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Onchain trade, the zksync's own GMX, is out now on syncswap and their own website. 7.5m tokens circ supply in total right now. The current price is about $0.3 ($2.5 million marketcap).

>THE ONLY native zksync era perp dex with up to 70x leverage, lending/borrowing, yield, once sided liquidity and so on
>The only coin listed on syncswap besides ETH and USDC. Syncswap is one of the zksync era ecosystem dexes, which recently hit above $13M TVL. For now syncswap is the biggest zksync dex, soon OT will take that place
>OT's got a first mover's advantage on zksync era, having literally zero competition not only on zksync network which is for now filled with forks and testnet only shitcoins, but on other chains as well, thanks to it's unique features and potential insane yields.

After the successfull arbitrum airdrop money is going to slowly flow into zksync and other L2s for a potential airdrop checkmark and for buying 100x gems early within the ecosystem. In just 1 week after the launch Zksync era's TVL grew to $30M and continues rising. Once the hype reaches at least 1/5 of arbitrum's levels, due to the lack of working projects on the ecosystem, hundreds of millions will flow into the biggest first movers like OT, syncswap, Mute, zigzag and few others, which are the only usable project there for now and will be in the forseeable future.

I'm not telling you to ape in right now asap, but the decision is yours. Being a $2.5 million cap coin I think it's retarded not to buy right now as the potential for future 50-100x is there.

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according to defilama, syncswap right now has the biggest share of zksync era's TVL, having 52%. That is going to change soon with OT

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ty anon, based shill last few days
managed to buy at $0.41, not ideally but already in profit and with room to growth

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Are you the one who shilled this here a few weeks back? I kept an eye on it because USDC depegged during the presale and people obvs got scared and didn't put money in.

I was going back and forth debating whether or not to just ape in on launch and then I saw Syncswap (the largest dex currently on zkSync) officially partnered with them and I thought fuck it. Token launch has gone good and I don't think any presalers are in a hurry to dump at these prices/MC.

Chainlink just need to get off their backsides and get Oracles on zkSync so I can start doing degen 50x trades.

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I want to kms, I forgot to put high slippage at the beginning, I could have bought it for 0.15, I paid 0.36 for each token

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And as I said, it's the only officialy coin listed on syncswap right now besides ETH and USDC. Do the math with these 3 statements:

>Top 1 exchange on the network holding 52% TVL
>The only native zksync token listed there.
>The influx airdrop hunters and investors rushing into the zks network for an airdrop and gambling on native shitcoins. Would they want to buy another doge memecoin scam or actual working projects ?

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Honestly not bad. I got in at .45c and I’m happy. Circulating market cap around .50c is 3.75 million. GMX is 1 billion market cap, and the second biggest DEX on Arbitrum is like 200 million market cap. I can see OT trading at $20/ 100 million market cap in a few months as ZK TVL continues to go up.

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based OT bro. Glad my shills didn't go to waste. Personally, I'm not touching any until $5 at least. Probably going to stack my coins as the rewards should be good when they add staking in like 3 days or what.

yeah, that was me.

>I don't think any presalers are in a hurry to dump at these prices/MC.
Presale was just like $750k, which is literally nothing. You can't possibly dump a $2.5-3m marketcap project, whos real value should be AT LEAST 10x from now.

Presale is really not much different from finding a lowcap coin early. Kind of like investing in kaspa under $1m cap and sitting in it until it mooned x1000 or whatever.

still cheap, don't worry. Anything under a $1 is a sui tier buy, maybe could even extend it up to $2-$3. The liquidity at the start wasn't much tho, so idk if you could actually get enough for $0.15 anyway.

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thanks for the shill. Been following your threads since they popped up.

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what bridge to use

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Fuck, okay, I'm sold. I hope my money don't go -50% in a few days.

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Check pic.

Gotta remember lads, our circulating supply of 7.5 million gives us a circulating market cap of just over 3 million. And the vesting is over 5 years, so hardly any inflation or significant inflation. If this becomes the GMX of ZK this’ll be the play of the year.

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Despite jannies efforts to clean up my poopoo-peepee and remove my threads, it's nice seeing my shills have reached the right audience who are willing to listen and research. The OT gang is going to make it.

