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CNBC is reporting tonight that McDonalds has closed all of its US offices; in anticipation of layoff notices.


Employees are being told to "work from home" until they are told if they have a job or not.

For an industry already in trouble, layoffs, especially if it includes closing stores or major changes to the menu; would be a "collapse of the Roman Empire" leveled event.

On subject... what's the craziest way you quit or was fired from a job?

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text of story...

Burger chain McDonald’s
is temporarily closing its U.S. offices this week as it prepares to inform corporate employees about its layoffs as part of a broader company restructuring, The Wall Street Journal reported on Sunday.

In an internal email last week to U.S. employees and some international staff, McDonald’s asked them to work from home from Monday through Wednesday so it can deliver staffing decisions virtually, the report said. It is unclear how many employees will be laid off.

“During the week of April 3, we will communicate key decisions related to roles and staffing levels across the organization,” the Chicago-based company said in the message viewed by the Journal.

McDonald’s also asked employees to cancel all in-person meetings with vendors and other outside parties at its headquarters, the report added.

McDonald’s did not immediately respond to a Reuters request for comment.

The fast-food chain said in January that it would review corporate staffing levels as part of an updated business strategy, which could lead to layoffs in some areas and expansion in others.

McDonald’s is expected to begin announcing key decisions by Monday.

This is breaking news. Please check back for updates.

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I’m lovin’ it.

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>is temporarily closing

Nothing burger..

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bing, straight out of the box

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I've said for years that fast food chains are overextended. Drive through any medium to large size town and there's one on every fucking corner. Not sustainable.

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This is a standard corporate technique when they wipe out entire departments. When Rockwell International shut down one division, they locked the door which would allow ex-employees from exiting to a common lobby and had guards on the other end. In most restaurant companies, you get the call to meet the boss, with the request that you bring your laptop. In the old old days, when we knew something was up, we'd scan the updated e-mail directory to see who was missing.

You don't do this if you're firing just a few people

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Well, it was when prices were ok now it's unthinkable to go there without coupons.

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B-but what are you guys gonna eat !!??!

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Where the hell will biz work?

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their offices, not the restaurants

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Their corporate model got screwed by the after-effects of covid:
> dramatic increase in wages
> employees with lower performance
> dine-in and play rooms which are now wasted real estate sucking up cash
> increased costs all across the supply chain, which eat up a good portion of the profit.
> a menu with too many items; which means too much overhead in the freezers, too much BS in the supply
> changing customer attitudes toward fast food post covid.

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They’re still very much needed. If I’m waging late at the office until 7pm and I’m starving I wouldn’t go sit down alone at a fucking regular restaurant waiting an hour for my food. I’d rather just get some taco bell and head home which the entire process is 5 minutes

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You could always rely on getting hired at McDonald's.
It's the job where you just need a few DEX stat points to work at. But now it's all over

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learn to cook you fucking slob

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Very good analysis.

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The quality of the food is abysmal. Hiring a bunch of nogs never helped either.

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it's over

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I spent >25 years in the business, everything from grunt-level employee up to director and outside consultant.

Not McDonalds, but other big brands

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>what's the craziest way you quit or was fired from a job?
first job I quit I texted by boss before my 4th of july shift and ghosted for 2 weeks
since then I've made unremarkable clean cuts. from another job my coworker compiled a 19-page scathing document of all of upper management's failures, none of which they addressed, and I quietly bowed out 3 months after without any explanation
McDick's is disgusting I hope they go out of business

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>this kills the american

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Why would satanic jews burn down that mcdo ?

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I was once working for a company that changed ownership. My old boss was contractually prohibited from taking staff with him. I sent a fax to my new boss questioning his decision to fire certain staff and raises prices. I was fired about 5 minutes later by phone; and started at a better position with my old boss's new company the following Monday

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America is healing

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they always make shit worse

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from an ingredients perspective, which fast food chain has the most harmful foods?

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Imagine thinking slop like McDonald’s and Taco Bell are just part of your weekly routine and have a ‘purpose’. let them all burn, I wouldn’t miss any of them.

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the russian empire strikes back

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> that is to say, I wasn't allowed to quit and go to his next company; so I needed to be fired, which nulled the clause

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Anything above the level of family restaurant, and below the level of national/international corporate brand.

Once you have a national corporation, processes are put in to standardize the supply chain, and to protect the company against lawsuits arising from stupid mistakes.

A few examples....
> most buildings are now a common design, which was pre-cleared as to pass health codes in all 50 states. This gives some chains the ability to put up new stores in under 2 weeks, with the paperwork already preapproved.
> some decades ago, there was a rash of lawsuits claiming to have found metal in the product. Most larger companies, at that point, put in procedures to ban the use of metal stables all through their supply chain; with metal dectecters at key points just to be sure.

The family restaurant cooks with pride; the corporate chain cooks with a manual; and everything in between buys stolen meat and off-the-truck discounts

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fast food service is a gateway job for our youth and a fallback for our elderly, employs millions

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> dine-in and play rooms which are now wasted real estate sucking up cash
They saved money on this by having drive thought only, one less cashier (inside) and no one having to clean the inside of the dining area or public bathrooms

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>go to SEA this winter
>McDonald's in Malaysia/Thailand costs more than other restaurants and has worse food
still better than the McDonald's in the states desu

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kek more pls

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Seriously. It’s not difficult to prepare meals for yourself that you only need to pop in the microwave when you get home.

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Ameribros, how are you coping knowing this os the end of the line?

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Mostly a nothing burger (pun intended) restructuring maneuver to trim down ahead of a looming recession. If McDonald's were to actually fall, it was unironically be over for the US, but seeing as the USD is being attacked on all fronts, and the politicians are either ignoring the issue or hell bent on fleecing the population before the rug is pulled out, anything is in the realm of possibility now.

