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There are newfags on this board RIGHT NOW that still do not own a full bitcoin

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I don't want BTC. Not a single sat of it. If you sent me a BTC I would immediately convert it to other coins.

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cringe newfag detected

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>projection: the post

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Yup, I was too stupid to buy any last bullrun and only just figured out how to margin reasonably safely. I'll make it this run tho dcaing a chunk out of my wagies each month. I want a sailboat and a hundred k, I have everything else I need.

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Based dubs. Absolute truth, though in my experience it takes a year or two of getting your shit tossed in crypto before truly figuring this out.

I hope this is bait. Anon, please look into the difference between PoW and PoS, and know that Bitcoin is the only real asset in this market worth buying rn

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almost there for wholecoiner status anon

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It's 2023.

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my entire life savings is $3000

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I have $300 to my name, i'm not buying Bitcoin with $300. I will continue to gamble and print off of microcaps while /biz/ continues to seethe about them.

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Socks to be them. Sitting here with my whole coin is comfy as fuck.

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I want to put all my alts (about 0.4BTC worth) into BTC but am scared they'll pump and I'll lose out on a potential windfall.

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You can make them 10k in 2 months if you gamble responsibly.
I wish there was a gambling general but sadly most people are literal retards and rather get scammed by the electrojew

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That’s an irrational fear, anon.

However, the odds of your bag of alts being so perfectly selected that your picks will beat the Bitcoin market and you’ll get out in time are very slim.

I can tell you as someone who has been buying/flipping alts are years that I’ve only ever profited from a handful of projects, while most have lost me money. I would have had far more if I just bought and held Bitcoin since 2016 instead.

Those who know, know.

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Yeah, I own chromie squiggles instead. We're gambling. Heaven or hell, let's rock.

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if you truly believe that your alts will pump then you should keep them for now and sell your profit into bitcoin.

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That might have been true while BTC was at lower market caps but now it's massive so the multipliers will be lower. I have my 1 BTC, but I think the real gainz are going to be in alts this cycle. Arguably they were last cycle too.

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I remember people saying the same thing when Bitcoin was $3,000.

It’s easy to look at Bitcoin as one of many in a sea of competitive blockchain technologies. However, Bitcoin stands alone. It’s breakthrough using proof-of-work requires an actual physical/power investment into the system that ensures further security of the network. It’s as simple as that, all other configurations are just a mirage of digital scarcity (like ETH, AVAX, etc).

All money in the space flows back to Bitcoin, it’s just a matter of how long it takes. If you don’t believe me, look at the all time ratio charts for Bitcoin/crypto pairs… they all crash and burn compared to the king over time.

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There are oldfags on this board RIGHT NOW who bought Chainlink for $0.07 and are still convincing people that it didn't have a run

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>one BTC

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Impossible, what kind of low life faggot doesn't have at least one btc ?
look at this guy lol

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A solid 3x in the next 8 years. ngmi

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Based experience anon. Newfags always disregard the sound advice

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3x is all you need when you have 6 fig folio

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I still haven't bought bitcoin because I couldn't find a good, open source wallet written in C like monero that's easy to compile and setup.

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Wagie that started lurking /biz/ in 2021. I recently finished DCA'ing into my first bitcoin. Thanks kings

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You won’t believe how fast sats stack, anon. People will look back at this time and wish they had just listened to that “annoying Super Bowl commercial” and bought a little Bitcoin.

So many anons fantasize about being there in the early days of free faucets and wallets casually slinging around with thousands of bitcoins. They wish they had been there in 2013, then 2016, then 2020.

Each of these chapters represented a lucrative opportunity to be an early part of the most groundbreaking technological and economic breakthrough of our fucking time.

Wake up. The next best moment is now.

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I was seriously thinking about it around 16k. Now I can’t afford it ;__;

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I own 4, plus some shitcoins besides. Will I make it?

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Yes. Well done. You are better positioned than 99.5% of biz.

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More like 7 figs unless you're a third world niggerjeet.

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tfw I could have traded 1 ps5 for 1 btc and still left with some change.

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Yeah, but I own a ton of privacy and AI tokens though, jokes on you mf.

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There are also oldfaggots on this board who currently don't even own 0.01 btc.
I know
I am one of them.

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I’ve been here for years and still don’t have a full bitcoin, it hurts because if I had been less gullible/blinded by optimism I could have several bitcoin

At one point I had something like $20k in altcoins, but I was greedy and was waiting to hit 25k, at which point i probably would have waited for 30k

Thankfully I’ve always had the mentality that super long term the only thing that will matter is how much bitcoin you have, so there was a couple occasions where I sold some alts and bought btc and eth, but the timing and quantity was pretty bad

Next cycle I intend to not fall into the same trap

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>Next cycle I intend to not fall into the same trap
Dont worry, many make the same mistake