I would use the official zksync era bridge if you want to checkmark for a potential airdrop in the future. Orbiter is fine too, but the fees are not that much lower than the official one desu

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Alright I might dip in for a an Eth. Should I just use Era? Also, is there a chart for this yet? What was the presale buy in price? Thanks for the alpha OP.

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Are you planning on staking? It looks like the LP is one-sided and when you unstake you get back OT + OSD. I have 2% of my stack staked in case they reward stakers somehow but for now I am only going for straight OT.

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I might do this.

Wasn’t staking a requirement of the Arb airdrop?

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Buy on the OnChain website

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Can someone explain to me like I’m a retard how to buy this? I have some ETH on zksync

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Presale was 0.15c, but I believe it had a mega pomp on launch and some of them offloaded.

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should i be staking if i'm not gonna to sell?

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thanks. i transfered to zksync lite but cant find the funds in zksync2-mainnet.zkscan or in onchain trade, but i can see the funds in zkscan.io and trade in zigzag. what do

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>I have 2% of my stack staked in case they reward stakers somehow
staking isn't live yet tho ? You mean you pooled your OTs ? But yeah, a huge chunk of the total supply is reserved for community, rewards and shit like that. My guess, they're going to airdrop later everyone who participated in pooling, staking, trading and generally used their platform extensively with a fat OT stack.

>Wasn’t staking a requirement of the Arb airdrop?
it wasn't, just bridging and interacting + transaction/bridge volume was considered. But that doesn't mean zksync is going to repeat Arb's airdrop requirments 1 to 1. Each airdrop is something different.

it's listed on coinmarketcap and coingecko but the chart isn't there yet

use onchain trade official website or syncswap. If you ever used uniswap, it's similar, just on a different chain.

I would personally. The APR should be nice + huge possibility of potential rewards and airdrops in the future as I said above, huge chunk of their total supply will be distributed towards the community.

wrong network brah. It's on ZkSync ERA. ZkSync lite is a somewhat different chain. But you can bridge it again from Lite to Era through orbiter bridge

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Did anyone clock that big fat 26k buy lol

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oh yeah figured it now, ty

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Jesus this could hit $1 by EOD if this carries on

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just so you know, heads up for OT bros and not only them:

Since onchain trade is a permisionless DEX - anyone could list a token. The ZKS token you may encounter using ther dex is a fake scam shitcoin and has nothing to do with official zksync token (which doesn't exist yet), don't buy it if you see it, mkay. And check the addresses before you buy any obscure shitcoin anywhere. I'm sure in the future they will add some retard barrier preventing people from buying scams or at least some warning banner that the shitcoin is not verified, but for now it's barely hit mainnet, so the retard protection is not fully there yet.

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I never used ZkSync, i have some ETH on my exchange, can someone explain to me step by step like i'm mentally challanged (i am btw) how can i buy this shit? Should i use a bridge or something? Gas fee?

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Easily. In the next couple of hours.

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The team said they're going to add a token verification warning in the future to the list, so for now, just try not to be retarded, aping into anything that looks and smells like a shitcoin, mkay.

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$73m mcap? holy shit

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the current circulating supply is 7.5 million tokens if I'm correct. With a current price of $0.7 that puts it at about 5 million marketcap value which is literally nothing.

The rest is vested/treasure and such which wouldn't hit the market any time soon, so there's 0 reasons to worry about getting dumped on or diluted. It's full on price discovery from that point onward.

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Won’t let me buy on syncswap. The gas seems just about the same too. Thought gas was supposed to be lower.

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Why come it say that??

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zkevm gas price is supposed to reduce the more people use the network, potentially being even lower than Arbitrum and optimistic rollups when enough people are on board. For now zksync era is like a week old or so, and there isn't much activity yet, so the fees are higher than usual.

Also the gas price you're shown for transaction on syncswap is not the actual price, upon concluding the TX you'll be returned like 99% of the gas fee back to you, which lowers the cost of gas to way under a dollar

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refer to >>54410023

100 milllion would be the fully diluted supply, which is locked for a long time (team, treasure and so on) and could possibly be burned. There's only 7.5 million coins in the circulation right now, which puts the cap 10x+ lower than the fully diluted value, making the current market cap

7.5 million OT circulating supply * $0.7 current price = $5,250,000 marketcap

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raise your slippage

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bought 2500 OT
Shill me on putting all into the pool

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Props to all my OT sisters who got in early and sitting at 2x right now. Since I posted the thread we mooned from $0.3 to $0.73. Will we push past $1 today ?