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> more pls
OK, a stream of random restaurant memories...
> around the time of helicopter parents, one mother thinking she was allowed to sit in on the interview with one of her children applying for a job
> A lot of companies lock in their supply chain like Walmart; where it's a golden cage with money and a lot of headache.
> at one corporate event, the silent laugh was discovering that a certain corporate head had brought a high-end escort to a dinner event
> (from my time in loss prevention), some of the more cringe-worthy crimes; cringing in humor at really bad attempts; cringing at how cold blooded some people are
> the time I and a co-worker executed a hostile takeover on our own boss in the middle of the night
> being known as a "troubleshooter" when I was still working in operations, and being assigned to some of the worst locations in the most dangerous places in America.
> the time 2 VP's and 2 directors tried to get me fired; only to discover 24 hours later that I had been right all along about a predicted theft
> being in the business long enough to see the same faces going from company to company
> living through probably 10 occasions where either the company went broke or changed owners
> earning enough of a bonus one year to pay off all of my debts (not a big debt by modern standards, but big enough at the time)

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LMFAO legit gives me hunchback of notre dame feels. Americans even look like the dude

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As long as fat people still exist so will McDonalds

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Holy kek

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I really hate americans

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Good posts anon. What was the peak your salary across your career in this industry?

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It's a huge deal, macdos was an unofficial jobs program. It's a sign of very bad news on Monday. Red across the board

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I'm gonna milk this more

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Try again

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Best year was about $120k, that would have been around 2006. I've been semi-retired for a decade, so I don't what current highs are.

In the old days, before the market got saturated with chains, operations (in store to Area manager level) always had a bonus plan. That stopped around 2003? or so.

Prior to that, especially in the pizza business, it was all about making money. One time the founder of Dominos bet an overweight franchisee $25k that he couldn't run a marathon. Dude lost 100 lbs and started training. When he ran it, the founder was at the end waving a giant check; the dude used the money to buy another store.

Bonuses work well as an incentive to talented people; and not at all to the untalented. Eventually, most people figure out that talented people produce without a bonus; and untalented people almost always cheat to qualify for their bonus

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All of the MCdonalds in my town are packed to the fucking gills at all hours of the day, people wait 20 deep for a fucking big mac

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>On subject... what's the craziest way you quit or was fired from a job?
When Covid hit in 2020 and I heard about all the sweet extra cash you could get being on UI, I decided I wanted in on that. The company I worked at sucked any, the boss sucked, the CEO sucked and most of the people at the company sucked. So I just started being the biggest pain in the ass I could at work and was canned in April. Spent a year on UI, getting paid to traded stocks, travel and do whatever I wanted. It was really the best year I'd had in years.

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mine is the same. except i completely stopped going there after they permanently placed a huge fuckin poster of a couple of ugly tattooed pierced baboons at the drive thru order window

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Then you've got issues as a country.
Obesity is a huge issue.

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>McDonald's is very much a necessity!!

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what the fuck are we gonna eat now ameribros

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at the risk of sounding wonky, that could be a symptom that they aren't moving the line. The profit model for fast food requires a certain number of cars served per hour. If the staff is screwing up; those are lost sales and lost profit.

back in "my day"; the goal was 30 seconds from the time you hit the window until the time you get your food. They pretty much gave up on speed of service in the mid 2000's; when an increase in minimum wage forced staffing cuts.

Not really. McDonalds used serve a necessary role as a "training wheels job" for students who would need certain job skills later in life (such as knowing how to show up on time, how to recognize organizational layers, etc)

not really. translate that to... as long as there are enough fat people willing to buy our product at the same time.

Restaurants are a pure form of capitalism. You either earn profit or you go out out of business.

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>Best year was about $120k, that would have been around 2006. I've been semi-retired for a decade, so I don't what current highs are.
I know a "Director" at a company that owns thousands of franchises (not mcdonalds, think a company that owns thousands of dunkins and mcdicks but isn't dunkin or mcdicks)
Comp is 300k+ for that now, kind of a regional manager role

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and yet we never think about you

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Pretty much. Who is willing to spend 15 bucks for the lowest tier goyslop?

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I worked for a company like that once. They had >100 stores each in a few different companies (not YUM). Their pizza side was interesting, with a centralized ordering system. You call in Nowhere NJ, and the call is routed to the call center which forwards orders to all the stores.

Good money, depending on the company.

I was once fairly close friends with someone who came from generational restaurant money (father founded a few big name companies). It's an entirely different world from what most of us lived

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>One time the founder of Dominos bet an overweight franchisee $25k that he couldn't run a marathon. Dude lost 100 lbs and started training. When he ran it, the founder was at the end waving a giant check; the dude used the money to buy another store.

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>where will biz work
Underqualified to work at chick-fil-a, overqualified to work the waffle house back shift.
>its ogre

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The link is behind a wall, but the preview is basically correct. They're claiming $50k; but I'm pretty sure it was $25k; which was the franchise fee for opening a new store.

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at least sergei can finish the work without any distractions from now on

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As a graveyard shift worker, the only reason I went to McDonald's was because it was 24 hours. Now it's only open from 6am to 9pm in my town.

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Last night I waited for over an hour in McDonald's drive thru. That was fucking surreal and insane and there were only 3 people ahead of me. That place is fucked. Burger King is better anyway

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Franchises must be profitable though.

what does corporate even do.
i guess they keep the rest of the wagies in line. as long as the restaurants and supply chain can operate in an even more decentralized leaderless fashion then it'll be okay.

...possible to run the ship with no one captaining it? isn't this the white collar automation you all were talking about

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I have like 4 Micky Ds in my town. It's a small town we don't need 4 McDonald's what the fuck. Nothing will be missesd if half of them across the country closed I bet.

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Well, that also brings up another problem.

Companies like McDonalds operate their own stores; but also franchise out others. Some companies (like I think White Castle), don't franchise at all; and others (like, I think, Subway) have little to no corporate stores.

Parent companies; at least those with a 93% franchise like McDonalds, relies on royalty payments, mandatory vendor contract deals; acting as a middle-man to suppliers; and required advertising fees to support their corporate office.

This >>54440510 probably hurt a lot, at least in certain markets (like along highways, or 3-shift factories).

This >>54440532, caused partially by bad employees but mostly bad managers, is killing the brand slowly.

The franchisees, already hit by the covid and labor problems, are probably close to going broke themselves.

Reduced sales across the board means reduced money coming into corporate, which means they're probably running out of cash.

If they weren't the giant in the room, (and didn't already have strange property histories); I would expect an announcement about some sort of sale-lease-back on equipment or land. That almost always happens if it's a cash flow problem

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so what's your best guess on all this after 25 years in the biz?

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Do i short, or long McDonalds?

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u wait for the dip off this news and long that shit my nigger

mcdonalds ever being in trouble (ever) is laughable

that line is full from open to close in every burgercity in America dont @ me

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you're going to die from suicide, /k/oper. good thing you bought all those guns.

