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We have noticed that working and middle class families and individuals have been using cryptocurrencies for social mobility without having to go through higher education indoctrination centers. Our Ant-Crypto army will make sure to block any off-ramps from our rigged economic system and keep the plebs wage slaving forever. Join the Anti-Crypto Army today!

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Where is the recruitment center?

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Crypto is a scam and every cryptobro is a scammer.

Reminder that the economy cannot recover until EVERY financier parasite and literally cancerous cryptobro scammer are locked up.

I'm with her.

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>Where is the recruitment center?

At your local safe injection site, LGBTQIA+ community center or Marxist coffee house.

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>I'm with her!

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I am with your mom, swapping uniswap shitcoins atm!

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defending the banks instead of the people, good job fuckupahantus.

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A CBDC is cheaper and faster

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Enjoy your bugs.


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BTC is CIA; Warren is a chimp with a banana.

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what the fuck is wrong with these people

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I ain't scared of no injuns.

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They forgot that central banks can delete the CBDCs from your account in order to encourage spending or to punish you for wrong think.

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You have my sword

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Wow just like dumbledores army

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I'm currently dealing with this already with the current United Kikes Of America system. Coinbase has had all of my money ($300k) locked up for over a month because my account is "under review" and they have ZERO customer support. Literally nobody will tell me what is going on or what I need to do. I'm about to go postal.

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one of the dumbest bitches i know, and that's saying something considering shes a politician

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don't they have an office you can go to?
im sure you can find the current location of Brian Armstrong and "ask" him personally.

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>Nobody will tell me what's going
Lmao you gave 300k to Coinbase and they're keeping it. No refunds idiot.

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poor litecoin, cant make new ath's and now there's a whole fucking commie revolution against them

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>used cuckbase


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Link fudders are #withher

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Fuck Elizabeth Warren. Doesn’t she also want to tax unrealized gains as well? Fuck her and Bernie Sanders.

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kek nobody is talking about banning bitcoin. in the USA anyways. I'm sorry for whatever 3rd-worlders have to put up with that

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>Literally nobody will tell me what is going on
because you're being investigated and by law they dont have the right to tell you

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Herro Mr. Grownigger how much they pay u

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Elizabeth Warren is known controlled opposition. She outed herself by engineering that fake scandal with Bernie during the Democratic primary. Whatever it is that she's up to here is not fucking good for the little guy no matter how she spins it, and I sure as shit don't trust anyone taking the antifa flag and quickly slapping it into an anti-crypto flag because "muh hypercapitalism". A true blue dyed in the wool commie wouldn't pick the antifa flag for that because they have their own anti-capitalist symbols and the anti-fascist flag is explicitly not anti-capitalist.

Whole thing is too obvious to anyone who's been around a while and paid attention.

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Agreed. Bitcoin was a mistake. It was never intended to be the ponzi scheme it has become.

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Hmm what quirky and unique way can I make my autistic campaign stand out?

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It's quite literally a false flag. Liberals false flagging as Leftists to astroturf a social movement to crack down on crypto with more state imposed regulations and probably taxes.

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$69,420,666 with full benefits

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Bitcoin was going to 1 million solely on historical value alone

This dumb native american cunt has just solidified its status as something powerful, making it even more valuable to the normalfags who can't understand technology and only follow their leaders

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The normie hates knowledge and only thinks in terms of direct practicality. Literally no endgoal, beginning or willpower just existence for existing

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I'm going to stack sats if for no other reason than to give a fuck you to cunts like her. If I die poor eating catfood it will be worth it if I made one leftist faggot seethe.

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They are stupid? Literally no original ideas and just echo whatever the gay website they pledge allegiance to tells them.

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Do you really need to ask that question at this point?

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I would join just to actively sabotage it and spend the rest of the time wanking on the toilet floor and not cleaning it up

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Bitcoin is a cult, is a swarm of cyber hornets serving the goddess of wisdom, feeding on the fire of truth, exponentially growing ever smarter, faster, and stronger behind a wall of encrypted energy. Let Warren come, she'll get Jim Jonesed.

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kulaks are always the problem
jfc how can liberals be so dumb still, nevermind the first time it happened

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Aktualy kangs

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Makes sense

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Does anyone else remember those lefty faggots who came here screaming that biden and yang were crypto friendly and tried to shill the D party here?