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personally I'm going to stake, instead of pooling. But you do you. Might get a fat airdrop in the future for using the platform at an early stage. I think all LP providers and stakers are going to be nicely rewarded at some point in the future, but that could be months from now.

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On slightly different note, do you know the difference between zksync, zkevm, and something like arb? Help non techie understand benefits of each

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is it better to use OT or Syncswap?

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i just the dip lmao what a money printing machine
$1 eod

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Yeah that would still be under 10 mill mcap so we might even see like $5 once cmc and cg get updated

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is staking live btw?

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there are zk rollups and optimistic rollups. Both are scaling solutions for ethereum, but somewhat different in their approach. Zksync, polygon's zkevm are zk rollups, Optimism and arbitrum are optimistic rollups. It's a somewhat of a complicated topic to explain in a single post.

check this video for somewhat technical details

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in their discord somewhere they said it's going live in 3 days or so

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Makes sense. Thx. So I know from using arb vs om that arb just works better. Is there a better one between zk sync and zk evm?

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I wouldn't at least until the price becomes more stable. Here's the docs

In traditional AMMs such as Uniswap, Sushiswap, etc, the volatility of price changes can severely diminish the returns for liquidity providers, causing a significant DL(Divergence Loss, often referred to as 'Impermanent Loss' by other DEXes) for LPs. To explain in simpler terms: you make less profit when the token price hikes, your loss is enlarged when token price drops due to Divergence Loss in traditional 2 sided AMMs
There is still divergence loss in OT only when the price of the token grows, there is 0 divergence loss when token price drops and OSD rebalance involves, plus single token liquidity provision increases capital efficiency and lowers overall divergence loss as a result. For select pool LPs, providing liquidity to OT won't enlarge your loss when token price drops.

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Makes sense as the price fluxes over the next few days. I tossed in 10% and will leave it there for any potential reward in the future.

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zk evm (polygon's) is the newest one, haven't tried it yet or researched properly, so I don't know. All I know zksync has been like 5 years in the making so far, year of working testnet and months of alpha testing and received $400M investments. I'm pretty confident it's going to be big.

There's also zkevm from ConsenSys (the ones behind metamask), it's now called linea or something. They got even bigger funds, raising like $700M or so. Currently in testnet stage. Imo zksync and linea are going to be the main competitors among zk rollups whether they could beat arbitrum and optimism by the fees, ease of use and TVL idk, we'll see soon enough.

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>entered at 70c
>it keeps dipping
it won't matter if this shit performs like VELA or CNC but it still irritates the fuck outta me

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still <$5M marketcap while Vela is $41M, which is almost x8 from here. Just don't make retarded decisions and you'll be fine. It just came out like 5 hours ago, it's not even on coinmarketcap or coingecko yet fully, that the normies could jump in. We are early as fuck at these prices, all the apes will be rewarded eventually.

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1- add ZK ERA network to your wallet, you can see how here https://era.zksync.io/docs/dev/fundamentals/interacting.html or use chainlist

2- bridge your Eth to the ZK side of your wallet (the network you just created in step 1), can do so here https://portal.zksync.io/bridge

3- go onto the OnChain.trade website and connect your wallet. Then buy $OT with the Eth you bridged over

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checked, anything under a dollar is golden

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There's a massive whale that bought over 600k tokens in the IFO. He's dumping steadily and is nearly halfway through his stack. Some jeets in the discord are whining but it's a perfect opportunity to accumulate in this range.

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well that's good news desu because the moment he's had enough most of the sell pressure will dissipate and this shit will rocket

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grabbed a bag of this after waiting since your post a while ago, thanks op. how did you find this back then?

>> No.54411720

How did people get into the ifo?

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it's better if presale money is redistributed now to as any holders as possible, rather than later, when the price moons and some whale ends up controlling shitloads of supply. So better let that faggot exit if he wants, while we're still in early adopter stage.