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it could mean the end of the McDonalds empire.
the world has changed too much for these institutions to adjust to so much so rapidly if they're not protected golden child of the establishment

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rich people are weird, dude
i've known a couple different rich people
one was the son of a chinese billionaire, would run around in coats that cost thousands. actually did not have a car, said if he had his dad buy him one then his dad would need to buy his brother one too and he didn't want to make him do that because he didn't think his brother deserved a car.
versus rich americans. need to stay at the classiest hotel, need to wear some sort of jacket to any social event. kids go to boarding school. only drive super luxury cars. vacation mansions all over the US.
I don't know how they have money when all they think about is how to spend it. I guess it's because I've met the sons, not the guys who actually made the money and know what it's worth.

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what the fuck is this thread and all this rambling

end of the mcd's empire
all these fucking narratives in this thread


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Serious question: who's hiring then? Tech giants and even now the Golden Arches are going through massive layoffs, and yet supposedly there are increasing number of jobs and lower unemployment. Is the data cooked up?

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The job listings are fake as hell. Same with unemployment numbers and other metrics.

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>Is the data cooked up?
id say this is at least part of it. always was.

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I haven't read a McDonalds annual report in years, but I'm browsing over their 2022 Q4 report.

In 2021, they sold their AI lab (McD Tech Labs) to IBM. In 2022, they booked a loss of $1.3 billion for the loss of the Russian stores.

They're still showing health sales, and reasonable profit; but they're making most of their increases in the international market; with the US market lagging behind

one thing that bothers me is their use of "Constant Currency" in reporting some numbers. According to them:
> constant currency results exclude the effects of foreign currency translation and are calculated by translating current year results at prior year average exchange rates.
There are theoretical situations where that could come back to bite them; I don't know if those conditions are happening.

My gut reaction as to what's going on; any of the following in no particular order:

1. they are shutting down a division or two; and those divisions have the capacity to do damage on the way out. (for example, the IT department)

2. There is some other reason they don't want people in their Chicago offices Monday-Wednesday; and are using HR as a way to disguise it and to keep job fearing employees from asking too many questions.

3. There's some sort of ransomware threat going on, and they are covering, or isolating people from their machines just in case.

4. They are trimming staff across the board in multiple departments. They do it this way so team spirit isn't destroyed by watching a large number of coworkers let go; while also creating a "we are the survivors now let's do better" atmosphere when they come back; and no one is allowed to talk about it.

Option 1 or 4 are probably the most likely. Never underestimate the ability of a corporate environment to misread the room.

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Im surprised fast food even has seating still, alot of coffee places near me have the 2 drive through, one on each side. I can see fast food moving to this model, or even that Taco Bell one that you drive under and your food comes down in a dumb waiter.

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what big firms arent laying off people in some divisions is the real question here

this is nothingbuger what can i get for you

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not like this burger bros

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>The job listings are fake as hell.
I've seen jobs posted at tech companies for YEARS that never get filled, and I'm not even talking some purple ninja black belt job.

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mcdicks pulls out of Russia for woke points
Russia makes their own
Russia economy thriving so well they are lowering oil production this week (it’s literally what keeps their county afloat) and they get to keep their knockoff McDonald’s too
America and McDonald’s collapsing

you really have to wonder at this point

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>Russia economy thriving so well

>> No.54440973

the lines are slower than i remember them but still moving pretty fast, they are printing cash but that is in Fargo ND, they pay the entry level retards 17/hr and are offering 1000 sign on bonuses and we are getting pumped with as many African migrants as we need,
I need to stack cash and get out of this city, hopefully in 20 years or so i can retire in the country

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the American economy is ran off cheap logistics and labor
gas is about to go up again and nobody wants to work for $15hr
McDonald’s was always the last resort for a job and even that is collapsing now

it’s over

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>> No.54441123

I worked at a global CPG company during the 08 crisis and afterward a privatization. Corpos are ruthless when its time to cut the fat. I'm glad I got my callouses back then so I don't have to care too much now. Plus my current industry is mostly safe.

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Thank you for your indepth analysis on the fast food business.

>> No.54441153

Some companies do it to:
1 appease existing overworked staff
2 create the impression the company is growing to external backfills

>> No.54441161

Those are all problems for the franchisee, not the corporate level which is where they're laying off employees and closing offices.

McDonald's franchisees handle payroll out of their end. They just buy consumables and rent the property from corporate.

>> No.54441168

Driving everywhere wasn't unhealthy enough.
Now they're eating while driving.

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What do you mean there’s too many stores?

>> No.54441230

but there's a trickle up. when franchises start losing sales, corporate starts losing royalties and advertising fees.

At some point, there may also be a franchisee revolt, as happens every few decades. In Michigan, a BK franchise is closing 26 stores after "failing to make a deal" with the parent company.


I agree that in this case, the restaurant level jobs are safe; nothing changes for them.

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>sacred digits

I agree with >>54439360 about this being the short term catalyst for this... but yes, way too fucking many. People don't understand that McDonald's doesn't operate by having one store making a ton of profit... they brute force out minimal profit per location but open a thousand locations. It's been overextended for years.

Can we please get some good news about the US soon, please?

>> No.54441249

i knew it was bad.... BUT NOT THIS BAD

>> No.54441250

Bot post

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Bruh that's a women's job and a low ROI activity. Real mother fuckers got shit to do not play kitchen

>> No.54441304

> hint

AI isn't going to replace laborers as much as it's going to replace office peoples.


So much for college

>> No.54441321

well 90% of McDonald’s are franchises so corporate really has no overhead, they get the building if the owner can’t pay royalties and they just sell it to the next guy and charge rent

rinse and repeat till they find a good goy paypig

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sounds like a problem for comerical real estate office buildings.

The place selling the food keeps open

>> No.54441376

oh oh, I hadn't noticed this clip from 8 months ago
> doesn't look good guys

>> No.54441384

Sounds like it'll be time to buy the dip

>> No.54441391

They're laying off wagies? Am I reading this right?

>> No.54441392

Sick of their fucking shit. Not only all their fucking lies but the chutzpah when they bitch that employees might leave without giving 2 weeks notice. They deserve far worse for fucking around with employees and people looking for work, and it was a small bit of payback when people would ghost interviews during the covid shit.

>> No.54441408

Anyone with a brain should have seen they lost their job 2 years ago when covid came and they started doing remote training (which worked btw).

If you're still an employee at the offices of mcdonalds you are just a greedy shitheel that likes to get paid 6 digits to do nothing all day.

