getting real" by actually using crypto as a currency and joining the decentralized economy, then that's a different ballgame altogether

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Aside from this, there are tons of benefits to using crypto for transactions, like lower fees and more privacy.

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While I respect your opinion, I would like to point out that it's not entirely accurate to say that ARB is just hyped and not worth it. ARB (Arbitrum) is a layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum, and it has gained a lot of attention in the cryptocurrency community due to its potential to significantly reduce gas fees and transaction times on the Ethereum network.

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>Just metastake these and generate good passive income.
In terms of passive income, metastaking is definitely a good option, but it's not the only way to generate passive income in the cryptocurrency market. There are other strategies such as staking, liquidity mining, and yield farming, which could also provide good returns depending on the specific cryptocurrency and market conditions.

Basedfags don't have one means to generate passive income.

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Nothing is gonna happen dude. We're gonna crab forever. Why the fuck did you think you were allowed to escape the wage cage?

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>Just bag some NXRA, ARB and METIS. Great potential.
I couldn't agree more! Cryptocurrencies such as NXRA, ARB, and METIS have tremendous potential for growth and adoption, and I believe they will continue to gain popularity as more people recognize their benefits.

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>Payments with crypto is far from being adopted.
You are just watching the news from the back of your screen. We're already seeing significant progress in this area. Many online retailers and businesses are now accepting cryptocurrencies as a form of payment, and some countries like Portugal have even begun to experiment with digital currencies issued by their central banks.

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Why are you all in on large caps? Diversify mate

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We saw BTC at 17k and many biztards ignored it, now it is ranging around 25-27k and many fags are going to miss buying at this price for sure.

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>Payments with crypto is far from being adopted.
While it may not be fully adopted yet, the trend is definitely moving towards greater acceptance and use of cryptocurrencies for payments. And with the convenience and security that cryptocurrencies offer, it's only a matter of time before they become a mainstream payment method.

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The fact is that these normies ain't even trying to appreciate the sick dips we got going on. They just want to whine about how trash the market is instead of doing their own damn research. There's so much potential out there if they'd just put in the effort to look into stuff like privacy, Perp DEXs, Metaverse, and gaming. The possibilities are endless, man.

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Just think about it, chad. Paying for your electric car charges with low-cap tokens. That's some serious long-term potential right there that RIDE and QWT have made.

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It remains to be seen how it will work, but hopefully, with all the hype surrounding the rebranding, it will make transactions more convenient and streamlined for users.

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Ohh STFU ain't no such thing roastie

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One of my faves, the dips are nothing compared to the pamps.

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Out here waiting for StarkNet, zksync, and Root Network.

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Is this thread full of pajeet larpers or what

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If this happens, boy I'm made coz ama slurp hard, interact, and increase staking for Eth even in sylo pool LM, farm on Spacefi, bridge on VIA protocol too.

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No such thing happening anytime soon so take a chill pill
Just seeing them shilling their bags' tech, you step in and mention what you have or keep quiet, shitcoins are the real shill bots and I'm waiting for 'em.

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I got Panther protocol, GMX, RIDE, Mana as viable options.

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You spoke like a true chad. With the market ranging right now, anyone who miss this opportunity to join the geng will probably not make it. AI, DiDs, and Crypto payment gems to bag

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You ass got nothing to offer bur just a bunch of shit go get useful dickhead as web3payments services keeps making me so horny, as I can now make payments for all my shopping and book my flight ticket and make hotels reservations and pay with crypto using any of the web3payments platform. Don't be a lazyfags

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It gonna happen like trick BTC will hit it atm and lazyfags will come back and wish the fuck the right pussy.

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I don't pay with fiat most of the time especially when I'm traveling, I use alternativeairline and they accept crypto as payment

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Fuck it

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I mean, I did the same thing, just, I conceded and finished buying into my goals, at a higher price.
it's hard to do that though.
had to talk myself up to it for 3 days.

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5% for cashback, am I in heaven

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Retard. They are actively finding ways to dump on you. The whole thing is literally a scam.

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Yea anon can't imagine how juicy making payments with crypto is like crypto community 've partnered with Utrust, a platform aiming to improve crypto payments to businesses. they'll be using the SwissBorg smart yield wallet to give merchants a way to make profits instead of paying fees.

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On dumb ass gets scared when realfags gets better knowing it will make some nice pussy deal over crypto

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Yeah they all pile in to certain threads for some reason. Smells very brown in here.

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What language do you speak at home? Please don't say English.

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Yea ano you sound good as I use one of the web3payments services and get cashback when i stake it on MaiarExchange and get over 1.5 %cashback such a wet pussy experience

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It does not matter if BTC goes back to 35k because every choice player in the market right now knows that it will only go post 100k in april 2024 with the halving, it's unstoppable and unmovable. That's why im racking up my portfolio while i can, i just buy everything DEXT throws at me and since they're mooning anyway i make tons of money. Dunno how it would work for you tho, i already had a reputation prior to that event

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Sounds so bad anon as have been scam using fiat, but crypto has been doing so well as web3payments platform has announces Integration with World’s Longest, Most Secure Blockchain, DigiByte

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Yoo anon you sound nice as I will keep fucking my dick on XRM and GSD these pussy got some sweet juicy experience

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This fags is still learning how to speak English, guess it will be some assholes india dick

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Many merchants are beginning to accept crypto payment now, even Zome a popular real estate company in Portugal also adopted it last year and many more did as well, with more banks shutting down it is likely the number will increase

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Just DCA,no one can eveer get the bottom except by luck. I have been accumulating BTC, ETH, MATIC, METIS and UTK since the begining of this year, WAGMI

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Wagmi anon you indeed got some nice pussy gains as I will keep getting my ass spank with the web3payments gateway as am earning some passive income from staking, it proved to be a brilliant piece decision in the thick of the bear season.

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You all should quit crypto, it's definitely going to crash as am earning some cool shit over real estate and gold without the fear of losing my investment

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Yea anon as more merchants keep onboarding that payment platform, just like Dropstab.com has started accepting payments with digital currencies,

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Stfu, USD is already crashing, and crypto is still standing strong, more over there is no big deal paying in crypto since it offers lesser charges and even more cashback offer

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This is only heading to the ground don't get rekt chessing dead pussy go get useful or die poor posting some shitty quotes

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Yea anon this sound nice as web3payments platform combines features of traditional online payment systems and blockchain technology ,and it's easy and secure

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UTK isn't bad Web3 payment is actually trending

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So fucking what anon you can still get some more benefits using XRP and even Ore noting special about that shit

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Yea faggot it really exciting and it making some nice juicy pussy experience as it new tokenomics features will make merchants so fucking rich anon

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I'm hodling crypto, got some real estate stonks, but you see gold fag imma pass. Just picture investing in dope in-car entertainment gadgets like the sick retrofit from Holoride. It's compatible with VR gaming at home and on the go, making car rides lit AF and chill as hell.

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Crypto adoption in Lugano was still one of the best news this year, I'm looking forward to more news like that

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Yea anon the juicy part is when you pay every transaction on your HoldHQ app or debit card you get reverse staking rewards 1% cashback in UTK.

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Not possible

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Kensington also accepts crypto as payment and even Fortera, the real estate industry is moving massively into crypto