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It's been open for everyone for like a week, starting at march 17. Inital cap they wanted to raise was $1.5M. The same week sillicon valley bank shat itself and usdc depegged setting the entire crypto market on fire, so people got hesitant of investing anything, especially usdc (besides dai which also depegged along with usdt) which were the main currency for IFO contribution. By the end of the presale some dude aped in with $100k or so and the entire sale ended at only $750k raised.

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Remember, anyone could list on their permissionless dex and where's no coin whitelist for now, which is to be added later as the platform just barely launched some hours ago. The real OT has a logo on it and has over $1m daily volume. Also verify the contract of the shit you're buying.

>> No.54412456

A lot of people found it through Poolz launchpad (didn’t end up launching there in the end however, yet funnily enough LightLink is launching from Poolz and will be a massive L2 just as OT with be a massive Perp Dex)

>> No.54412477

Damn I didn't bother to figure out how to do it. I feel like a moron now because I was waiting for it to start trading so I could buy. I'm a burger so I assumed bullshit kyc

>> No.54412612

missed your reply, sorry. I found it by researching zksync ecosystem to map out potential acitivies and promising project on the network to check in for a future ZkSync airdrop itself + native ecosystem projects airdrops. OT was the one doing something original and unique among the uniswap forks and dog shitcoins, so I quickly figured it's going to be one of the winners. There were quite a few airdrop youtubers, twitter influencers and tg channels shilling this as a good testnet acitvity. I think they were even the most visited project in the testnet for some time, before era went live, judging by what they said in discord.

>> No.54412771

Cool but how do we know Onchain trade will retain market dominance in zksync, and gmx or someone else wont come over and take all the market share?

>> No.54413125

Even if that was the case, the second biggest dex on arbi is 200 million mc. A 40x from here for OT (circulating).

>> No.54413156

thanks anon guess its a good idea to drop a rack or two on this coin

>> No.54413281

Most of the project on zksync are nowhere near full mainnet and token release and none are doing what OT is doing. The other perp dex on zksync is phezzan protocol and they can't even launch their testnet back online, not even talking about full mainnet launch.

Even outside of perpdex space, there are so very few project on zksync altogether, while demand for the network activity is high and growing each day (look at syncswap's apr and growing TVL). Check defilama for zksync era (pic >>54408137 ) - only 9 projects are currently alive and have some sort of somewhat decent TVL.

In this case OT has a first mover advantage in the space of zksync native perpdex within the zksync ecosystem itself and also outside of it, because of it's unique features like one sided liquidity, potentially big APR and other shit.

Aribtrum's got shitloads of perp dexes working apart from GMX, still that doesn't stop Vela exchange, for example, from having $40m marketcap. With the current OT marketcap of ~$5m, $40m marketcap is 8x form now. You could sit around and see whether if it could reach GMX mc and go beyond $1B, but I don't want to gamble on that and would be fine with my x10+ gains from now at $40-$200m marketcap in the nearest future. Until then I'm going to stack and receive a fat chunk of the platform's trading profits from all the overlevereged degens being liquidated.

If they could produce high enough APR for their LPs and stakers, it's going to moon and market by itself when people see it on defilama and similar tools. I don't know how correct am I in this case, but I think that's how people found out about GMX and began using it just for the insane APR's it provided.

>> No.54413473

I see alot of FDV is a meme copium here.

I think OT pumps but setting price target at $20 while FDV is 2B is a bit rough.

I would probably get out at 4-5 myself (
at latest).

>> No.54413912

$4-5 seems a little early. it's actually easier to get onto zkS than it is Arb because the Orbiter bridge is a lot quicker, so once word gets around we could see a good pump. $8-12 isn't out of the question if you look at other low caps that've done well. $20 isn't going to happen in the near term tho imho

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Gonna repeat it once again for my future OT sisters.

If anyone wants to ape in, do it from Syncswap.xyz exchange only for now (picrel). For now any scamming jeet could make a fake OT clone and list it publically. They're currently working on a fix, implementing whitelisting for shitcoins. The real token has a logo. The platform launched only half a day ago, so it's very early and this one wasn't really thought out that well.

If anyone gets burned on a scam token after my 3 warnings about that throughout the thread, consider yourself mentally handicapped and perhaps your money will be better off with a smarter owner.

>> No.54414286

Still very early, vela didn't hit it's current market cap overnight.. I'm adding this one to my watchlist

>> No.54414311


We're going to be at $5 in no time

>> No.54414411

LOL my last paragrah long reply was submitted but never appeared aka shadowbanned.