>> No.54441442

>Hiring a bunch of nogs
Yeah what's with that? You see old fast food places in the 80's and it was usually just white high schoolers or college students who understood this wasn't long-term employment much like Chick-fil-a's are run today. If they can do it why can't McDonald's? McD is notorious for having the shittiest service and quality now because of it.

>> No.54441510

The time spent going through fast food every day is greater than the time it would take to prepare meals ahead of time.

>> No.54441542

I don't think you understand how the American economy works. Anon is right, fast food is necessary when everyone is working 60 - 70 hours a week.

>> No.54441567


>> No.54441570
File: 37 KB, 640x480, 168007829780.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

A: Many employers are always "hiring" There's one company in my town that has "now hiring" in the paper regardless of economic conditions, or, how many people in town shit talk the job. It's just a competative busniess strategy.

B: The economy is not all tech sector, or, even large corperations like McDonalds. Many jobs in the economy (some 50% or greater) are small mom and pop shops and such and other niche jobs. So yes, many lay offs can be happening (and increasing) and the economy can still very much be hiring on the face of it.

>> No.54441580

Retards didn't get the joke damn this place is sad.

>> No.54441591
File: 167 KB, 641x355, 1662916677985666.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>On subject... what's the craziest way you quit or was fired from a job?
Alright I got one

>go get coffee
>the only other guy in my department (technology) runs into me and says "hey, they're looking for you in your office"
>go back to my office with my coffee
>boss tells me the board of directors decided to terminate my department, tries to contact them but they're literally too fucking old and boomer-ish to realize what a website and database even is so they just ignore all my boss's calls and emails
>other guy in my department axed too, oh well
>they fired my boss too lol
>keep hearing from my wife (who also works there as a basic office wagie) how chaotic the whole company is now that the board of directors has gone on a rampage and fired everyone who knew what was going on
>they realize they need someone to maintain their broken ass website and database, and that they fucked up big time by getting rid of me and the other guy, everything is in shambles and there are so many dropped projects and things in motion
>try desperately to get me to come back, I straight up do not answer the phone and laugh at their voicemails
>they literally have to talk to me through my wife and negotiate a come-back package
>successfully negotiate a 50% raise, but don't get the WFH privilege I wanted (I was not WFH before anyways, so whatever)
>come back, but stuck in a smaller and shittier office without a window this time (had a window before)
>make more money but more miserable than before
>try desperately to quit but cannot find another job no matter how hard I try

I hate this company so goddamn much lol but I cannot find a way out. I need to do something.

>> No.54441611
File: 132 KB, 472x484, Screen Shot 2023-04-02 at 8.51.25 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh yeah, and the main guy who runs the board of directors came right into my new office and shut the door without asking and sat down and "apologized" and then pointed at my work computer and said
>We're watching
and left without another word. (I browse this website endlessly on the clock lol)

>> No.54441620

At least you negotiated a higher wage.
I am a factory worker and I am currently leaving one factory for a much better factory job making paper.
The wage is much higher (35 an hour which is 10 dollars more than what I am making now) But people are my current job are making me second guess my decision because, well, they all say its more miserable.
The hours are worse, but, over all I think it's a better company....I will be pushing 4 12 hour shifts, though....Is it really worth the money?
It's a union job, though, so it's at least secure.

My plan is to just stack up money for 10 years and hopefully make some lucky investments and retire early, or, at least part time wagie in the future after I have a large savings.

I dunno, I feel you though. Conditions are miserable.

>> No.54441678

>macdos was an unofficial jobs program
Not an issue. Burger flippers, fry cooks and cashiers aren't losing jobs. Corporate is getting shit canned. White collar positions at McDicks have never been a "jobs program" level of job.

>> No.54441679

My version of a similar story...
> consulting IT for a company that had ~120 stores
> my job, among other things, was maintaining an old dos-based BOH system connected to older POS system
> since restaurants never have money, the owners weren't going to pony up for the new BOS/BOH that the corporate office kept trying to get them to buy.
> at some point, the stores revert back to corporate
> I'm kept on doing the same thing, but I get wind that they're about to try to screw me.
> get call from store asking about setting up new POS and back office computers
> their plan was to replace them all, and I would just sit there doing the job until they could push me out
> call my primary contact; tell them I'm am canceling my relationship with them at the end of the week, I won't bill them in lieu of prior notice for the 1/2 month already over

> their current head of IT, a woman, is the one who wrote the original dos program.
> I clearly say to her "do you want me to explain how I have things set up?"
> she says "I wrote the program, I think I can figure it out"

> what she doesn't know is that a lot has changed since she wrote the program. I had upgraded all the roms in the POS system, and hand built an entire platform around their old dos program; giving it capabilities it never had
> most of it passing through a DLL I wrote, sitting on all my client machines
> which they would have known, had they not tried to screw me behind my back.
> so I had my phones turned off; knowing they were basically screwed.

I kept my email up; and ignored the approx 50 emails, each more desperate than the last, asking if I could answer a few questions about the system.

>> No.54441742

>I waited for over an hour in McDonald's drive thru.
>there were only 3 people ahead of me.
You are a liar.

>> No.54441763

you’d be surprised how much a car full of Mexicans can spend on fast food

>> No.54441796


Maybe other chains, but it's rare I go to a McDonalds that doesn't have a decent sized line, even though they're everywhere.

>> No.54441801

state and federal governments have no current layoffs

>> No.54441805

Rome didnt collapse in a day. It became the byzantine empire and didnt really end for another 100 years or so. Look at Britain, its still around.

>> No.54441811

Not bad

>> No.54441819

Something like this happens to me as well. I worked for a company for 5 years and eventually left them. With the system I created from scratch that nobody understood.

>> No.54441826

>I need to stack cash and get out of this city, hopefully in 20 years or so i can retire in the country
you mean away from all the african migrants and their 12 children each? das racis!

>> No.54441844


>> No.54441872

This is what happens with the Jews turn all the fun places into grey boxes. The Jewish demoralization modern architecture is defeated by people switching to eat from places that have soul

>> No.54441873

>meal planning + grocery shopping + kitchen prep + cooking + sit down dinner + clean up + janitorial = less time than grabbing/eating fast food and tossing wrappers in the trash

>> No.54441875


>> No.54441882
File: 41 KB, 201x255, 1B2FE9E4-5B91-4283-A74B-F15BE52D0927.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not only has McDonald’s posted increased profits since inflation allowed them an excuse to jack up prices, you gotta understand selling burgers isn’t even their main business.