LMAO jannies are running this fucking thread. OT retards enjoy getting BTFO by these scamming jannies.

>> No.54414516

What else have you got eyes on?
I'm adding vela, still think it's got juice, sylo and muse also on the radar

>> No.54414647

Thanks anon, it was really easy.

>> No.54414740

$4 seem pretty decent
I'll take it too

>> No.54414762

based, things could play out nice for some of them and we see a good run, a 5x, 10x very possible at least

>> No.54414899

Close your eyes or get rekt

>> No.54414913

I'm taking a chunk of profits at $2

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All goes right with sylo and I think it pulls that off easily

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>still that doesn't stop Vela exchange, for example, from having $40m marketcap. With the current OT marketcap of ~$5m, $40m marketcap is 8x form now

>VELA Beta Achievements :

>~ 60m+ VLP minted
>~ $5 billion+ in volume
>~ $300k+ VELA bought back
>~ 40k+ traders onboarded
>~ Multiple advanced features

That's what fucking Vela had to do just to get to $40M mcap. OT has ZERO shot of doing that. Their team are retards other than their technical devs. Only dumb noobs of crypto think tech is all you need to pump many x's. You need good business relation people and excellent marketers/branding. None of which OT has. They are autist chinese, foreign mishmosh group of retards. They fudded and destroyed their own presale.

Vela had to knife and gut GNS/GMX just to steal any volume from both of those giants and here you go pretending that OT is in any caliber as VELA.

>> No.54415147

Vela aren’t and weren’t first mover

>> No.54415267

Perfect that will pump us to $3 faster

>> No.54415278

First mover doesn't fucking matter at all. These coins aren't memecoins. Whichever platform can attain and retain users wins....period!

Given how trash OT's marketing and business relations team is, they have zero shot at being the premier perp dex on Zksync. Just watch and learn noob.

>> No.54415307

what mute had to do to reach the same $40 million MC on the same zksync network ?

Your judgement is wrong and shows your complete ignorance in valuing projects. There's no correlation between any of that data with the token price. Vela started out as a literal who exchange and it's still in Beta. It's also filled with bugs when I used it (last time was like 2-3 weeks ago): orders dissapearing suddenly, stop losses not working and so on, so it's far from perfection and state of the art to say it's earned anything or deserves it's place in any way.

The only reason Vela pumped to $40M cap is the airdrop news, when people began washtrading their $100 stacks with leverage painting $100k+ transaction volume in order to check in for an airdrop, which I also did as well. This and also all the airdrop hunter on twitter/youtube/tg shilling Vela as a way to get Vela airdrop and also future Arbitrum airdrop as well (which has happened by now) for the network activity they did on Vela (transacting, moving volume, staking and so on).

>> No.54415390

>vela airdrop
yeah what happened with that? are they not doing it or was it delayed?

>> No.54415495

>it's still in Beta. It's also filled with bugs when I used it (last time was like 2-3 weeks ago): orders dissapearing suddenly, stop losses not working and so on, so it's far from perfection and state of the art

Yeah you said it yourself, it's called a "beta" for a reason. Unlike other platforms that look like shit, have typos everywhere and their ui looks like it was made by a pajeet from fiverr, Vela used a massive amount of volume and users to test their platform and continue chisleling all the features, ui/ux based on actual feedback. See you can do those things when you are good at getting fkn users.

Speaking of users, Perp dexes entire proposition is users to fees to real-yield. Period!

I dont give a fuck what Mute or any other token is doing or how it's currently valuated. Perp dexes are entirely based on volume and fees.

>The only reason Vela pumped to $40M cap is the airdrop news, when people began washtrading their $100 stacks with leverage painting $100k+ transaction volume

You realize that your retarded "washtrading" claim is just wrong right? In order to open and close a trade you had to pay a fuckton of $$$ in fees. LMAO. So all those retards like you who think you can just open and close a trade for a free airdrop ended up putting millions into VELA platform in fees alone!!

Get it now! Do you understand how fucking genius Vela's marketing team was and currently still is? Do you want to see the opposite of that? Look at OT team.

Oh and Vela won't be $40M mcap for long, tier 1 CEX is listing VELA within a few weeks. Vela will hit $100M in a few weeks. OT has ZERO SHOT OF DOING THAT!