McDonald’s is first and foremost a real estate company. They own all the land their stores are built on, and make way more money renting that out to franchisees than selling food.

Think of how many McDonald’s restaurants there are, not just in middle America but in prime locations like Times Square, Malibu, Orange County. Now think of the real estate market and how much valuation has gone up the last decade.

McDonald’s will be fine.

>> No.54441883

Ohhh NOOOO, they gonna starve us to death!!!
What are we gonna eat, what do I feed my poor children!!!

>> No.54441885


>> No.54441888

When is the last time you actually worked a manual labor job anon? When I get off work from a hard day at the factory the last thing I want to do is cook fucking food. I am, however, currently trying to improve my diet and health, so, I do this, but, expecting your average person to be able to do this is unrealistic.

By the time all is said and done I probably have about 1 hour to my self at the end of the day.

>> No.54441890

No wonder why there is so many goyslop locations.

>> No.54441891

>you'd be surprised *insert /pol/ chud nonsense*
not proof
still a liar

>> No.54441905

>Sears will be fine.

>> No.54441916
File: 48 KB, 643x960, 8aba6df9568aa69f722bb2826c5255f6--fastfood-french-fries.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I swear on god, my guy i am not. The worst part is that the clerk acted like nothing happened and this shit was normal. I almost want to make a thread on /x/ about it. Only reason i waited is because i was getting a free spicy crispy mcchicken plus i wanted to leave the shittiest review of their store on my receipt survey so i can get some more free food since the zoomer whore at the window didn't even apologize for making me wait or offered to throw in a free fry or drink

>> No.54441938

>Is the data cooked up?
well, yes

>> No.54441969

great inputs itt, thanks mcbro

>> No.54441970

Sears had a dying business model and leased space in malls, not at all comparable to McDonald’s who owns the land and has continuously posted increased profits for decades. Try again midwit.

>> No.54441990

The mcdonalds nearest me is always jam packed with people stuffing their face with burgers and fries and slurping down milkshakes. Hard to believe the company is doing layoffs.

>> No.54442002

They usually tell you to pull over into one of the numbered parking spaces if your order is holding up the line. That way the line keeps moving.

>> No.54442015

I unironically hope you call every femoid working the drive through a whore. Hopefully you hit my ex one day.

>> No.54442086

Nice digits

>> No.54442117 [DELETED] 

there's plenty of things you can throw together in under 10 minutes tat taste great amd better for you than fast food. I love gtting fast food every now and then, McDoubles and McChickens are still cheap as shit and good. ut this is just coping for being lazy. I know two guys who say things like this and they're pear-shaped basedboys with funko pops on their work desks.

>> No.54442156
File: 30 KB, 475x458, 1678822116194478.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Major changes to the menu

>> No.54442182

>too many items
lol wut?
did they become panera bread or something? I havent been to one in a while

>> No.54442255
File: 703 KB, 320x240, 1677828784321516.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's over?

>> No.54442396


Layoffs don't mean a company is going under. It means they want to cut expenses.

But yes fast food in the US is in trouble due to increased wages and post covid supply chain disruption. It needs to be fast and cheap and when it is expensive and slow there's no fucking point to the goyslop they serve.

>> No.54442398

McDonald’s will continue to exist for another 200 years atleast and I really think companies with eternal life churning out goyslop for generations into the future is just depressing

>> No.54442418

>Mr McDonaldo it is time
>activate technological unemployment

>> No.54442434

A recession just flew over my house

>> No.54442437

notre dame is in fucking america, in indiana

>> No.54442439

>McDonald’s is first and foremost a real estate company. They own all the land their stores are built on, and make way more money renting that out to franchisees than selling food.

Any more mind blowing reddit fun facts nobody has ever heard before you want to post?

>> No.54442449

>> at one corporate event, the silent laugh was discovering that a certain corporate head had brought a high-end escort to a dinner event

>> No.54442452

You sound fat

>> No.54442454


Did he neck himself or something?

>> No.54442477

Frying 2 eggs and toasting a slice of bread will both cost less and be faster in addition to being better for you.

>> No.54442480

You need coupons for McD?

>> No.54442556

>I need to do something.
accidentally, unconditionally, purge the databases

Back in the old days our order system at work could be cleared out for the week by entering a super secret code that no one was supposed to ever write down. With said code one could:

Print all the tags and manifests for all the orders in the system, delete all the tags and manifests for orders in the system, and delete all the allocation data for orders in the system.

The code was "away"

>> No.54442557

Friend used to own a franchise McD with another like 300 metres away and he still made good profits. In 5 years he managed to start up 3 new ones.
You guys underestimate how much goyslop people consume.

>> No.54442574

>shitty piece of toast and a grocery cuck egg
that’s straight up goy slop

>> No.54442596

According to a surprising amount of McDonald's shills on /biz/, it's not quite over yet!

>> No.54442607

> to talented people; and not at all to the untalented. Eventually, most people figure out that talented people produce without a bonus
This pisses me off more than anything else you've posted. Based responses BTW I thoroughly enjoyed reading you

>> No.54442609

Come into restaurant as a 20-something adult in a business suit.

15-year-old black girl that weighs 400 pounds leaning on the counter, hand on her grotesquely bloated ass-paunch/hip.

:smacks lips:

"Whachall want, Yte boi?"

>> No.54442629
File: 36 KB, 521x591, SPOILER_McBreathe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just about McFuckin' had it.

>> No.54442652

I've seen this webm at least 50 times and have never got a back story on it. Did the cop just love mcdonalds so much he sewed a patch on uniform?

>> No.54442657

and if you live anywhere worth a shit there's a taco truck or some fuckin koreans a stones throw away that serves better food for a third of the price of mcnog's slop

>> No.54442662

checked and kekd

>> No.54442746
File: 753 KB, 607x609, 1632181628292.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> changing customer attitudes toward fast food post covid.
wow i actually predicted something properly

>Nothing burger..
checked and kekd. the irony of clown world

>but seeing as the USD is being attacked on all fronts
i was going to buy some foreign currency but wasnt sure how useful an idea that is. honestly, with all the ai narrative it makes sense that McD is about to pull the trigger on full auomation and if that's the case things are about to get wild cause they are going to singlehandedly skyrocket unemployment and force other restaurants to follow suit if it goes well. either UBI is about to be accelerated or some new job market is about to open up. interesting times.

this should be necessary like how they have to put warnings on cigarettes

>honk honk

this doesnt find a new job, it just removes the old one.

>> No.54442752

aint no americans named Nigel but nice try europoor. rent free

>> No.54442941

>totally within normality business operations
All bad news means the US is collapsing in two weeks

>> No.54442947

Why? Are they afraid of disgruntled employees shooting up the place or something?

>> No.54443213

Sort your life out.

>> No.54443235

>Sears leased space
Wrong. Sears was a real estate holding company. Dumping the business was irrelvant. The real estate was the companies value.

>> No.54443258

>Sometimes customers pull to the side to receive their food at McDonalds therefore its over an hour to get food when ordering
That doesn't change the fact food is served with in minutes at McDicks. Stop defending lies retard.

>> No.54443273

Your brain is goyslop.

>> No.54443587


Based Burganon poster. Thanks for the insightful and elaborate posts you've made. Perhaps i'm stupid (probably) but I learned from your posts that , to have a proper insight in investing in restaurants and restaurant chains like these, look at the way they are working, how disciplined they are about their delivery of product and customer service and how their spread is in the areas of operation.
In the case of McDonalds i believe their overconcentration and lack of discipline caused them to take huge losses. Yes the Ukraine war (losing their russian businesses in an instant because thei get nationalized by Putin) and their franchising operations abroad the US are also to be factored in but the main reasons are still (lack of) discipline, customer service, product quality and timely delivery.

Please correct me if i'm wrong in this.

>> No.54443668
File: 710 KB, 2372x1868, minimum wage 2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Pay too high.
Nobody's wages doubled after covid when they printed double the supply.
I fucking hate the central bank.

This image was created before they turned the printers on.

>> No.54443796

>I kept my email up; and ignored the approx 50 emails, each more desperate than the last, asking if I could answer a few questions about the system.
Should have swallowed your pride and sent then an invoice from your brand new IT consulting company requesting 6 months wages for a week of your time.

>> No.54443797

I'm kekking at the Russia losses for absolutely no gain.
The woke tax is officially at $1,300,000,000 at least as of now.

>> No.54446187
File: 89 KB, 1009x617, 1677000398608196.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

it's over

>> No.54448241

>2 eggs and a slice of bread
a whole 250kcal WOWZERS
inb4 just eat 8 eggs and half a loaf

>> No.54448489

Rome is not what you were taught, nor was it called Rome.

>> No.54448537

Panera is even less edible than McCracks

>> No.54448604
File: 51 KB, 500x500, 1591180248960.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>They’re still very much needed

>> No.54448650

Here’s a hilarious side effect: NPR gets a VERY considerable portion of their money from the will of the late wife of the founder. I wonder to what ends this extends to them possibly losing out on that in an effort to cut back and save any cash flow they can?

>> No.54448674

Ramirez, defend that burgertown!

>> No.54448692
File: 46 KB, 640x640, cool face.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>On subject... what's the craziest way you quit or was fired from a job?
>Small business boss throws a small party for our quarterly all hands meeting because we were kicking ass
>Oh by the way I sold the company to a F250 company and they're moving operations out of state; some of you won't have jobs.
Trolled hard.

>> No.54448864


>some of you chicago wagies are ok, don't come into the office monday - wednesday

>> No.54448909

>state and federal governments
They get their money anyway(for now), they have zero financial incentive to trim the fat

>> No.54449042

Get a load of this boomer

>> No.54449147

i fail to see how they relate, there's just going to be a lot of uncovering of bullshit corporations this year

>> No.54449514

Or just make your own meal with vital nutrients in just as much time at home for less than the cost of idling in the drive through and actual price of their goyslop

>> No.54449529

Rofl my man

>> No.54449756

He's not wrong though.

Think of shaving. You have those people who want to make shaving a ritual, with special oils and lathers, with just the right kind of razor; where shaving is an existential experience.

But others just hate shaving, and want it done as quickly as possible.

So you get off a 10 hour shift and are on your way home. Maybe you have screaming kids and an over-bearing wife who has a "list" of things she wants you to do. Maybe you're tired and just want to go to sleep. When things were run right, you could be in an out of McDonalds in 5 minutes, you could eat on the drive home, and you could pitch the bag in the garage garbage can before walking in the door to face your family.

that turns into a whole thing on its own. Yes, usually cheaper in terms of food cost to eat at home; but not always cheaper when you factor in everything else.

Wages went up enough. You can't add 30% to your labor cost without the money coming from somewhere.

>> No.54449815

What’s in between a corporate fast food chain and family restaurant? I only know of either those two

>> No.54449825

why isn't mcdonald's stock price being affected?

>> No.54449826

Did this and bought like 30 of them when I was baked as shit years ago

>> No.54449837

>Trump locked up
>Mcdonalds has to shut down

>> No.54449848

because they announced in January that this was coming. But, depending on how big or small the number of layoffs are; it could still hit the price.

On the price side, Cramer is certain that McD's are expert in business, and will never face problems.


>> No.54449871

learn how to go to a grocery store

>> No.54449947
File: 98 KB, 943x760, AA1A3F9A-4131-445F-AF43-188748309717.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Amazon had mass layoffs
>Microsoft had mass layoffs
>disney collapsing
>an entire bank died
>now mcdonalds potentially collapsing

>still no massive recession
What kind of black magic is biden and the feds doing?

>> No.54450023

also kills millions too! nice try dyke

>> No.54450080
File: 397 KB, 602x866, 1649791815282.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


We have been in a recession for two quarters already. What you're seeing is massive media suppression of the fact.

The administration is all jews, the media is all jews. They work to their own interests. Starting to understand?

>> No.54450164
File: 48 KB, 660x574, 40A11E96-6E1A-4D9B-BB06-B5C0DD251BE0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I’m such a retard it took me a few seconds to get it

>> No.54450262

The average American diet. LMFAO!!!!! This is the TV generation, raised by Ads. Dont know healthy even if it came on their face.

>> No.54450270

>dude i watched the documentary!!1

>> No.54450297

Yeah, I'd pay attention to traffic before just vibes. I don't usually go to fast food places, but genuinely anytime I go after-work hours the drive thru has 5 or 6 cars, regardless of the specific chain. Some have more than others, I'm in Texas and Whataburger is always stacked at some times of day. That is partially because it is so well marketed in Texas, but also because it makes a lot of food fresh to order so you can literally be in the drive thru for fucking 20-30 minutes sometimes. But everyone expects that so it doesn't really deter them. Seen pretty good lines regularly at Taco Bell and Raising Cane's too. Some chains did decline, Coney Islands are often empty and several in the area closed in the last couple years.