>> No.54415566

Kek, schizo ramblings from someone who doesn’t move with the times

>> No.54415578

Apparently, they figured out that hopium in the form of a potential free airdrop money is a good way to boost your platform's TVL, Volume and token price and decided to milk it for as long as they can with marketing stunts like trading competitions, NFTs and whatever. After all that I have a feeling people are going to end up really dissapointed.

>> No.54415597

R/R is better in OT than Vela, sorry.

>awaits schizos 12 paragraph reply, seething with anger on a Friday night

>> No.54415665

I need to make transactions on ERA so I threw 0.3 ETH at it on a couple accounts ... if I lose 0.6 ETH whatever, gives me a reason to make transactions in the hopes of getting Zk airdrop

>> No.54415669

I'm not gonna read that, so you are retarded and/or you are right and based. Either way kys.

>> No.54415686

whoops, meant 0.03 and 0.06

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kys faggot only wage slaves have "friday nights" LOL broke bum. I've made about $6k today. But hey you're right I'm seething on a friday (whatever that fucking is, wage cuck)

>> No.54415751

Enjoy getting dumped on by a non-existent/caring team with zero marketing skills, holding a token that literally is valued based on the platforms users, fees and yield.

kys brainlet jeet

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There's no point in arguing. You're emotionally attached to your false judgements and there's nothing I could do to convince you otherwise. Even if OT actually reaches $40m cap you will deny it and come up with excuses.

>massive amount of volume and users
you mean the pajeets who threw in $20 to washtrade it on x50 leverage into $100k volume in hopes of a future airdrop.

>I dont give a fuck what Mute or any other token is doing or how it's currently valuated
do I have to explain the level of delusion and retardation here or you will figure it out on your own.

>a fuckton of $$$ in fees
you mean 40 cent gas fee for opening an order and 40 cent for closing it ? If that's fuckton for you, you should do 23andme genetic test to find out more about your indian roots.

good to know that a project that went live about 10 hours ago and didn't pump to $60m TVL right away, like that other exchange how got to that value in 3 months, has literally zero shots at anything. It only got it's pathetic $2M TVL in the first 10 hours. Just sold everything, thanks.

the pic is you btw

>> No.54415866
File: 6 KB, 200x188, x.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.54415970

Again, i have no opinion on this project, and i refuse to read your gabblegobble nonsense, kys.

>> No.54416008
File: 73 KB, 1888x812, OT BTFO by VELA.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>do I have to explain the level of delusion and retardation here or you will figure it out on your own.
Good god you're dumb. From now on I will only type for the lurkers as you low IQ OT faggots are just too dumb or lying sacks of shit to pump your $2k bags.


Clear enough for your single digit IQ brain?

>you mean 40 cent gas fee for opening an order and 40 cent for closing it ? If that's fuckton for you, you should do 23andme genetic test to find out more about your indian roots.
So on one hand fellow lurkers, this faggot nigger jeet says that VELA faked Billions in volume and then claims those Billions in volume were somehow made up of 40 cent jeets opening and closing $100 worth of USDC........KEK.

How brain dead do you think the lurkers are to believe such retardness? You do realize that DUNE analytics tracks all the onchain data right you ragin nigger faggot?

Lurkers check all stats here: https://dune.com/unionepro/vela-exchange-stats

>good to know that a project that went live about 10 hours ago and didn't pump to $60m TVL right away
OT has been being worked on for 10 months plus. DXP which is called VELA now you faggot noob has been around for almost 1 year. They got TVL out the ass way way before VELA rebranding 3 months ago you clown Jeet.

<----- PICREL just the fees in the last 3 months of a fucking BETA is almost equivalent to the fucking MCAP of shitcoin OT.....


> ....but....but....but....muh wash trading.....muh jeets......muh airdrop....

>> No.54416055
File: 413 KB, 973x752, meds.now.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.54416201

absolute fucking schizo. How you still have money to trade in this market is beyond me. You have a hard time at grasping things and the more you post your shit the more I see that you have zero fucking comprehension of anything in this market or anything whatsoever, including basic reading. I'm not even going to refute your retarded points, as all the arguments I make won't go past your lack of reading comprehension and you'll shit out another one of your overly emotional schizo ramblings. From now on I'm just going to ignore your retarded shit. You can be as butthurt and mad as you want tho and bump my thread.