McDonalds though? It still seems like it gets a good amount of traffic. We are also still in the biggest car country on earth, so naturally these cheap and quick drive-thru places serve a function. Go to NYC where people don't drive as much and the quick food competitor is the little Bodega sandwich and pizza operations. The short signal on fast food in my opinion would be a decline in car usage. A lot of their stores would become uncompetitive then due to location and design, and there'd be a surge in more walk-up options. But that isn't happening anytime soon. I also don't think they'd outright be killed over it, just more like there'd be a massive restructuring of the fast food market in America as old stores get closed and new ones open in more favorable locations with a design fitting new habits.

>> No.54451304
File: 348 KB, 680x1066, 1680065356423.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.54451397
File: 70 KB, 1024x1024, mcwagie.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.54451608

Your immediate assumption being "shitty bread" and "grocery cuck egg" speaks volumes about you and your diet. The other guy was right, you are goyslop.

>> No.54451660


>> No.54451670

I thought McDonalds was recession proof? That's what I was always told anyway.

>> No.54451710

They used to say the same thing about General Electric

>> No.54451752
File: 3.78 MB, 250x401, 1680125668915517.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.54452083

>Americans will never get to experience foreign McDonald's
It's great in Australia, can't really complain at all.

>> No.54453070

Yeah when you have a family otherwise it gets crazy expensive. At least in Canada.

>> No.54453087

>make outside of door look wooden
>it's actually a reinforced steel door
Is this legal, asking for me death to glowies and all the traitors slaving for ZOG.

>> No.54453111


>> No.54453162
File: 75 KB, 615x410, 0_Britons-Adjust-To-Eased-Coronavirus-Lockdown-Now-In-Ninth-Week.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Biden will give them a McBailout

>> No.54453164


the end of human civilization looms

>> No.54453264


>> No.54453535
File: 21 KB, 255x246, 1680561668441.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.54453623

I can only imagine both the obesity and the smell

>> No.54453644

>who's hiring then?
Government, unironically. Especially the benefits agencies like Social Security and the VA. They are so desperate for people to the point they are offering full-time WFH for most positions.

Only problem is that hiring takes forever.

>> No.54453739

No price is too high to own zogbot chuds like you

>> No.54453787


It actually is.

>> No.54453800

burgerifat culture is truly repulsive

>> No.54453813

lolled way too hard at this. gj anon

>> No.54453832

>amerilards acting like there's a difference between anglos
slightly different colored turds are still turds

>> No.54453911

You are schizophrenic if you believe this and you need mental help.

>> No.54454082

They have less items than ever before, and they own very few of their stores.

>> No.54454279


Blue collar manufacturing and petrochemals. Russia and China going full retard means lots of nearshoring and American oil and gas derivatives being the most competitive in the world.

Tl;Dr Move to Texas

>> No.54454355

I'm not a burger but like to partake in some of the better burger fast food when I'm in the country. Are In-N-Out, Popeyes, and Sonic likely to be relatively alright?

>> No.54454363


Tell me what percentage of the US senate is Jewish or dual Israeli citizenship vs the Jewish population percentage in the US.

>> No.54454408

Sonic is terrible

>> No.54454462


Sunbelt states like Florida and Texas are experiencing a lot of growth because of friendly business policies and proximity to natural resources/ports. Who could have guessed that not taxing everyone to death would encourage growth?

>> No.54454472

Go on anon, tell me more. I always used to like them when I was visiting my grandparents as a teen, tell me why I should be staying away.

>> No.54454496


You're really going to argue that you should be eating goyslop?

>> No.54454519

No, I'm not arguing, it's not like I know what their practices are. I'm just asking for details on why they're terrible, if that's the case.

>> No.54454528

This is some insane corporate intimidation bullshit.

McDonalds is doing perfectly fine

>> No.54454540

Wonder is this symptomatic of the incoming commercial property crisis? Lots of businesses in towns struggling now that WFH is keeping employees in the suburbs.

McDonalds may just reduce resteraunt amount and focus more on delivery. Stores are expensive, the real estate for the units built in business parks and city centres is probably worth more now than it will be in a decade. Jump before getting pushed?

>> No.54454544


If you can't figure out that paying $15 for food that is horrible for you I don't think I can help you.

>> No.54454589

I don't touch fast food in my own country - but when I occasionally visit my relatives in the US, I partake in some of the local fare. When in Rome, eat as the burgers do, right? I'm just curious what the details of what's wrong with sonic are. I haven't been to one in several years, but they were one of the ones I had a more positive impression of a kid. That impression could have been way off, who knows, so I'm interested to hear more.

>> No.54454759

It's not about the food.

It's about the real estate.

REITs are about to go to zero in this country. A lot of the CRE loans given to McDonald's and others need to be refinanced and they won't be able to cover the cost of all of the stores.

I guarantee other companies are doing this now that they've heard, McDonald's has one of the best ERP systems on the planet.

>> No.54454762

>and rent the property from corporate.

This is the factor, they're getting rekd on the real estate, if McDonalds goes down it will be JayPow who killed it.

>> No.54454789


>> No.54454810
File: 114 KB, 1100x825, morgan-72836ee56d0b2d919605cc8b332c0cb60e68118b-s1100-c50.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

We accidentally inflated all of our debt to literal pennies meaning we owe jack shit to other countries. And despite that there is still a huge employee gap that hasn't been filled. Something else to acknowledge is that WFH and AI has really shined a light on just how worthless the vast majority of white collar jobs really are.

>> No.54454858

The problem is fast food isn't even cheap anymore. I can get other stuff that's almost as fast for the same price that doesn't make me feel sick.

>> No.54455157

McDonald's ERPs? hot

>> No.54455594

So what are some good REITs to keep an eye on when the shit hits the fan? O is the first one that comes to mind

>> No.54455742

Haha, look at this retarded sub-human “American”

>> No.54455827


>> No.54456889

Generally great. Once in a while they’ll fuck up the fries.
Used to be good. Haven’t been there in forever.
Used to be shit. Haven’t been there in forever.
Greasy and undercooked/overcooked. And even if they didn’t fuck up it was always disappointing.

>> No.54457905

>Their corporate model got screwed by the after-effects of covid
Oh interesting, can you tell me how a viral infection does that?
Oh wait, it was the jews. You meant to say they got screwed by the jews. Now it makes sense.

>> No.54458089


>> No.54458115
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>> No.54458200
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Post nose. Random physiognomy check.

>> No.54460217

this is the most american post i've read all day

>> No.54460248

kek this webm always makes me laugh and i've seen it hundreds of times already

>> No.54460274

They're franchises. The restaurant workers aren't McDonald's employees, so they aren't the targets of the corporate layoffs.

>> No.54460348

You're sort of right, but arrived at an inadequate conclusion. It's not just fast food, but the restaurant and service industry in general. Everything is priced extremely low in part by exploiting workers. You're correct that none of this isn't sustainable, the bubble pop eventually and it's going to be a shock when people realize the actual cost of having people stand around and wait for you to decide you want food on a whim, then make it for you, clean up for you and even deliver it.

>> No.54460399
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we're going to be feeling the after-effects of the covid lockdowns for decades to come. can somebody explain why shutting down the global economy over the flu was even considered an option in the first place? anyone? because i remember asking this question DURING the lockdowns and the general response was it was for the greater good, and something about "killing grandma." where are those people now? are they going to apologize?

>> No.54460477

It's just the nature of pandemics. China needs to be held responsible and sanctioned by every country for unleashing this shit on the world.

>> No.54460617

If they've closed the office, it's entire departments going AND the people overseeing those departments are also getting laid off. They're not even able to do the thing of wiping their accounts overnight or when they're in the meeting telling them that their job went bye bye because they don't have anyone they can trust with the accounts admin.

The worst Redundancy I've seen happen to someone was:

>guy comes in with a black eye and cuts on his nose
>he got in a fight with his best friend and lost
>because his best friend slept with his gf
>He actually said "At least today can't get any worse"

He was made redundant that same day.

Other one at the same company :

>guy hands in his notice
>an hour later there's a meeting telling everyone about redundancies
>guy was the newest person at the company so 100% would have been made redundancy
"... erm, can I withdraw my notice and take the redundancy instead?"
>"lol no"

>> No.54460767

>can somebody explain why shutting down the global economy over the flu was even considered an option in the first place? anyone
Because the lethality and virulency of the disease was not fully known. The general goal was to slow down the infections to a level that won't overload the healthcare system. So that there won't be people dying who could be otherwise saved. With the benefit of hindsight you can justify lockdowns in 2020, but not really in 2021

>> No.54461091

Hello fellow Fargo anon. Fargo is comfy, while the country is better, the town is still great. Where do you see all the migrants?! Maybe its because I dont get out much (worse than I'd like but better than elsewhere)

>> No.54461249

They want to lock people out of the system so disgruntled ex-employees dont gather information that could hurt the company. Doesnt have to be anything unethical or illegal either. Just information that could be very valuable for one of the competitors

>> No.54461784

Take your meds nutcase.

>> No.54462218

>priced extremely low in part by exploiting workers
Chicago nigga here. I know people at McDonald's corporate HQ. They would love to pay workers more and get rid of the McDonald's poor worker stereotype. Problem is that their competition won't...putting them at a massive cost disadvantage. This is a political issue...raise the fucking minimum wage for food/hospitality.

>> No.54463110

I disagree for several reasons...

1. McD's, as the giant of the industry, guides most policies, they don't follow.

2. McD's has always had a reputation for paying higher wages than anyone else. But... they make up for it by working the employees a LOT harder. So, employees can work at brand X for less wages but a far easier work environment, or over at brand McD, where the money is better, but they work your ass off.

3. The total amount of money you can spend on labor is based on the sales of the store. Those dollars stay the same, whether you divide them between more or less employees. When wages are forced up by either minimum wage or market forces; that doesn't increase the amount of real money the store can afford to spend on labor. The net result is that staff has to be cut to meet costs, the remaining employees have to work harder to keep the operation running; and their higher wage is paid for by even harder work

>> No.54463212

Lots of families will not be having a happy meal at the dinner table tonight.

>> No.54463230

Any idea how many management spots there are right now?

>> No.54463233

Good one

>> No.54463267

I already did. I told you we should have reopened on April 1, 2020. But there was, based on the evidence from WHO, Italy, and China, reasonable concern.

China put 800,000,000 under martial law, including their Capital, overnight.

>> No.54463313

Probably a lot. Last time I checked, McDonalds had several layers of in-store managers. Not sure how many they have outside the stores. Figure 1 area manager per 6-9 stores; assuming they're like everyone else.

But that's a bit of a game too. The lowest level managers (still hourly) don't make a lot more than the better paid employees. After a certain level, they're moved up to salary; which means a lot more unpaid hours (that's the trade off of getting on salary. You get a fixed income, but you're expected to be available).

I would also mention that corporate staffing dollars are diluted across the stores. So if you cut $1 million in labor at the corporate level, that's only about $40 per store; which isn't enough to add any meaningful staff

>> No.54463680

I thought they were still doing franchise too? I'd figure that McD's corporate does product purchasing, market tracking, product and promotional planning, as well as in-store design and process planning.

I think of ad design teams(PR) real-estate specialists, accountants, food science and engineering, HR, and tech integration. I suppose they may also have their own stock management team.

>> No.54463834

You are probably correct on all.

Normally, Franchisees also pay corporate in these ways....
> initial franchise fee; a charge to open each store; with the contractual obligation to "renew" the franchise every 10-20 years (different in each company)
> a royalty fee, based on a % of net sales
> a national advertising fee, another based on a % of net sales
> mandatory vendor contracts. So, having to buy uniforms or other branded material from specific vendors (at a higher than market price)
> required participation in certain promos. (so corporate makes deal and gets payoff, but all stores have to participate)
> Back of House (BOH) and Point of Sale (POS) equipment and software. This became mandatory a few decades back when corporate realized they could verify sales (and royalties) before franchisees had a chance to fudge the numbers.
> mandatory banking procedures (forcing franchisees to pay royalties more often, via electronic transactions)
> corporate-owned distribution centers (a big thing back in the 1980's). where, for example, if you own a Little Caesars, you had to buy all of your supplies from Blue Line Distribution, a company owned by the founder of the pizza chain.

That doesn't even go into the crazy real estate setups; for example, Subway, which has the authority to lock owners out of their own stores