>> No.54416307
File: 3.33 MB, 640x400, 1670222439540199.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

kys broke jeet bums. I bet you bums couldn't rub $5k together using your hands and feet.

Go back to your tg jeet channels and get off my board!

>> No.54416403

If /biz/ makes money off this it means that we're no longer the final port of of call for greater fool dumping.
Not buying any, as I'm yet to see evidence that shills come here before the top/final sell-off, but i'd be very happy to see /biz/ make money of this.
Props at least to the shills for a half decent effort for a change.

>> No.54416426

Yolo, i put in like $100 just to help qualify for the zksync airdrop and the rare possibility it does a 100x or something

>> No.54416604
File: 128 KB, 820x773, 54nxip.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>shill a new coin that literally went live 10 hours ago and has a $5M marketcap, when it's actual fair value is at the very least 10x from that with a lot of room to grow
>le greater fool, pajeet scam, chinese rugpull, OP dumping bags on us

>shill the same coin in few months when it gets traction, after it does 100x and gets an army of bagholders and crypto influencers who bought early shilling it

>> No.54416647

I made 10k today, faggot tranny. Keep rotting away in your basement & seething on biz though. You’ll prob kys when we hit $20. Quite weird how much you care desu for someone who doesn’t have a bag

>> No.54416657
File: 49 KB, 498x412, 1676599359293607.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> muh fake number is bigger than yours!

kys loser wage cuck slave. HAHAHA go back to work on Monday faggot.

>> No.54416679

I haven't seen /biz/ make money collectively in literally years, hence my skepticism. If this one does well I will be happy for everyone that makes it.

>> No.54416680

Did you touch grass this week?

>> No.54416725

greater fool dumping? kek, anon gave us the heads up on this 2 or 3 weeks ago. it literally just launched this morning. who tf you think is going to dump on you anon?

>> No.54416749

there is a 200k IFO whale who's been selling all day long but there hasn't been any dumping so far.

>> No.54416778
File: 394 KB, 904x864, 1674247481753411.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yes and unlike you it was my OWN grass. Feels good actually owning property you filthy broke faggot nigger wage cuck.

Wait a minute isn't it "friday night" isn't this one of the few nights they leave the lock open on your chastity belt? Quick, slither out of that lock and go LIVE! Go man, live life! Quick before the chastity chain comes back by Monday.

>> No.54416785

yeah, that's a good thing though on a project launch. people are eager to buy low today... better that distribution happens early.

>> No.54417524

Is it me or has the chain frozen?

>> No.54417603

Seems to be. Other dexes are stuck too.

>> No.54417610


>> No.54417616
File: 58 KB, 1296x716, 2HOURSZK.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Can confirm. 2 hours have passed since the last blocks.

>> No.54417627

gmx was shilled here just like OT now

>> No.54417949

When will ot have a working release?

>> No.54418645

good job!

>> No.54418667

>/biz/ finally gets together and goes into a new project as a group
>the entire L2 it is built on dies hours later
couldn't make this shit up

>> No.54418859

And we're back. Does anyone know the contract address on ERA?

>> No.54419807

You can check their discord channel. All the useful info is there
OT official contract is
Check the contract before buying, as there are some fake ot tokens posing as real. Due to the decentralization of the platform they didn't plan out any whitelisting for the listed tokens, so anyone can add their shit there. They're working on implementing a whitelist currently.

>> No.54421016

Seems stuck zksync network ruined our pump yesterday, but we're back and strong now. $1 eow, $2 next week, $5 by the end of month.<div class="xa23b"><span class="xa23t"></span><span class="xa23i"></span></div>

>> No.54421660

based AI take

>> No.54422556

I'm trying to understand their AMM model here...

So you when you LP with a single asset, all assets will be paired against their OSD stablecoin.

The OSD is backed by all assets deposited in OT pools... is there anyway this can go tits up?

>> No.54423121

Big brain AI with the truth - forgot to add $20 eoy

>> No.54423138

Thanks for the thread bump, virgin anon.

>> No.54423372

Looks like it's the Zk season. OT for era and ZZ for lite. I'm banking on some privacy coins as well.